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Mortgage Guide

How to get a home loan

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When buying your first home, you're not just shopping for the ideal house - you're also looking for the perfect mortgage. Applying for a home loan can seem daunting - especially for first-time homebuyers. There is mortgage jargon to learn, documents to sign, and many more factors to consider.
But first things first. Inhale. Exhale. Start with a clear head. The loan application and approval process is not as complicated as you think. We have broken it into four simple steps: Qualify, Apply, Approve, and Close. Let’s take a look at each to give you a better idea of what happens when you apply for a mortgage.

Step One - Qualify

“Can I afford a mortgage?” and “How much can I afford?” These are the two most important questions home buyers must answer before applying for a home loan. The Qualify step will explain both. 

What do you need?

1. A Credit report to determine the amount of debt you have outstanding and whether you pay everything on time. Credit bureaus assign a credit score based on these factors. Your credit score helps lenders determine the interest rate and the type of loan you will receive. The higher your credit score, the better interest rate you will be offered.
2. We need to know about your income and assets. The amount you can borrow for a home loan is directly related to your income, debts and available assets. With this information, lenders can determine how much of your income is available for a monthly mortgage payment. At this point, you can receive a pre-qualification letter (pre-qual). This letter lets your realtor and sellers know that your offer has weight behind it.
Pro Tip: NewCastle takes the traditional pre-qual letter one step further. In about 15 minutes, you can provide what we need to verify your financial history, assets, and income. We’ll then issue an Approved Buyer Certificate (ABC). This certificate doesn’t just say you are qualified, but that your loan is approved (provided you give us all required documents)

Step Two - Apply

Once you’re qualified for a mortgage, it’s time to fill out those forms. There is a particular document that is required to be completed to apply for a mortgage loan. The mortgage loan application includes basic information about you, where you live and work, your income, assets and debts and the property you are purchasing. All the same information you provided to get pre-qualified. Easy right? There is also some information lenders must provide to you called disclosures. These disclosures explain, in plain English, all the terms and conditions of your loan. You will need to sign your application and acknowledge receipt of the disclosures before moving forward to the next step.
Pro Tip: Before you sign and submit the documents, review every page. Make sure you correct any errors that appear on the application and that you understand everything. You’ll see these items among your documents.

Home Loan Application Form


Loan Estimate

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Intent to proceed

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List of Required documents

Proof of identity

  • Social Security Number
  • Government-issued ID

Proof of income

  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days
  • W-2 forms for the last year
  • Tax returns
  • Other sources of income

Proof of Assets

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At NewCcastle, you can complete your application online. Our interactive website allows you to fill out the loan application, e-sign the disclosures, and upload required documents. Once you have completed your application, you will have access to a customized home loan dashboard where you can check the status of your loan approval in real time. Neat, isn’t it? Check out our process here.

Step Three - Approve

Most buyers refer to this as the waiting game. But that's hardly the case. At this stage, your lender should be actively verifying the documents you've submitted. They will also take steps to double-check the information provided on the loan application. If you are renting, for example, this may involve contacting your landlord to verify timely payments. The lender may also ask for documentation to prove that you have sufficient cash on hand for closing costs and down payment.
Pro tips: During this stage, you should be monitoring your online dashboard daily to keep on top of any information needed to finalize your approval. Be sure to upload requested documentation right away to keep the process moving. Once all information is received and verified, you will be issued an approval. Now you are ready to schedule a closing date.

Step Four - Close

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With the peace of mind afforded by our straightforward loan process, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to decorate your new home.
Check Our Rates in Real Time!

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