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The 2020 American-Made Index: Which Cars Are Most American?

Since 2006,’s American-Made Index has given shoppers interested in supporting the U.S. economy a list of the most American-made vehicles, by our judgment of various metrics. After highlighting, at most, 10 models each year for most of its history, we expanded the list to 15 cars in 2019. With rising consumer interest in buying local amid the economic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve accommodated a long-standing desire among AMI audiences: Now in its 15th year,’s 2020 American-Made Index ranks all qualifying cars built in the country, not just the top finishers.

Related: The price of U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude, which is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange, has been kept lower by problems transporting the oil to markets. Those troubles have eased recently, but Sabine Schels, head of fundamental commodity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, doubts the problems will disappear.

The 2020 index ranks 91 vehicles, counting hybrid and plug-in variants as separate models — more than six times the number ranked in any prior index. Such expansion required a few methodology changes we’ll detail later; as such, the 2020 results cannot be compared to the 2019 American-Made Index

While cars atop the AMI have considerably higher credentials than those at the bottom, we caution against any temptation to deem the latter group “losers.” That’s because all cars ranked in the 2020 index boast final assembly in the U.S. for at least some portion of sales, something that can’t be said for the nearly 250 nameplates fully imported for the 2020 model year. Assembled as close as Ontario, Canada, and as far as India, such models don’t fulfill criteria met by even the 91st car on the 2020 AMI. Here are the rankings:

2020 American-Made Index Ranking by Vehicle

1. Ford Ranger (assembled in Wayne, Mich.) | Research | Shop
2. Jeep Cherokee (Belvidere, Ill.) | Research | Shop
3. Tesla Model S (Fremont, Calif.) | Research | Shop
4. Tesla Model 3 (Fremont, Calif.) | Research | Shop
5. Honda Odyssey (Lincoln, Ala.) | Research | Shop
6. Honda Ridgeline (Lincoln, Ala.) | Research | Shop
7. Honda Passport (Lincoln, Ala.) | Research | Shop
8. Chevrolet Corvette (Bowling Green, Ky.) | Research | Shop
9. Tesla Model X (Fremont, Calif.) | Research | Shop
10. Chevrolet Colorado (Wentzville, Mo.) | Research | Shop
11. GMC Canyon (Wentzville, Mo.) | Research | Shop
12. Chevrolet Camaro (Lansing, Mich.) | Research | Shop
13. Honda Pilot (Lincoln, Ala.) | Research | Shop
14. Acura RDX (East Liberty, Ohio) | Research | Shop
15. Honda Accord (Marysville, Ohio) | Research | Shop
16. Toyota Tundra (San Antonio) | Research | Shop
17. Acura MDX (East Liberty, Ohio) | Research | Shop
18. Cadillac CT5 (Lansing, Mich.) | Research | Shop
19. Cadillac XT4 (Kansas City, Kan.) | Research | Shop
20. Ford Expedition, Expedition Max (Louisville, Ky.) | Research | Shop
21. Cadillac XT6 (Spring Hill, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
22. GMC Acadia (Spring Hill, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
23. Cadillac XT5 (Spring Hill, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
24. Lincoln Aviator (Chicago) | Research | Shop
25. Acura TLX (Marysville, Ohio) | Research | Shop
26. Jeep Grand Cherokee (Detroit) | Research | Shop
27. Toyota Highlander (Princeton, Ind.) | Research | Shop
28. Lexus ES (Georgetown, Ky.) | Research | Shop
29. Toyota Avalon (Georgetown, Ky.) | Research | Shop
30. Chevrolet Suburban (Arlington, Texas) | Research | Shop
31. Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV (Arlington, Texas) | Research | Shop
32. GMC Yukon, Yukon XL (Arlington, Texas) | Research | Shop
33. Chevrolet Tahoe (Arlington, Texas) | Research | Shop
34. Ford Mustang (Flat Rock, Mich.) | Research | Shop
35. Kia Optima (West Point, Ga.) | Research | Shop
36. Hyundai Sonata (Montgomery, Ala.) | Research | Shop
37. Kia Sorento (West Point, Ga.) | Research | Shop
38. Ford Explorer (Chicago) | Research | Shop
39. Toyota Sienna (Princeton, Ind.) | Research | Shop
40. Jeep Gladiator (Toledo, Ohio) | Research | Shop
41. Toyota Camry (Georgetown, Ky.) | Research | Shop
42. Jeep Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited (Toledo, Ohio) | Research | Shop
43. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (Vance, Ala.) | Research | Shop
44. Ford F-150 (Dearborn, Mich., and Claycomo, Mo.) | Research | Shop
45. Dodge Durango (Detroit) | Research | Shop
46. Hyundai Santa Fe (Montgomery, Ala.) | Research | Shop
47. Ram 1500 (Sterling Heights, Mich.) | Research | Shop
48. Nissan Pathfinder (Smyrna, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
49. Nissan Murano (Canton, Miss.) | Research | Shop
50. Chevrolet Traverse (Lansing, Mich.) | Research | Shop
51. Buick Enclave (Lansing, Mich.) | Research | Shop
52. Honda CR-V Hybrid (Greensburg, Ind.) | Research | Shop
53. Acura ILX (Marysville, Ohio) | Research | Shop
54. Lincoln Navigator, Navigator L (Louisville, Ky.) | Research | Shop
55. Nissan Titan (Canton, Miss.) | Research | Shop
56. Infiniti QX60 (Smyrna, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
57. Nissan Maxima (Smyrna, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
58. Ford Escape hybrid (Louisville, Ky.) | Research | Shop
59. Kia Telluride (West Point, Ga.) | Research | Shop
60. Toyota Highlander Hybrid (Princeton, Ind.) | Research | Shop
61. Toyota Camry Hybrid (Georgetown, Ky.) | Research | Shop
62. Chevrolet Sonic (Lake Orion, Mich.) | Research | Shop
63. Ram 1500 Classic (Warren, Mich.)* | Research | Shop
64. Honda Accord Hybrid (Marysville, Ohio) | Research | Shop
65. Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class (Vance, Ala.) | Research | Shop
66. Chevrolet Malibu (Kansas City, Kan.) | Research | Shop
67. Volkswagen Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport (Chattanooga, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
68. Volkswagen Passat (Chattanooga, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
69. Ford Escape (Louisville, Ky.) | Research | Shop
70. Nissan Altima (Smyrna, Tenn.) | Research | Shop
71. Lincoln Corsair (Louisville, Ky.) | Research | Shop
72. Subaru Ascent (Lafayette, Ind.) | Research | Shop
73. Subaru Legacy (Lafayette, Ind.) | Research | Shop
74. Honda Insight (Greensburg, Ind.) | Research | Shop
75. Subaru Outback (Lafayette, Ind.) | Research | Shop
76. Subaru Impreza (Lafayette, Ind.) | Research | Shop
77. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (Roanoke, Ind.)* | Research | Shop
78. BMW X5 (Spartanburg, S.C.) | Research | Shop
79. BMW X3 (Spartanburg, S.C.) | Research | Shop
80. Volvo S60 (Ridgeville, S.C.) | Research | Shop
81. Honda CR-V (Greensburg, Ind.; East Liberty, Ohio; and Marysville, Ohio)* | Research | Shop
82. BMW X7 (Spartanburg, S.C.) | Research | Shop
83. Chevrolet Bolt EV (Lake Orion, Mich.) | Research | Shop
84. Toyota Tacoma (San Antonio)* | Research | Shop
85. GMC Sierra 1500 (Roanoke, Ind.)* | Research | Shop
86. Hyundai Elantra sedan (Montgomery, Ala.)* | Research | Shop
87. Toyota Corolla (Blue Springs, Miss.)* | Research | Shop
88. Honda Civic (Greensburg, Ind.)* | Research | Shop
89. Nissan Rogue (Smyrna, Tenn.)* | Research | Shop
90. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (Vance, Ala.)* | Research | Shop
91. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (Georgetown, Ky.)* | Research | Shop


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Ranger Tops List; Tesla Makes Top 10

