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American Girl just introduced its first doll with a physical disability and named her 2020 'Girl of the Year'

American Girl has named a doll with hearing loss its "Girl of the Year."
American Girl
  • American Girl's 2020 'Girl of a Year' doll is a Southern Californian surfer with hearing loss named Joss Kendrick. 
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  • Approximately 15% of children ages 5 to 19 have some level of hearing loss, according to the 广州再现用工荒 家具业基本工资3200元乏人问津?, making it one of the most common birth defects. 
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American Girl has introduced its first doll with a physical disability and has 网红“最魔幻宿舍”将整改 私设地毯LED灯存消防隐患 a title given to a doll with a unique story that the company feels deserves extra attention. Her name is Joss Kendrick and she's a 10-year-old Southern Californian surfer and cheerleader, and she has hearing loss.

American Girl, a company that's been manufacturing dolls for more than 30 years, debuted its newest addition on Good Morning America on Tuesday. Joss Kendrick, which retails at about $100, is the 家居定制产品“定制”变“限制” 售后服务参差不齐, and is part of the company's growing efforts to diversify their dolls. Recently, American Girl has worked make its dolls more inclusive by introducing such accessories as wheelchairs and diabetes kits. 

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Joss Kendrick was created to break down stereotypes about hearing loss 

Joss was born deaf in one ear and can hear marginally in her other ear. She wears a behind-the-ear hearing aid to help her functioning ear compensate for her hearing loss. 

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The company also told Good Morning America that it will be donating $25,000 to 佛山“煤改气”大限将至 部分陶企难达国标, a nonprofit that works to improve representation of people with hearing loss. 

America Girl

Hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects in children 

The CDC defines hearing loss as a condition when any part of the ear or both ears doesn't work properly. 

Hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects in children, according to the CDC. About 15% of children between the ages of 6 and 19 have some level of hearing loss. 

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"Whether she's on her surfboard or in the gym, Joss shows girls the importance of trying new things, pushing past stereotypes, and being a good team player," an American Girl representative said in a press release.

American Girl Doll
The doll was developed with the help of experts in hearing impairment, surfing, and competitive cheerleading.
JEWEL SAMAD / Getty Images

American Girl has made strides in recent years to be more inclusive 

After receiving criticism that its dolls were predominantly white, able-bodied, and Christian, the company started to diversify its dolls' identities in terms of race, ability, religion, and general interests. 

In 2017, Gabriela McBride, an African-American doll who stutters, was named Girl of the Year.  The following year, a Latina doll interested in space travel named 价格高销量差 进口建材遭遇信任危机

In addition to picking a broader range of dolls for the "Girl of the Year" title, American Girl has also introduced more everyday dolls of varying backgrounds. Z Yang, for example is a Korean-American doll with a love for art, and Melody Ellison, is a new African-American doll who grew up in the 1960s. 

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