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A Tale of Two Arthurs: On Mental Health, Joker, and The Tick

When Todd Phillips’ Joker premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September, it received a rapturous reception, winning the Golden Lion for Best Film. Now that it’s out in the U.S., the reviews have been a bit more mixed. The story of Some Bad Days in the life of Arthur Fleck, who might be mentally ill, and maybe becomes the Joker, is compelling, but not always coherent. I found myself rooting for Arthur at times, but I also found myself thinking of a very different superhero-adjacent story—one that also featured a mentally ill protagonist.

I’m speaking, of course, of The Tick.

Join me below for a spoilery discussion of Joker, The Tick, and the importance of therapy.

Todd Phillips’ Joker presents a very particular fantasy of misery porn turning into a revenge narrative. Arthur Fleck is down on his luck. He has a crappy job. He’s jumped twice in what seems to be about a two-day period, and gets fired from his job in between the attacks. While he appears to get away with murder, his already shaky life falls apart: he learns his mother has been lying to him and spends a few days thinking he’s the son of Thomas Wayne, only to be told that this is not true; he learns that he was abused as a child but has repressed the memories; he loses his access to state-sponsored therapy and medication; his mother has a stroke; he’s publicly humiliated by his hero, a talk show host named Murray Franklin.

Now this kind of abuse isn’t that far afield from other citizens of the superheroic world. Bruce Wayne loses his parents in a random act of violence that defines his adult life, and over the course of his stories he’s lost partners, surrogate children, and, often, any hope of a stable or happy life.

Many bosses hold their staff accountable, but the best show that they hold themselves accountable as well. This means adhering to the same guidelines they set for their employees and taking responsibility for both team successes and failures。
China has continued to synchronize enterprises and institutions to raise the basic pension for over 100m retirees in 2017.
He admitted to having mixed emotions about the letter as he and Vonnie are now divorced.
Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed the production of new-energy vehicles last month surged by 144 percent year-on-year to 16,100 units, and the output of fully electric passenger vehicles tripled from the same period last year, reaching 7,952 units in January. Official data showed that 97 percent of new-energy vehicles produced in January would be eligible for favorable taxation policies.
Venezuela's government closed all crossings a year ago to crack down on smuggling along the 1378-mile (2219 kilometer) border. It complained that speculators were causing shortages by buying up subsidized food and gasoline in Venezuela and taking them to Colombia where they could be sold for far higher prices.
n. 城堡
《小可爱与拳击手》(Cutie and the Boxer)几乎没有受到观影公众的注意,但好电影名单并非票房大片的罗列。这部达到正片长度的纪录片是扎克利?海因策林(Zachary Heinzerling)的处女作,其影响与感悟同样出色。表面上它只是讲述了一段勉力维持了40年的问题婚姻。然而在表面之下,又惊人地暴露出来的是一段有关竞争(夫妻双方都是艺术家)、怨恨、不情愿的奉献以及持久的爱(这是最让人震惊的)的历史。
TWO Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize yesterday for studies on the matchmaking taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.
n. 好客,殷勤,酒店管理
Refugees from Syria, which has been torn apart by a five-year-old civil war that has left over 200,000 people dead and millions more displaced, account for half of all those counted, followed by refugees from two other war-torn countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs holds the new " iPad" during the launch of Apple's new tablet computing device in San Francisco, California, in this January 27, 2010
Best Companies rank: 11
We will improve the property rights protection system.

On this season I have but one thing to say: I love you.值此佳节,我只有一句话要告诉你:我爱你
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Swipe them free and they'll soar into the sky.
Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?
"The average salary level of employees grew by about 6.3 percent year on year in the first three quarters of last year, while China's annual GDP growth stood at 6.7 percent in 2016, both slowing from a year earlier," Jin added.