The government's next snapshot of the job market, due Friday, will be distorted by Sandy, which devastated the Northeast in late October, leaving many jobless. Economists say Sandy could temporarily knock anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 off of the government's jobs tally for November, resulting in job growth of under 100,000 or even much less.[qh]
Though many people associate Porsche with pure performance cars, in recent years the brand has expanded their lineup to include the Panamera, a luxury large car shown here, as well as the Cayenne and Macan SUVs. According to most reviewers, the Panamera not only lives up to the performance heritage of the Porsche’s brand, but also coddles occupants with an opulent interior and the connectivity features today’s luxury buyer demands.
12. Scientists modify photosynthesis to boost crop yield
The ‘one country, two systems’ principle needs to be steadfastly applied in Hong Kong without being bent or distorted.
Last but by no means least is our favourite fact that Norway once knighted a penguin. His name is Nils Olav, and he is a king penguin who now resides on Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the mascot and Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard. He was knighted on 15th August, 2008, which was approved by King Harald V, who stated during the ceremony that Nils was "in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood".

The Global Obesity Epidemic
“It’s na瘀攀 not to recognize we’re at a pretty serious moment,” said Anthony Crichton-Stuart, director of the London dealer Agnew’s. “There has been a massive taste shift. But when a good old master does come up at auction and it is priced correctly, you do get some excitement.”

The list features several ineffective passwords that have, for some reason, long maintained their hold among internet users.
The aspiring actress is also hoping her online following will secure her an audition to appear on ABC show 'Once Upon A time' which is adding Elsa as a character next season.

  • BMW: BMW X5 (78)
  • 11月热点城市楼市继续降温 市场供求关系生变
  • 上半年北京住宅供应量与成交量双降 下半年可售量约7.5万套
  • Ford: Ford Ranger (1)
  • Geely: Volvo S60 (80)
  • GM: Chevrolet Corvette (8)
  • Honda: Honda Odyssey (5)
  • Hyundai-Kia: Kia Optima (35)
  • 发改委:养老新模式、新业态加快涌现
  • Subaru: Subaru Ascent (72)
  • Tesla: Tesla Model S (3)
  • Toyota: Toyota Tundra (16)
  • 雷士内斗致渠道遭竞争对手“围剿”业内称竞争对手迎时机

More Shoppers Want to Buy American, But Info Still Hard to Find

Gitanjali's invention was inspired by the scandal in Flint, Michigan, where officials are facing charges, she told Business Insider.
They need more talent. Full stop. The best avenue for attracting talent for them has always been the draft.
But pop's wider world also offered a lot of pleasures from artists all over the spectrum, such as the 20th century legends like Blondie and Tori Amos, and upstarts like Dua Lipa and Girl Ray.
● “奥巴马签署行政令禁止学校读效忠宣言”

The top 20 comprises 13 US universities, four British and three others.
It is the thirdhighest overall behind the two Indian management academies at Ahmedabad and Bangalore, with respective salaries of $109,000 and $106,000.
China’s commercial banks are the control centre of the financial system and supply almost 70% of the financing that feeds the real economy.

Indeed, consumer knowledge is lacking on basic issues around U.S. automotive manufacturing. Just over half (51%) of the cars bought here are also built here, according to a analysis of vehicle identification number data for light-duty retail sales in the first quarter of 2020. But asked to name that percentage, just 28% of respondents landed in the ballpark. Nearly 4 in 10 took a particularly dim view of U.S. automotive manufacturing, indicating 30% or fewer cars bought here are also built here.

亚瑟小子(Usher),《擅长接吻的人》(Good Kisser),RCA
Will Trump trigger a trade war with China
In a closely fought debate about the six shortlisted titles, one judge described Mr Ford’s book as “a hard-headed and all-encompassing” analysis of the problem. Lionel Barber, FT editor and chair of the judging panel, called The Rise of the Robots “a tightly written and deeply researched addition to the public policy debate”.

That’s not due to lack of desire for knowledge. We asked respondents how much it would influence their purchase decision if they had accurate, straightforward information on the economic impact of one car versus another. Eighty percent said it would influence the decision at least a little bit.

