Financial Advice Married Couples Should Not Ignore

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A survey conducted by Fidelity Investments found that couples carrying debt argued significantly more (67%) about money than those couples who were not burdened with debt (41%).

Avoiding Agitation

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Another survey found that 70% of married couples regularly argued about money, surpassing fights about household chores, togetherness, sex, snoring, and dietary choices. Couples cited frivolous purchases, household budgeting, and credit card debt as the biggest sources of friction.

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Top Personal Finance Tips for Married Couples: Create separate bank accounts—plus one joint account Track your spending Set financial priorities together Communicate about finances regularly Make a plan to pay down existing debt together Be honest about costs and debts


Separate vs. Joint Accounts

An important consideration to make early in a relationship is whether or not to maintain separate bank accounts, as well as collective ones. If a couple owns a business together, this may seem additionally counterintuitive, but structuring individual "fun money" accounts can be as unique as the couples themselves. Moreover, budgeting a certain amount of cash into individual accounts each month is a way to lesson the guilt about spending on personal items, and reinforces accountability.

According to research from the University of California:

For many, maintaining a separate bank account is an important psychological exclamation of personal control and independence. For some it's the lifeline that makes it possible to leave an abusive relationship.

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Track Your Spending Money

Without some form of individualized spending, it's difficult to face the quantitative reality of how personal spending choices affect collective budgeting each month. To make matters worse, Fidelity found that 33% of surveyed couples with debt had "difficulty" talking about their budget/spending habits with one another. Only through honest conversation and budget analysis can couples track and change their financial behavior—and work to reduce the stress, confusion, and frustration of managing money together.

Establishing and following a budget is the most reliable way to eliminate debt and plan for a future together, and it's nearly impossible for couples to set financial goals or build financial strategy without one.

Software is a powerful tool for couples setting and maintaining a budget. Some of this year's top-rated budgeting apps are: YNAB, Mint, Wally, and PocketGuard.

Set Financial Priorities Together

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, and discussing financial decisions is no exception. Communicating about finances is challenging because the priorities of personal finance are as unique as the individuals themselves, and any savings strategy must consider the needs and aspirations of both partners in order to be successful.

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Manage Debt as a Couple

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Mr Li said the economy’s strength came as a result of the government shunning strong stimulus policies and its push for supply-side reforms.
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In Conclusion

U.S. consumer debt is approaching $15-trillion in 2020, suggesting that regardless of communication, wealth, or frugality, couples will always be expected to manage an unpredictable economic future.​ Data also shows debt as one of the primary threats to the happiness and financial security of couples of all ages, and thus minimizing debt obligations is a reliable way to positively impact personal relationships and personal finances.