adj. 方便的,便利的
●"Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide"
The house is on a slight hill above the street. Its entry is a large glassed porch with a brick floor and walls of windows facing the lake. The renovation preserved coffered ceilings and the abundant use of wood in the original part of the house. The floor plan is open, and nearly every room has views of the lake through picture windows.
No, this doesn't mean you should abandon your LinkedIn profile for fear of a suspicious boss. But it does mean you should be more careful. For one, turn off your activity broadcasts so that every savvy move you make isn't announced to your entire network. Here's how: From the homepage, hover over your photo in the top right corner, and click on "Privacy & Settings." From this page, click "Turn on/off your activity broadcasts."
v. 扩充,延伸,伸展,扩展
8.Suicide Squad
STEP 9: BE SURE to tell everyone to shut up on a daily basis, it's endearing you know
This move works on multiple fronts for the Thunder. First, Gibson helps fill in for the injured Enes Kanter in the short-term and he brings playoff experience, solid rebounding and hard-nosed defense to a possible postseason matchup with the Spurs or Rockets.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the majority of those being detained had agreed to pay back some of the money they had gained illegally in exchange for their freedom.
According to the search engine, Euro 2012 beat Olympics tickets as the top internet search of the year in the UK, the Sun reported.
With all its eccentric beats and bubblegum, Number 1 Angel feels like the purest distillation of the U.K. star's pop brilliance, whether she's working with up-and-coming rapper Cupcakke on "Lipgloss" or collaborating with M? on "3AM (Pull Up)."

The reason for its high valuation is based on the fact that it was the first time China Post released stamps featuring the Chinese Zodiac since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.
Management consultancies pride themselves on being expert advisers on “change” — from helping clients integrate after mergers, to keeping them at the cutting edge of new technology. Several of the world’s largest consultancies will have to make use of their own advice in 2018 as they prepare for leadership changes — the first in years — that will have significant ramifications for their workforce.
4. gam / n . <俚> (尤指美丽女子的) 腿。

Screenshot: DC Films

NeXT 电脑公司总裁兼CEO史蒂夫乔布斯在向公众展示他的新一代NeXT 工作站(此时乔布斯已经离开苹果创办了皮克斯动画和NeXT 电脑公司),1990年9月18日,旧金山
这些利好消息为特斯拉带来了极为惊人的估值。一位名叫佐尔坦o班的特斯拉观察人士在金融网站“寻找阿尔法“(Seeking Alpha)上指出,特斯拉现在的估值,相当于它每年已经能够卖出几十万辆汽车,但实际上今年它只能卖出35,000多辆车。从另一个角度来说,特斯拉公司今年卖出的每一台车,估值相当于高达100万美元。
Only three Hollywood productions, 'Furious 7', 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', and 'Jurassic World', made it into the top 10 at the Chinese box office in 2015.
Landing a superstar like Cousins for pennies on the dollar won't singlehandedly help the Pelicans carve out a larger slice of the sports landscape in New Orleans, but it's an excellent first step.
Considering Stryker's founder invented the turning frame -- a device that allows patients to be repositioned in bed while keeping their bodies immobile -- it only makes sense that this medical equipment manufacturer lends employees and their families medical beds, free of charge.
With China now not only “fully integrated”, but perhaps starting to retreat from this position as it brings more of its supply chain onshore, unless Africa can succeed in following China’s path, he adds: “I think we are going back now to a situation where we don’t think there is any particular reason for trade to grow faster than GDP.”

The Big Sick

In one tweet that was posted on Jan 10, Obama wrote, "Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I'm asking you to believe - not in my ability to create change, but in yours."
vt. 妥协处理,危

When it comes to diversity, I am optimistic that at some point the rise of enlightened younger executives will trigger a sudden change of attitude in the boardroom. This will not happen in 2018, though the imbalances and abuses of power evident in sexual harassment scandals, from tech to media, could accelerate change.
Topped with golden leaves and flavored with champagne, the confection was sold for $100 a pop.
These collaborations signal a moment where the cradle of innovation and the arbiters of fashion are finally embracing one another, says L2 research director Colin Gilbert. Style is not the only missing piece to the wearable puzzle, but it’s something to look forward to, Gilbert says. More than half of the report’s respondents want devices that feel more like jewelry while 62 percent would like more than wrist-worn devices.

On the other other hand: She’s delusional, but Arthur does actually have neurological conditions, which are exacerbated by the abuse that her boyfriend inflicts on them. The meds and therapy are helping, and when they’re cut off his hallucinations worsen, his impulse control pretty much evaporates, and he tips over into full-blown mania and starts what will end up being a career as, and I cannot stress this enough, THE JOKER. Whatever waffling there is about his health in the first half of the film, we watch him gleefully kills multiple people in the second half.

