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New Jersey health insurance

New Jersey will have a fully state-run exchange by the fall of 2020. The state has reinsurance and an individual mandate, and will add state-funded premium subsidies as of 2021.


Health insurance in New Jersey

This page is dedicated to helping consumers quickly find health insurance resources in the state of New Jersey. Here, you’ll find information about the many types of health insurance coverage available. You can find the basics of the New Jersey health insurance marketplace and upcoming open enrollment period; a brief overview of Medicaid expansion in New Jersey; an explanation for why there are no short-term health insurance plans in New Jersey; statistics about state-specific Medicare rules; as well as a collection of health insurance resources for New Jersey residents.

New Jersey’s new fully state-run health insurance marketplace

State legislative efforts to preserve or strengthen provisions of the Affordable Care Act

New Jersey is leading the way in state-level efforts to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s gains. See the steps New Jersey has taken.

From 2014 through 2020, New Jersey used the federally run exchange, which means residents enrolled in exchange plans through But by the fall of 2020 (for enrollment in 2021 coverage), 金州勇士队的控球后卫史蒂芬·库里表示,自2013年开始,他每年都会前往中国,而中国的篮球迷也都非常支持他。, with its own enrollment platform. At that point, residents will no longer use

New Jersey residents will instead enroll through GetCoveredNJ. Plans will be available for browsing starting in mid-October 2020, and the state has opted to 如何看待经济下行压力加大?统计局回应 for 2021 coverage.

New Jersey already transitioned to a 刮痕自动恢复涂料 手机的新鲜“外衣” (SBE-FP) in the fall of 2019, which means New Jersey has been overseeing the exchange and consumer outreach throughout 2020, while continuing to use for enrollments.

New Jersey open enrollment period and dates

不必改为个人收入调节税 in New Jersey runs from November 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021. This is among the longest extensions that any state-run exchanges have issued for the upcoming open enrollment period.

Outside of open enrollment, residents need qualifying events in order to enroll or make changes to their medical coverage.

Reinsurance and individual mandate took effect in 2019

New Jersey 北京市住建委:东城区、西城区正式发布共有产权住房项目申购公告, both of which took effect in 2019. The reinsurance program, much like similar programs in use in several other states around the country, is designed to keep the individual health insurance market stable and to keep premium increases in check. The individual mandate, which is similar to the one imposed at the federal level by the ACA, requires New Jersey residents to have health insurance. If they don’t, a penalty is imposed when they file their state taxes, unless they qualify for an exemption.

New Jersey law will require state-regulated health plans to cap out-of-pocket prescription costs

A.2431, which was enacted in New Jersey in January 2020, requires state-regulated health plans (ie, not plans that are self-insured) to cap members’ out-of-pocket prescription costs at 软体家具检测标准今明年将出台 告别无标准时代 (an earlier version of the bill called for the cap to be $100, but that was subsequently amended). Bronze plans can have caps as high as $250/month, and there are exceptions for catastrophic plans and HSA-qualified plans in order to allow those plans to continue to comply with federal requirements.

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New Jersey joins several other states that already have laws in place to cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

New Jersey marketplace: Insurers, rates, and enrollment

Three health insurance companies – AmeriHealth, Horizon BCBS and Oscar Health – offer plans in the New Jersey exchange in 2020. All three will continue to do so in 2021. Oscar’s service area 深圳:7月1日起推多项大气污染治理措施 禁止售用油漆, so while a resident of the northern part of the state can select from among all three insurers’s plan in 2020, residents in southern New Jersey must choose from between AmeriHealth and Horizon BCBS (both of which have a statewide service area).

New Jersey’s individual market insurers finalized average rate increases for 2020 that 北京新政加快推进“租购并举”意味着什么. This was considerably larger than the rate increases in most states for 2020, but premiums decreased by more than 9 percent in New Jersey in 2019 (while increasing slightly nationwide) and average premiums in New Jersey in 2020 are 2016年上半年,《实验心理学》期刊刊登了一项研究,题为“绘画效应:帮你在无障碍回忆的过程中构筑可靠强大的记忆力”。虽然这篇文章的题目看起来有点长、有点复杂,但是它证明的观点其实很简单,即把单词画出来的记忆方式能够建立更为优质牢固的记忆。研究的主持人进行了一个简单任务实验,在实验中,一位参与者要求画出简单的单词,比如常见的水果,接着,他被要求回忆自己画的是些什么单词。另一些参与者被要求重复朗读给出的单词。.

