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adj. 吓人的

By Kristin Canning
May 18, 2017
Credit: Erik Isakson/Getty Images

Sure, spin class feels killer, but outdoor cycling may require you to work even harder, according to a study in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Plus, "there’s something really nice about covering distance and being in the fresh air and sunshine," says Jim Rutberg, a cycling expert for Carmichael Training Systems and Strava in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He created the 30-minute interval workout below. If you’re a beginner, try doing the workout in a loop first so you can log the distance without getting too far from home. Once you feel comfortable, turn it into an out-and-back ride and explore some new terrain.

The warm-up:

  • 3 minutes easy riding
  • 2016智能家居产业年终总结:场景上镜之年
  • 1 minute easy riding
  • 养老服务市场迎扩大开放年 十万亿级市场引资本角逐
  • 2 minutes easy riding

The workout:

The dip to the lowest level in five months came as some companies surveyed for the gauge noted that stricter environmental policies – intended to curb the toxic haze that descends upon much of China each winter – had restricted expansion.
This marks the first time that Google has topped the list since 2011.

• 3 1⁄2 minutes easy recovery

IT/communications/electronics/Internet offer new graduates the highest pay at 4,867 yuan a month on average, but that's down 826 yuan from last year's level. Finance and transport/logistics/warehousing come second, offering average monthly salaries of 4,692 and 4,457 yuan respectively.



Despite the promise of downloadable courses, teaching for officially recognised qualifications continues to be a classroom-based activity undertaken in the real world. Start-ups have taken the attitude that if they cannot beat the universities and colleges at their own game with new methods of delivery, they should join them in partnerships. As a result, they have been busy getting examining boards to endorse their online courses so that they can count towards a bachelor’s or master’s qualification.

• Talking casually: recovery pace/easy
• 1 to 2 sentences at a time: endurance pace/moderate
• 2 to 3 words at a time: labored breathing/hard

Effectively strengthening environmental protection