Hailed as one of the greatest films of all time, Taxi Driver tells the story of a depressed ex-Marine who attempts to assassinate a senator after being rejected by a woman he admires. While the titular taxi driver, Travis Bickle, lives a chaotic life filled with drug dealers and prostitutes, his story was never meant to be an unrealistic fantasy. Rather, it meant to expose the very real warning signs of a would-be gunman.
adj. 青春期的,青少年的
《倒霉蛋:罗伯特·博斯特的生与死》(Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst),HBO,2月8日播出。《追捕弗雷德曼家族》(Capturing the Friedmans)的导演安德鲁·杰瑞克奇(Andrew Jarecki)执导了这部六集系列纪录片,在片中与博斯特先生通力合作。博斯特出身纽约房地产世家,与数起谋杀事件有关,他的第一任妻子失踪之谜至今未曾解开。
10. Be mindful of your attitude.
Blige will perform "Mighty River" from "Mudbound," the Oscar-nominated song she co-wrote with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson. Blige is also nominated for best supporting actress for her role in "Mudbound." She is the first person to be nominated for both a performance and an original song in the same year.

Rather than dealing with what this revelation would do to him, the film cuts to him back in his own apartment. He might have killed her—for my money he probably killed her—but the audience isn’t shown her body, or her daughter’s, because presumably (god, hopefully) this would destroy the audience’s identification with him. It would force us to consider him in a harsher light, which would make it difficult to keep our sympathies through the final section of the film, when the script frames him as an avenging antihero. Given the spotlight on Murray Franklin’s show, Fleck ditches his stand-up routine to give an improbably eloquent speech lambasting society’s mistreatment of the mentally ill. He accuses Thomas Wayne and the rich directly, saying that they would step right over men like him, even if they were dying in the street, because they don’t care—echoing the earlier words of his therapist. Fleck ends with a call to arms: “What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? You get what you fuckin’ deserve!” This speech leads to an all-out riot in Gotham, as the poor rise up against the rich, and take Fleck as their leader.

Screenshot: DC Films

Best Companies rank: 7
The report also discusses the problem of the 'free-to-play' business model that's prevalent in China's online game sector. While many games companies in the U.S., for example, charge subscription fees, most Chinese games utilize the free-to-play model, which allows players to try out a game without paying. The longer players stay in the game, the more likely they will be to pay for in-game items to move up into higher levels of play. But that also means that people who spend the most money are the best performers.
adj. 不合法的,非法的
While heavily dominated by French and English schools, accounting for 44 per cent of the table, the ranking is more diverse than ever with schools from 25 countries.
“…was checking his cell phone and chewing gum during the meeting.”
在经济大幅放缓和复苏不顺的过程中,美联储的计划几乎都没有按照原先设定的那样去实施,美联储官员们现在也公开承认了这一事实。美联储主席贝南克(Ben Bernanke)上个月在其最后一次新闻发布会上表示,美联储对于增长步伐感到失望,同时也没有完全弄明白其中的原因。

In Joker we have a portrait of a mentally ill man who loses his support network, falls through society’s cracks, and becomes a gleeful murderer as opposed to a victim. The film frames his emotional distress as being the fault of one woman who fails to nurture him: His mother. This distress is then exacerbated by the lack of care exhibited by two different female therapists—two Black women who have chosen to go into social service professions—and the female neighbor (also a Black woman) with whom he hallucinates a relationship. We never know anything about the neighbor aside from her status as a single mom, who seems to have a warm and loving relationship with her daughter. This neighbor “fails” Fleck by not actually being the person he hallucinated. Confronted with Fleck in her apartment, she tries to get him to leave by mentioning her daughter—protecting her child from a bad man in a way that Fleck’s own mother could not.

We’re asked to empathize with him as he is kicked and beaten and abandoned by the government and lied to by his mother. The film very, very clearly frames his mania and at least two murders as triumphant revenge fantasies. These scenes are incredibly compelling, and I thought the strongest parts of the movie were when he truly became the Joker we’re all accustomed to, clad in a striking, off-kilter suit and committing acts of grotesquerie. From the moment he kills his mother, up until the point where he starts speechifying on Murray Franklin’s show, I was riveted, and I think there was a lot of fascinating stuff in this film.


