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British English vs American English Differences: Spelling, Pronunciation and More

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The official non-manufacturing PMI came in at 54.3 in October, down from a recent peak of 55.4 a month prior. A key sub-index for the services sector likewise fell 0.9 points from its September peak to 53.5. Even the construction industry appeared worse off, with a sub-index for the sector dropping 2.6 points to 58.5.

British English vs American English Differences: Spelling, Pronunciation and More

British vs American: the ultimate language battle. The same, but different. But how different after all? Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and political activist, famously said that The United States and Great Britain are “two countries divided by a common language”. Still, Brits and Americans always had this ongoing “fight” about “which English is best?” or “who speaks proper English?”. This is, of course, a joke (or is it? hehe). After all, British English and American English are not entirely different languages.

As someone speaking British English you’ll probably have (close to) no problem understanding American English and vice versa. But there are indeed rather important questions about the existing differences between the two “languages”. How did the same language develop in such a different way? Why do we spell some words differently? “Soccer”/“football”, “sweater”/“jumper”, “sneakers”/“trainers”, “eraser”/“rubber”, “mail/post” are just a few of the troubling duos that first come to mind.

Before we go on… you’ve just realized, didn’t you? The “sweater weather” is actually the “jumper weather” or the “pullover weather” in the UK. Oh my God, this can’t be right, is it?

British vs American

The English language in the Americas

Before diving into the most important differences between British English and American English, let’s put some historical context around the matter.

As you probably already know, the English language was first introduced to the Americas in the 16th and 17th centuries by the British colonists. Over the next 400 years, the English used in the region we now know as the United States welcomed some changes. However, these were not standardized until 1828 when Noah Webster published the first American dictionary. Allegedly, he changed the spelling of some words to make American English different from British English as a way of showing cultural independence.

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British vs American: most common vocabulary differences

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And that’s not everything. There’s actually a very interesting story behind the use of “football” and “soccer”. Although the term “soccer” was born in Britain some 200 years ago, Americans began using it to distinguish European football from American football. Then, in the ‘80, Brits began using “soccer” less and less because it had become too “American”.


British EnglishAmerican English
chipsFrench fries
fizzy drinksoda
crispspotato chips
rubbishgarbage (trash)
bintrash can

Spellings differences: is it “colour” or “color”?

That’s simple! “Colour” is the British spelling and “color” is the American spelling. Always remember that, when it comes to spelling, American English uses a simplified version. The explanation goes back to 1828 when Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary – An American Dictionary of the English Language. Webster said he chose alternative spellings that were already in use in the United States “on such grounds as simplicity, analogy or etymology”.


British EnglishAmerican English
-ise (familiarise, recognise)-ize (familiarize, recognize)
-ou (colour, humour)-o (color, humor)
-re (metre, theatre)-re (meter, theater)
-l- (skilful, fulfil)-ll- (skillfull, fulfill)
-oe-/-ae- (oestrogen, encyclopaedia)-e- (estrogen, encyclopedia)
-ence (offence, pretence)-ense (offense, pretense)
-ogue (analogue, catalogue)-og (analog, catalog)
-ell- (cancelled, marvellous)-el- (canceled, marvelous)
-y- (tyre)-i- (tire)

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Grammar differences

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Collective nouns

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The gig economy
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Thus, while “The band is playing” in the US, in the UK “The band are playing”. Likewise, if I’m in the US, “My is winning”. But if I’m in the UK, “My team are winning”.

Learned or learnt?

Learned and learnt are both correct past participle and past tense forms of the verb “to learn”. Easily overlooked in speech, but much more obvious in writing, this subtle difference addresses verbs.

Many verbs that are irregular in the past tense in British English (dreamt, burnt, learnt), have been made regular in American English (dreamed, burned, learned).

Got or gotten?

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British English: get – got – got

American English: get – got – gotten


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Thus, in Britain, you’ll say “I’ve been to the supermarket” and in the US you’ll say “I went to the supermarket”.


Its selection of Mr Trump neither accords with the votes cast in the election nor reflects judgment of the candidate’s merits, as desired by Alexander Hamilton.

british american english
British English vs American English

Other grammar differences

A fascinating study from researchers at the University of North Florida reveals that running barefoot may actually improve your memory more than running with shoes. While most memory studies seem to take place in a laboratory or room where everyone sits at a table, this experiment definitely introduced an interesting idea to the search for a better memory. The experiment focused on something called "working memory," which is the human ability to process information and recall details throughout life. The scientists published the results of their study in "Perceptual and Motor Skills," and found that running barefoot resulted in a not-insignificant memory boost when compared with memory performance after running with shoes. The researchers found that tossing your shoes off and running for about 16 minutes at a comfortable pace could result in a 16% improvement in working memory performance.
vigor(n 精力;活力)
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Inc, said at the forum that "Artificial intelligence will understand senses, such as vision and hearing, and grasp language better than human beings over the next five to 10 years."


British accent vs American accent

Trium jumped three places to overtake the joint programme taught by Kellogg School of Management near Chicago and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which had been top of the ranking for five years. It is the first time Trium has headed the ranking and it is only the fourth programme to do so in 14 years.
Sixty Vocab:

American accent is rhotic and Americans pronounce their “R’s” loud and clear. On the other hand, the British accent is non-rhotic and Brits usually replace their “R’s” with “H’s”. Thus, words like “water” or “card” will be pronounced wa-tuh or caahd.

British vs American: which one should you learn and use?

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The most important thing you should remember is to be consistent. Once you’ll decide to go with British English, go with British all the way through. Avoid mixing them up. And work hard on your desired English pronunciation.

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In the meantime, here’s a fun song that’s been written by one of my readers, Libby Russell that all football widows will identify with. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing, Libby. It’s brilliant!

We haven’t discussed at all about the funnier brother of these two variants: Australian English. If you want to learn some of its funniest slang, check out 87 Australian slang terms to help you speak like a true Aussie.

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An independent gauge of China’s manufacturing sector edged lower in November, suggesting an uptick in activity at state-run companies did not extend to smaller and privately-owned factories.

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