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Why you should do finance work experience—and where to find it

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Why you should do finance work experience—and where to find it

Finance work experience lets you see what it might be like to have a career in finance, banking or accounting. You’ll develop transferable skills, and get a feel for the industry and the roles available.

But 飞利浦/欧司朗出售照明业务 中国买家最有竞争力 in banking and finance can be tricky, as it’s competitive. In this guide we’ll explore the benefits and types of different placements, as well as where you can find work experience for year 10 and year 12.

Why should I get work experience in banking and finance?


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  • It gives you a chance to network and make contacts that might come in handy in the future.
  • The key skills you’ll develop (such as communication and people skills)  will set you apart when it comes to applying for jobs later.
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What would the work experience involve?

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Insight days or programmes are intended to give you a glimpse into what the company does, and possibly the different roles available. These are often run by bigger companies.

If your placement lasts for a week, you can expect to be able to shadow staff at the company, so you’ll see exactly what their job role involves. Some placements may even give you the chance to work on a real project and share your ideas with managers.

How can I make the most of work experience in banking and finance?

One of the most important aspects of any work experience placement is that it develops your transferable skills. So make sure to take every opportunity you can to build these abilities. For example, 深圳:建筑废弃物去向可“追踪” by asking clear questions about what a staff member’s job involves. (Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions: it shows you’re curious, interested and ambitious).

Offer your help on a project to grow your teamwork skills and ability to take the initiative. Make a note of the skills you’re developing – this will be really important when it comes to applying for jobs later on.


Where can I find placements?


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You could also organise your own placement during the summer after Year 12 or Year 13. Finance work experience year 12 placements are available at HSBC, Santander and Anderson Anderson & Brown.

Research local finance firms and consultancies as they may offer work experience on request. Consultancies work on projects for customers, which may provide an opportunity to get involved in a project from start to finish rather than just shadowing a staff member.

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