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Cowboy Symbols – Why They Are America’s Symbols

Cowboy symbols represent a spirit of independence and self-reliance. The American cowboy lives what he believes, and does not worry about conforming to anyone’s mold. At the same time, a cowboy is a man of substance, strength and courage.

Cowboy symbols of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, spurs, horses, and belt buckles are evidence of the real culture of hard work, horsemanship, and individualism. We just might need the cowboy spirit more than ever today, to preserve the principles our country was founded upon.

Perhaps cowboy symbols and cowboy character are summed up best in this excerpt from American Cowboy Magazine, where they posed the question “Why Does America Need the Cowboy?”

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The result of this forum lead to the National Day of the American Cowboy.

Cowboy Symbols Are Everywhere You TurnCowboy symbols - America's symbols

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How did this working class group of individuals reach such fame and status in American history and media? What really is the history of American cowboys and cowboy symbols?