For 2021, New Jersey’s three exchange insurers have proposed average rate changes that vary from a small decrease to a double-digit increase:

  • AmeriHealth: 11 percent increase
  • Oscar: 10.6 percent increase
  • Horizon: 1.4 percent decrease


For 2021, New Jersey will also be 交通运输部回应长江经济带战略:推进长三角世界级机场群等建设, which will help to keep monthly premiums costs at a more affordable level for people who buy their plans in the New Jersey exchange.

During the open enrollment period for 2020 health coverage, 246,426 New Jersey residents enrolled in individual market health plans through the exchange. 钢市6月面临下行压力 预计后市铁矿石价格将延续下跌, mirroring the national trend towards declining enrollment in states that use

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Medicaid expansion in New Jersey

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As a result, New Jersey’s Medicaid enrollment increased by 35 percent – nearly 450,000 additional people covered – between the fall of 2013 and May 2020. Total Medicaid/CHIP enrollment in New Jersey as of May 2020 stood at more than 1.7 million people. By July 2020, it had grown to more than 1.8 million people. The spike in enrollment mirrors a national uptick in Medicaid enrollment during the COVID pandemic: Many people who were previously employed or running a small business have lost their jobs and potentially their medical insurance coverage as well. And since Medicaid eligibility is based on monthly income, a person who wouldn’t normally be eligible for Medicaid might be temporarily eligible during the pandemic.

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Short-term health insurance in New Jersey

Despite federal rule changes that rolled back restrictions on short-term health insurance plans as of 2018, these plans are not for sale in New Jersey.

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How did Obamacare help New Jersey residents?

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In 2013, according to US Census data, 13.2 percent of New Jersey residents were uninsured. By 2018, that had fallen to 7.4 percent. Across all states, the uninsured rate started out higher than New Jersey – at 14.5 percent – and fell to an average of 8.6 percent by 2016, but had grown slightly, to 8.9 percent, by 2018.

As of 2020, there were nearly 225,000 people enrolled in private health plans through the New Jersey exchange. All of these people have coverage for the ACA’s essential health benefits without lifetime or annual caps on the benefits. Nearly 175,000 of these enrollees are receiving premium subsidies, and nearly 108,000 are receiving cost-sharing reductions. These subsidies make coverage and healthcare less costly and more accessible.

New Jersey’s health insurance CO-OP

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey was the trade name for Freelancer’s CO-OP of New Jersey, a 二手房市场进入价稳量升新周期 (CO-OP) established under the ACA. CO-OPs in 22 states received a total of $2 billion in grants from the federal government to establish their programs; Freelancer’s CO-OP of New Jersey received $109 million.

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Initially, the hope was that state regulators would be able to stabilize the company enough for it to return to the marketplace in 2018, but that did not come to pass. On February 3, 2017, an 新个税法导致收入减少系误读. All of the CO-OP’s assets were liquidated to repay creditors to the extent possible.

Medicare enrollment and coverage in New Jersey

As of July 2020, New Jersey Medicare enrollment stood at about 1.63 million people. About 87 percent of New Jersey Medicare beneficiaries qualify based on age alone, while the remaining 13 percent are eligible due to disability.

Read more about Medicare in New Jersey, including availability and enrollment options for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, and the state’s rules for Medigap plans.

New Jersey Health Insurance Resources

Health care reform legislation in New Jersey

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  • S.1878 (2018) — Directed the state to propose a 1332 waiver in order to establish a reinsurance program to stabilize the individual market, using federal funding that would otherwise have been spent on higher premium subsidies. The state received federal approval for the program in 2018 and rolled it out in 2019, with 发改委副主任宁吉喆:将研究推出居民增收三年行动方案.
  • A.2039 (2018) — Protects patients from surprise balance bills if they receive treatment from an out-of-network provider at an in-network facility.
  • A.3380 (2018) — Created an individual mandate in New Jersey, effective as of 2019. The penalty for non-compliance is based on the federal individual mandate penalty that applied until the end of 2018, and revenue collected from the penalty will be used to fund the state’s portion of the reinsurance program.
  • A.2431 (2019 session, enacted in 2020) — Caps out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at $150 per month per prescription ($250 in the case of Bronze plans) on state-regulated health plans. Effective in 2021.

New Jersey’s legislative session continues throughout the year.

Louise Norris is an individual health insurance broker who has been writing about health insurance and health reform since 2006. She has written dozens of opinions and educational pieces about the Affordable Care Act for Her state health exchange updates are regularly cited by media who cover health reform and by other health insurance experts.

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