Under the AMI Hood

Although she has already reached astonishing levels of success for her age, Maddie only gives herself a nine out of ten in terms of her career achievements.
单词deprivation 联想记忆:

  • Location of final assembly
  • 报告称中国长租公寓市场仍属蓝海 巨头争相抢滩布局
  • 金领受不了北上广深房价 降薪也去二线城市
  • “海绵城市”建设 防水材料管材板块率先受益
  • At a Senate committee hearing on extrajudicial executions in the Philippines, Ronald Dela Rosa said 712 people had been killed in police anti-narcotics operations since July 1, the day after Mr Duterte assumed the presidency, while 1,067 deaths were being investigated as drug-related vigilante killings.

In compliance with the 28-year-old 多场绿建会议在沪举行 杭萧钢构积极赴会共促行业发展, automakers must annually report the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts, by value, for the vast majority of passenger cars. Regulators require such information to appear on the window sticker, or a separate sticker nearby, for nearly every new vehicle sold in the U.S. (we’ll get to the exceptions in the next section), though not every dealer in our experience complies with the requirement. 

But when you think of fields where there just aren't enough skilled candidates to go around, one that probably doesn't come to mind is supply chain management: The complicated, behind-the-scenes work of getting goods from one place to another, on time and on budget.
v. 抢劫,掠夺

Beyond drivetrains, the AALA doesn’t emphasize labor costs, particularly when it comes to final assembly. To address that, the AMI factors each automaker’s U.S. manufacturing workforce against the number of cars it produces in the country, with index scores applied on an automaker-wide basis. That’s a change from the 2017-19 index, which factored workforce against U.S. sales — a safeguard going forward to better assess automakers that export heavily from U.S. plants, where sales alone may paint an incomplete picture of domestic footprint. What’s more, earlier iterations of the AMI disqualified vehicles that fell below a certain threshold of U.S. and Canadian parts content. In the transition to ranking all cars assembled in the country, that practice was dropped for 2020.

Besides ranking full hybrids and plug-in vehicles separately from their non-hybrid counterparts under the same nameplate, the AMI also separates variants with different underlying platforms — for example, the Hyundai Elantra sedan versus Elantra GT hatchback or Ram 1500 versus prior-generation Ram 1500 Classic. Those with common underpinnings but different names (think Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban or Honda Pilot and Passport) are also separate AMI vehicles. In short, a given model ranked on the index includes any related offshoots under the same nameplate and platform, but not any full-hybrid or plug-in variants.

4. 外包就业服务
10. Be mindful of your attitude.
“He’s had more of a sense of swagger and confidence” in recent months, says Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research.
The 43-year-old woman was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and banned from owning animals.

在被问及欧洲央行会不会采取更多行动时,朗伯德街研究(Lombard Street Research)首席欧洲经济学家达里奥·铂金斯(Dario Perkins)表示:“我不这么认为——除非全球整体经济出了问题。”
伦敦商学院(London Business School,见上图)荣登2014年英国《金融时报》欧洲商学院排行榜榜首,该学院上一次夺得冠军宝座是在2005年。法国巴黎高等商学院(HEC Paris)和西班牙企业商学院(IE Business School)分列二、三位。

Why You Still Might Not See Certain Cars

8. “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” In her terrific feature debut, Marielle Heller traces the artistic and sexual awakening of a 15-year-old (a sensational Bel Powley) whose desires leads to adulthood.
"The essential question of the Sino-Japanese relationship is if Japan can accept the fact that China is growing stronger and more powerful." CUI TIANKAI, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-minister of foreign affairs

Frances McDormand giving an outstanding central performance as a grieving mother in this darkly comic story.
New Chinese firms on the list include Vanke, China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) and China Taiping Insurance.
Better still was Iain Roberts, global managing director of the design company Ideo, who asked a question to which I hope never to hear the answer: “How to activate insights around latent mobility or multimodal needs?”
Audrey Zhang, a fifth-grader from Levittown, N.Y., is the winner of this year's Doodle 4 Google competition, rising to the top of some 100,000 entries on the theme of "draw one thing to make the world a better place."

