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The Art of Feminine Finance

家居店纠结撤不撤 消费者观望买不买

Here's what you'll take away in this free class:


+ The hidden reason why so many women+ fail at their finances, but you will not

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Meet your Instructors

Laurie-Anne King

An empowerment coach and energy healer who has helped thousands of women transform their lives.

Healed her own relationship to money, paid off $60K in debt, and built a $1M business.

Owns her dream home as well as income-generating properties that provide passive income.

Britt Williams Baker

A Harvard Business School graduate with a serious penchant for personal finance.

Started investing at the age of 8 and never stopped. Purchased her home in cash before the age of 30.

Founded an Investment Circle in 2018 to help women+ understand the basics of investing.

Season\'s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.
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