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Canadian Curriculum List

One of the biggest challenges that Canadian homeschoolers face is finding Canadian curriculum. While it is possible to use and adapt American curriculum when needed, sometimes you just want something written to or by people from your own country. Although you will find resources scattered throughout this website to help with that  – sometimes, a simple list is best. Below you will find a list of Canadian curriculum in most subjects, so that you try to find something that will meet your needs.

Canadian Curriculum for Homeschoolers: A stack of books with a maple leaf


Grid lined paper with a pencil and text that reads The BIG List of Canadian Curriculum for Homeschoolers
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Are you just starting homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed? Click here for more information on  HOW TO GET STARTED

Language Arts



My Canadian Time Capsule


Social Studies


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  • Canadian ArtPaks – Group of Seven, Early Canadiana, Famous Canadian Artists.

Supplements to US Curricula

Figuring out what you are doing for the year? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Homeschool Year.

High School

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36 thoughts on “Canadian Curriculum List”

  1. Hi! This is a helpful resource – thanks! Just one correction: I believe you mean ‘Math Mammoth’ and not ‘Mammoth Math’. 🙂 Also, if you are curious, you may want to have a look at ‘Canadian Winter Homeschool Materials’, which includes both Canadian and international material. association All the best!

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    1. Hi Nicole,
      If you haven’t already, click on the “New? Start Here” option at the top of the page. It will take you to a page with all kinds of getting started information – such as my “How to Homeschool in Canada” book and some of the top FAQs I’m asked. That would be my first suggestion on the step to getting going. 🙂 If you need any specific help, just pop me an email (

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    1. Hi MB,
      I haven’t used Timberdoodle personally, but I know lots of people seem to like it (even thought it’s expensive!) Quebec is tricky and I don’t know all the rules and such, so I’d recommend connecting with the HSLDA or the ACEQ, etc to find out what rules exactly you should be following for homeschooling choices. In terms of homeschooling in preschool, you don’t really need a curriculum – life learning is one of the best ways to learn together. Reading, baking, exploring nature, playing games, doing art, etc. They are little learning sponges at that age! Get them out to hear their community in French and you might be surprised what they pick up on their own. 🙂
      If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to join Homeschool Swap: Canada and see if anyone has any recommendations for a program for you though. 🙂 That group is filled with great wisdom, experience, and mentorship. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Lisa Marie.

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    1. Hi Yolande,
      If you are looking for the How to Homeschool in Canada ebook – check out this link: 雷士照明发布吴长江擅自贷款调查结果 逾3亿“打水漂” Hopefully the sign up form will work for you.
      I didn’t realize the link for that sign up page was still active, but the reason it isn’t working is because I moved all the checklists and all my printables to a learning centre where people can make their own account. It’s all here: 央行降息开发商瓜分政策红利 分析称房价难再跌

      Sorry for the hassle.
      Lisa Marie.

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  10. I just started homeschooling my three boys. I travel a lot and the kids were missing school. So I decided this was the best option. I think getting started is to stop worrying about what people will say or think. I know I got criticized at first.
    And not to be overwhelmed. I was really worried that my kids would fall behind or not learn anything.
    But then I went online and researched what they would learn in school. And I went from there.
    We do math and science. And lots of reading. the best part about it is that I can focus on what my kids are most interested in.
    Definitely math and reading are two very important things. But the subject matter can be more specific to my kids.
    I am not an overly ambitious turn my house into a school room type mom lol I don’t stress over how fast they learn something. Or if we skip a day.
    I think it has to be some fun and engaging as well.
    I wish you all the best of luck.

  11. Hi.
    First of all, this page is awesome. So much interesting information.
    My son wants to finish school homschooled. He´s starting 11th grade on August but he´ll like a Canadian Homschool option as he wants to go to the university there once he finish High School. We live in Punta Cana so I´m very lost about wich school is best for him and everything.
    My daugher will start 7th grade and is interested too in homeschol
    If you can point me in the best directions I really appreciate it.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hey Vanessa,

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      Hope that helps a little.

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    1. Hey Shayanna,
      As far as I know, there are NO required materials or resources for people who choose to homeschool. The only requirements are whatever regulations your province has about registration. HOW you teach is up to you.

  14. Looking for info on how or where to start with homeschooling for Two grade five Students
    They are currently enrolled in French virtual School and it is quite a mess The expectations of navigating around the computer are pretty extreme for kids who don’t use a computer daily until now – it has been a lot of here is your work go and do it – I think they need a proper lesson with examples because I have been having to go over the work and explain how to do it I think they would enjoy learning more if they were not so stressed out about figuring out how to do or find their work they are definitely not having any fun
    My youngest is doing sk online and the platform is extremely organized and easy to navigate too bad the older Grade teacher’s couldn’t get on board like the kindres
    Thinking my older kids would do better with homeschooling and less stress
    Any tips or info would be great just looking to see how to start

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