v. 改革,改造,革新
喜剧类最佳男演员:杰佛里?塔博(Jeffrey Tambor),《透明家庭》(Transparent)
Sinta Nuriyah
今年由美国电影学会的电影评审总监是Tom Pollock,担任电视剧评审总监的是Richard Frank。评审团的其他成员还包括Judd Apatow, Halle Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leonard Maltin,来自知名大学的著作家,学者,公认的电影艺术家,还有像媒体NPR,Rolling Stone, TV Guide, 华盛顿邮报对于电视电影的评论家们。
Plum Alley:

USMCA Transition

The latest iteration of the American-Made Index comes amid the auto industry’s transition toward the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a replacement for the decades-old North American Free Trade Agreement. The AMI calculates certain aspects of each model’s index values relative to the rest of the field for the given model year, so it’s hard to measure the effect of trade agreements by index scores alone. But one indicator of homegrown cars — AALA U.S. and Canadian parts content — shows a steady decline in recent years for cars with otherwise high credentials.

The first iteration of the American-Made Index required 75% or higher U.S. and Canadian content for eligibility, a bar dozens of models met for the index’s 2006 launch. Many — including nameplates like the Chevrolet Express and Silverado 1500, and the Ford Escape, E-Series and Ranger — registered 90% or higher AALA content. But such examples waned over the years. Even amid an increase in overall U.S. light-vehicle production, fewer than 10 cars qualified for eligibility by the 2015 and 2016 AMIs.

In 2017, redesigned the index to lower the 75% threshold (something zero of the 91 models indexed for 2020 would meet). Will the USMCA change this? It’s impossible to know just yet. The agreement raises requirements for percentages of U.S., Mexican or Canadian value — a calculation separate from AALA percentages — for tariff-free trade between the three countries. It also introduces new requirements for North American steel and aluminum content. Automakers could technically accomplish both goals with higher value from Mexico or Canada, as opposed to the U.S., but that gets harder with another USMCA provision: that employees making an average of $16 per hour produce a certain percentage of qualifying vehicles. That’s more than double what Mexican auto workers currently make, according to a 家居卖场要吃艺术饭? 设计引导家居产业链 that cites data from Mexico’s 苏州市建筑材料再生资源利用中心项目完成立项.

U.S. regulators expect the pact to add some 76,000 automotive jobs and $34 billion in new automotive investments nationwide over the next five years. (By comparison, vehicle and auto-parts assembly employed roughly 830,000 Americans as of February 2020, per government figures.) The effect on AALA data and AMI values remains to be seen, as the USMCA doesn’t take effect until July 1. Suffice it to say, this year’s redesign sets the table for a consistent look at the impact, if any, of the trade deal in years to come. Stay tuned.

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  • There are two concerns about taking a so-called survival job. It could distract you from your job search, and potential employers may have trouble envisioning you in your previous professional role.
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The frame is easily assembled and attaches to paddle boards, kayaks, and rafts.
This year, online storefronts will generate an estimated $294 billion, or approximately 9% of all U.S. retail sales, according to forecasts by Forrester Research. By 2018, e-commerce will account for more than 11% of the total, or approximately $414 billion, with transactions made with tablets and smartphones accounting for about 20% of the online total, Forrester projects.
Insead is top of the 2017 Financial Times global ranking of the best 100 MBA programmes. It is the second year that the multi-campus international business school has taken the number one spot, after claiming it for the first time last year.
轮滑看起来有点像常规的单排轮滑鞋,不过轮滑的轮非常大,尺寸大小跟自行车车轮差不多,看起来像是溜冰鞋,滑雪板和自行车的合体。最近一家名字叫作战车溜冰的公司声称,他们已经有了一些独特的想法——战车轮滑。根据该公司所说,这种轮滑是"革命性的新轮滑产品"。这是一场改革吗?也许是吧,他们至少在改进设计。这是发明吗?不是的。第一双轮滑早在142年前就已存在 。
An Australian woman whose cats ate each other after she abandoned them in her home has been convicted of animal cruelty.

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