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10 Pronunciation mistakes Spanish speakers make

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Are you making these mistakes?

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Download the American accent guide for Spanish speakers

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We Pay Attention … Selectively

Mistake #1:
Dropping final consonants at the end of words

In Spanish, words never end in a consonant cluster (when two or more consonants are pronounced together with no vowels between them, for example, strength, loved, texts).
While clusters may appear at the beginning or middle of words in Spanish (español, hombre, crédito) they never appear at the end of words and are almost impossible for Spanish speakers to pronounce.
Therefore, it is very likely for Spanish speakers to unintentionally drop one or two consonant sounds if they are part of a final consonant sequence in order to bring the pronunciation closer to what’s possible in Spanish – a single consonant.

Min instead of mind
Work instead of worked (pronounced workt)
Tess instead of test.

Mistake #2:
Substituting a final M with N

The M consonant sound exists in Spanish, but it never appears at the end of words.
Therefore, while it’s not at all difficult for Spanish speakers to pronounce the M alone, it can be quite challenging for them to pronounce it at the end of words.
This is why when a word ends with M in English (some, ham, cream)
Spanish speakers may substitute it with the closest sound available that does show up at the end of words in Spanish – N (or NG).
This substitution usually happens subconsciously, and awareness is the number one factor in improving this pronunciation challenge.

The word ‘game’ is pronounced as ‘gain’
The word ‘seem’ is pronounced as ‘seen’
The word ‘foam’ is pronounced as ‘phone’

Mistake #3
Z is pronounced as an S

Since there’s no Z (as in zoo) in Spanish, the Z sound is often misplaced with an S, especially when it appears in the middle or end of words.
The Z is the voiced pair of the S consonant sound. Basically, they are pronounced the same, except that for the fact that with the Z sound, the vocal cords are vibrating.
It’s very easy to make this mistake since both sounds look and feel the same, except for the vibrations of the vocal cords.

This is also a result of the orthography (the way words are written and the spelling). Since English, unlike Spanish, is not a phonetic language, many times the Z sound is represented by the letter ‘s’. In Spanish, the letter ‘s’ always represents an S sound. That creates an additional challenge and confusion related to how the word should sound (unfortunately, most speakers learn English by reading and writing first and their listening skills are compromised).

To practice words with Z scroll down download the free American accent audio guide.

Mistake #4
The /y/ (as in ‘yes’) consonant sound and the /j/ (as in ‘job) switch places.

Oftentimes, Spanish speakers may pronounce the /y/ consonant sound as in ‘yes’ ‘years’ and ‘yellow’ as a /j/ sound, pronouncing it as jes, jears, and jello (by the way, this is not the same /j/ as in ‘jalapeno’).
Also, quite often the substitution will be reversed too.
A word that begins with ‘j’ will be pronounced with a /y/
Yob instead of job
Yust instead of just.

Mistake #5
Different vowels are pronounced the same:

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Example of different words that are usually pronounced the same:
sheep-ship, reach-rich, leave- live (广州开展楼市整治行动 2个一手盘未公示销控表)
pool-pull, food-foot, fool-full (专家:房价上涨具备政策动力 房屋供应量将减少).

Mistake #6
The /v/ consonant is pronounced as /b/

Since the pronunciation of the letter ‘v’ in Spanish is more similar to the pronunciation of /b/ in English, this pronunciation carries over to English as well.
The V is a fricative and to pronounce it, the bottom lip has to touch the top teeth, and air passes between the teeth and the lips (it’s a voiced sound).
The B is created as both lips close and touch each other.
If a B is pronounced in place of a ‘v’, words may change meaning:
‘very’ will sound like ‘bury’ and ‘vote’ will sound like ‘boat’.

Mistake #7
The American R is replaced with a Spanish R

The Spanish R and American R are pronounced differently.
In Spanish, there are two R’s (pero, perro) and for both sounds, the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate.
For the R in English, the tip of the tongue doesn’t touch the upper palate, but curls back a bit as the lips round (click to watch a video tutorial about the R).
Spanish speakers often pronounce the American R as they would pronounce the Spanish R, bringing the tip of the tongue to touch the upper palate.
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Mistake #8:
Mispronouncing the H

Since the letter H is silent in Spanish, and in American English it is generally pronounced (not always, you can learn more about the H here), some speakers mispronounce the H and create a velar fricative instead (just like the ‘j’ sound in ‘jalapeno’).
While the H in English is soft and sounds like a whisper, the substitution is more dominant – the back of the tongue is high and close to the soft palate.
Download the American accent guide to practice more.

Mistake #9:
A vowel is added to words beginning with /st/


‘estreet’ instead of ‘street’, ‘estrange’ instead of ‘strange’.

Mistake #10:
The /th/ consonant sound is substituted with /t/ or /d/.

For the TH, the tongue has to stick out from between the teeth.
Since Spanish speakers don’t have the TH consonant sound in their language,
they tend to keep the tongue inside for words with TH.
It is a common mispronunciation and sometimes will result in pronouncing different words the same.
The /th/ in ‘thanks’ (soft, voiceless TH) will be replaced with a /t/ and the word will sound like ‘tanks’. The /th/ in ‘they’ (voiced) will be replaced with a /d/ and the word will sound like ‘day’.
Interestingly enough, the voiced TH does occur in Spanish, unintentionally, when the d appears between two vowels, (for example in ‘pedir’, ‘estado’, ‘lodo’). It’s called an allophone.
Watch TH video lesson

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  5. Hi Hadar,
    8 pronunciation mistakes out from those 10 are the same we Brazilian tend to make . Thanks a lot !

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  7. I’m a native Russian speaker, but my in-laws are Spanish . We speak English and now I understand them much better, it’s great! It’s exactly what they are doing with “ our” Language!
    Just kidding!
    Very good and exact notes!!! Thanks Hadar!

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