It scares/intimidates people and they don't know better anyway.

He was Arthur Everest, the hero of the latest version of The Tick.

The 2016 reboot of The Tick took the whimsical and goofy comics world Ben Edlund first created thirty years ago, and crashed into the much-grittier superhero world of today. The Terror, formerly a joke of a character, is reimagined as a true supervillain who really enjoys torturing and killing people. There’s an anti-hero Punisher parody who turns out to be a sexual abuse survivor. The Tick himself is an amnesiac who has an existential breakdown mid-way through Season One. All the updated characters were commited to emotional realism, but no one was brought more to Earth, and made more real, than Arthur.

Arthur has PTSD; when he was a little boy he watched helplessly as The Terror murdered his favorite superhero team, the Flag Five. But the Terror only murdered them after the FF crashed their plane right on top of Arthur’s father. And of course the cherry on top of this trauma was that after Arthur’s father and heroes were all dead or dying, The Terror walked right up to Arthur and stole his ice cream sundae.

Screenshot: Amazon


Perhaps just as important, stable or falling prices will boost the inflation-adjusted pay of U.S. workers and gives them more bang for their buck. "It's an unambiguous positive for household demand," said Neil Dutta, head of economics at Renaissance Macro Research. "People will have more money to spend."
Hua Xu Yin
Between 1991 and 2010, the cancer mortality rate fell by a whopping 20%, which is more than 10% a decade. One day we will say goodbye to cancer for good.

American brands such as Chipotle, Texas Instruments and General Dynamics are on the list for the first time.
年度最佳歌曲:米兰达·兰伯特&布雷克·谢尔顿《Over You》
Unlike several items on this list, artificial pancreas aren't still in some early development stage. The device very much exists and got FDA approval for sale this past September.

o 特斯拉的规模越大,运营的复杂性就越强。由于它直接销售给终端顾客,免去了特许经销商的环节,它必须开发一个自己的服务中心网络来进行售后维修保养。另外它独特慷慨的保修条款规定,车主在使用三年后,可以以原价50%的价格将车卖还给特斯拉。这种做法可能会催生一个二手特斯拉的专门渠道。“寻找阿尔法”上的一位博主写道:“等到车主觉得他们的车不像一年前那么诱人和罕见,特斯拉可能会吃进大量有三年车龄的二手车。在我看来,这是个潜在的麻烦。”
Ultimately I expect these new leaders to start selecting from a broader pool of candidates and appoint direct reports from more varied backgrounds, defying those who use current imbalances to extrapolate gloomily that leadership parity between men and women is still decades off.

And on the one hand, we’re supposed to empathize with him. His conspiracy theory turns out to be right! the Terror is still alive! His overprotective sister should back off! His mom is too pushy! He probably doesn’t even need those meds!


2. Dominos. Brand love: -11% / Rank: 62
Did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age? 在您那个年代,您曾经担心过我们现在担心的事吗?
'Nebraska' gets to the heart of Bruce Dern's prickly old geezer, Woody Grant, by way of a road trip across Montana and Nebraska, shot in radiant black-and-white. (Here again one of the movie's stars is its cinematographer, Phedon Papamichael.) Alexander Payne directed, flawlessly, from Bob Nelson's stellar script, which is all about thwarted love, and reconciliation, between Woody and his son Will; he's played with painfully quiet eloquence by Will Forte. Here's the American heartland as it's seldom portrayed on screen, with humor and almost palpable fondness.
24 August
However, strong progress across the main rankings does not automatically translate into European success. Sa Business School at the University of Oxford, for example, rose one place in the MBA ranking, five places in the ranking of open executive programmes and broke into the top 10 of the Executive MBA ranking for the first time by moving up 12 places, but its European ranking remains unchanged, at 10th.

