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West Bengal GNM 2020: WB Merit List (Released), Selection, Counseling Procedure

West Bengal GNM 2020 Merit List of successful candidates on mop-up Round has been released on 12th October 2020. West Bengal Health Department is the organizing body to release all the important notification related to the admission procedure conducted in the state of West Bengal. The admission procedure is commonly known as West Bengal GNM Admission 2020.

 With the help of the West Bengal GNM Admission, 2020 qualified applicants will be able to get admission to different GNM courses offered in different universities and institutions offering GNM courses to the applicants situated in West Bengal state. Applicants will be able to get admission in the GNM courses (General Nursing and Midwifery course) in the universities based on the merit list which will be prepared by the authorities based on the information provided by the applicant in the application form regarding marks secured by them in the HSC exams.

With the help of the admission procedure, applicants will be able to get admission in three years of diploma courses in health care and nursing studies that include six months internship in nursing training schools under the government of West Bengal. Applicants who want to get more information about the West Bengal GNM Admission 2020 such as eligibility criteria, the application process, admission procedure, merit list, etc. can go through the official website of the university or can refer to the information we have given below.

West Bengal GNM 2020 Notification – Merit List of mop-up Round Released

New West Bengal GNM 2020 Merit List of successful candidates on mop-up Round has been Released on 12th October 2020 for Female Candidates. Click Here to Check List.

New West Bengal GNM 2020 Second Round Seat Allotment has been released on 3rd October 2020. Check Below Final Merit List.

New Click Here to Check Male Seat Allotment List.

New Click Here to Check Female Seat Allotment List.

West Bengal GNM 2020 Exam Highlights

Exam Name West Bengal GNM
Full-Form West Bengal General Nurse and Midwifery course
Exam Types Nursing
Exam Level State Level
Courses Offered Diploma
Conducting Body West Bengal Health Department
Application Mode Online
Official website

West Bengal GNM 2020 Important Dates

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Important events Dates (Revised)
Notification (Released) 27th July 2020
Application form (Released) 28th July 2020
Submission of application form 10th September 2020
Choice filling of School will be Closed 12th August 2020
Publication of Provisional List (Combined & Category wise) according to marks (Released) 17th August 2020
Revised provisional List (Released) 24th August 2020
Open window for correction 25th August 2020
Publication of name list and venue of provisional verification and Format for Medical Checkup 25th August 2020
Date of verification And Medical Checkup 27th August to 4th September 2020
Date of verification And Medical Checkup (Extended) 5th to 9th September 2020
Rank list after the verification 17th September 2020
Publication of 1st Round Seat allotment at Respective Nursing Training School 21st September 2020
1st Round Admission Date 22nd, 23rd & 24th September 2020
Publication of the Seat matrix for the 2nd Round Counseling 27th September 2020
Publication of 2nd Round Seat allotment at Respective Nursing Training School 3rd October 2020
Publication of 2nd Round Admission Date 6th to 8th October 2020
Merit List of successful candidates on mop-up Round 12th October 2020
Mop up Round Counselling & allotment of Seats from Swasthay Bhawan 14th October 2020
Publication of Mop-up Admission Date 16th & 17th October 2020
Reporting by an admitted candidate to the Respective Institutional Authority 2nd November 2020
Commencement of the Course 3rd November 2020

West Bengal GNM 2020 Application Form

 The important information related to the application form is mentioned below for the reference of the applicants:

  • West Bengal GNM 2020 Application Form has been released on 28th July 2020.
  • The Application form can be filled till 10th August 2020.
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West Bengal GNM 2020 Application Fee

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  • Age proof
  • Passport size photograph

West Bengal GNM 2020 Eligibility Criteria


Age criteria:

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Educational qualifications:

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West Bengal GNM 2020 Merit List

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West Bengal GNM 2020 Counseling


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