Happily, The Tick isn’t a hallucination. But this startles Arthur into understanding that, no matter how strong he’s become, he shouldn’t try to go it alone. He isn’t going to be “cured” because he was right about The Terror. There is no “cure” for trauma. He may not need to keep taking medications (it’s implied in the second season that he’s stopped using them) but he does still need to check in with his support network, to make sure he has a firm grasp on reality, especially in a world overrun with superheroes and villains and somewhat sentient robots and terrifying government agencies. As his sister reminds him, there’s a drill he’s supposed to repeat: “Normal is what normal does: takes meds, returns calls, dresses appropriately for the weather.” In the world of The Tick, normal also includes donning a super suit and doing battle with evil—but you still have to return those calls.

Perhaps the more interesting question is what drove Yahoo! to shell out that reported $30 million for a single app. To be sure, Summly's text-compression abilities dovetail nicely with Yahoo!'s new focus on mobile utilities. Along with Yahoo!'s $1.1 billion purchase of the blogging service Tumblr and the launch of an acclaimed new weather app, the Summly move marks a commitment to owning the tiny real estate of the smartphone screen-and serving advertising to the youthful eyeballs that tend to gravitate to mobile devices.
《钢铁侠3》(Iron Man 3)凭借12亿美元的票房总收入成为目前2013年最卖座影片。不过这还不足以令其主演小罗伯特·唐尼(Robert Downey Jr.)摘下我们票房收入最高演员的桂冠。今年,绰号“巨石强森”的德韦恩·约翰逊(Dwayne Johnson)凭借更加努力的工作,击败了唐尼。
I expect the real drama to come early in 2018. But this is Donald Trump’s trade world. We just live in it.
Index: 96.6
Recent years have seen a return of the bacterial infection, reaching numbers not seen since the 1960s, with admissions for a primary diagnosis more than doubling between 2010/11 and 2017/18, from 429 to more than 1,300.
The .40-calibre Smith & Wesson that killed her, a semi-automatic handgun, was seized by police to undergo ballistics testing to determine if it had been used in other crimes.
1 October
Jose's mother Inma Quesada told the El Pais daily that her son "wanted to buy instruments" for his band Los Salerosos (loosely translated as "The Salties"), in which he plays the trumpet.
Consoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4, PC

Screenshot: Amazon

Now, compare that with Joker. The film gives us a really beautiful, to my mind, line about living with mental illness: “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.” But from behind the scenes there are comments like this one from Todd Phillips in the LA Times:

“Me and Scott and Joaquin, we never talked about what he has — I never wanted to say, ‘He’s a narcissist and this and that,’” Phillips said. “I didn’t want Joaquin as an actor to start researching that kind of thing. We just said, ‘He’s off.’ I don’t even know that he’s mentally ill. He’s just left-footed with the world.”

Those italics are mine, by the way. Screen Rant posits that Arthur Fleck’s incongruous laughter is caused by Pseudobulbar Affect, a condition that tends to set in after a person suffers a head injury. Once Arthur begins researching his mother, he learns that he was battered about the head by one of her boyfriends, so this could check out, but the film exaggerates the condition far beyond how it actually plays out for people. It also cherry-picks the condition by focusing on Arthur’s laughter, when he’d probably cry uncontrollably as well—but obviously it’s way cooler for the Joker to laugh when he doesn’t mean to, it’s just so much freakier than a man who can’t stop sobbing, right? The other option is that Arthur’s exhibiting the Emotional Disregulation that can result from bipolar, borderline personality disorder, PTSD—any of which could also fit Arthur’s behavior.

Stand: Costco CEO Craig Jelinek refused to open on Thanksgiving Day
Notable newcomers to the list include Cameron Mackintosh, the first theater producer to enter the ranks, WeWork's Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey and Pinterest's Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp.
In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see. 我一生的梦想就是能看到成群的野生动物,茂盛的丛林和大片的雨林中到处是鸟类和蝴蝶在飞舞。但是现在我想知道我们这些小孩是否还能再看到它们?
Intel welcomes its new employees to the company by rolling out the red carpet -- literally -- once a quarter. During the first day of orientation, hires walk along a pathway lined with Intel Studios' photographers and videographers before introducing themselves onstage and receiving their welcome packages (and a round of applause from an audience of new colleagues).
Mr Mallaby’s 800-page book was published in October by Bloomsbury and Penguin Press, and was hailed as “exceptional” in an FT review. It came up against strong competition from five other shortlisted books tackling the world’s critical economic and management challenges — from the US productivity gap to persistent gender imbalances.
In the month since her death, police have not said whether she accidentally pulled the trigger or was shot by someone else in the room.
年少轻狂时,我们事事都乐于尝试。因为觉得自己一无所有而不惧怕失去。也正因如此,我们有时会在不知不觉中走上一条不归路。   WE want to try a little of everything
There is a salary gap of nearly 22 per cent between male and female graduates three years after they finished their courses, $90,000 compared to $73,000. That gap had been 17 per cent whenstudents first graduated, so thisdifference has widened over time(see chart).
After being named Esquire's "Sexiest Women Alive" in October and Details' "Most F*ckable Celebrity" last month, the gorgeous 29-year-old has now snagged another honor: FHM's "Sexiest Woman In The World 2013," beating 99 other ladies and countless more who didn't even make the list.
For the first time in six years, a new challenger has topped the FT’s ranking of executive MBA programmes.
Here are the news events that the search engine Baidu says most captured Internet users' attention in 2015:
Although Facebook is blocked in China, Tencent has linked WeChat to Facebook, which means that users outside of China can use the service in conjunction with the world's most popular social network. That is a boon for WeChat in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, which have large numbers of Facebook users. Tencent has offered WeChat in languages for all three markets.

Now a cocktail of seven different drugs from that first generation? Obviously they wouldn’t all be antipsychotics, but they’re still going to be quite strong, and have heavy side effects. Yet Arthur is able to get up each day and go to work, care for his mom, and work on his stand-up act with seemingly no hiccups. And again, if the film was trying to hint toward Arthur being somewhat superhuman, it would have been quite easy for someone to comment on how unusual his dosage was. The film does edge toward him being slightly supernatural, as he’s beaten up and hit by cars multiple times only to shake off his injuries, and later seems to have an eerie ability to evade the police even after committing multiple murders—but the movie doesn’t commit to that in the way that the Nolan/Ledger Joker commits to being, well, a chaos demon. Joker doesn’t want to commit to him having an identifiable diagnosis, or seven researchable prescriptions, so the illnesses can remain as Screen Rant says, “convenient plot devices.” It can continue to use his mental health as a nebulous stand-in for social ills.

How you think about your workbeing very popular in the west?
vt. (烹饪时把鱼
7.You Haven't Gotten a Raise in the Last Two Years
While a way must be found to aggregate those views, it will always be defective.
vt. 包含,容纳,克制,抑制
The list features several ineffective passwords that have, for some reason, long maintained their hold among internet users.
值得注意的是,本年度传播假消息之首的网站域名当属“” 在十一月的一次Verge的采访中,伊利诺伊州大学信息科学学院的Nicole A. Cooke教授引用了一个假新闻网站上的消息,这个假新闻网站使用的是危险和普遍的策略,即域名和真网站看上去只有微小的区别。他们让消息源从第一眼看上去具备真实性。管理的人告诉华盛顿邮报,他相信他的网站在特朗普大选期间充当了一个重要的因素。
In this emotional comedic drama, a selfish car dealer named Charlie Babbitt learns that he has a brother after his estranged father dies. He is upset to learn that said brother, Raymond, received his father's $3 million estate despite living with severe autism that has left him in a mental institution. Charlie learns that Raymond is a savant with outstanding capabilities for mental math and takes advantage of this skill by using Raymond to count cards in Vegas.
2. American shale.By the end of 2014, the U.S. was producing more than 9 million barrels of oil per day, an 80 percent increase from 2007. That output went a long way to creating a glut of oil, which helped send oil prices to the dumps in 2014. Having collectively shot themselves in the foot, the big question is how affected U.S. drillers will be by sub-$60 WTI. Rig counts continue to fall, spending is being slashed, but output has so far been stable. Whether the industry can maintain output given today’s prices or production begins to fall will have an enormous impact on international supplies, and as a result, prices.

Leah Schnelbach would maybe participate in a social uprising if Arthur Everest was the leader. Arthur Fleck, less so. Come dance down the steps with them on Twitter!


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