Plan of the Month: Get Lean in 4 Weeks, Week 3

Plan of the Month: Get Lean in 4 Weeks, Week 3

Note from the Editor: Mike Simone

Each month, will select one trainer and a four week training program of their choice. Each week you’ll receive the training protocol for that week. This month, Dan Trink, C.S.C.S, owner of and Director of Personal Training Operations at Peak Performance NYC provides a 4 week program for leaning down.

What’s New in Week Three?

Once again we are increasing the density (amount of work done in a specific amount of time) of the workout by keeping the reps high and decreasing the rest time. Volume is also increasing as you’ll now be performing 4 sets of all circuits. Challenge yourself by trying to keep or slightly increase (by approximately 5%) all of the loads being used.

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MONDAY: Strength Training

A1 Goblet Squat 4 15 20 sec
A2 Seated Curl to Press 4 15 20 sec
A3 DB Step Ups 4 15/s 20 sec
A4 Jump Rope 4 90 sec 60 sec
B1 Seated Cable Row 4 15 20 sec
B2 Sumo Deadlift 4 15 20 sec
B3 Single Arm Cable Chest 4 15/s 20 sec
B4 Sprint * 4 100 yards 60 sec
FIN Kettlebell Swings * use intra-set rest as needed. 1 100


TUESDAY: Intervals

5 minute warm ups

10, 2-minute intervals [60 seconds ‘work’, 60 seconds ‘recovery’ as described above]

5 minutes cool down

WEDNESDAY – Strength Training

A1 Incline DB Bench Press 4 15 20 sec
A2 Barbell Back Squat 4 15 20 sec
A3 Single Arm Cable Row 4 15/s 20 sec
A4 Farmer’s Walk 4 60 yards 60 sec
B1 Romanian Deadlift 4 15 20 sec
B2 Lat Pull Down 4 15 20 sec
B3 Alternating Lunge 4 15/s 20 sec
B4 Rowing Machine 4 300 meters 60 sec
FIN Jump Rope 1 5 minutes

THURSDAY: Intervals

5 minute warm ups


5 minutes cool down

FRIDAY: Strength Training

A1 Trap Bar Deadlift 4 15 20 sec
A2 Dips ** 4 15 20 sec
A3 Alternating Step Back Lunge 4 15/s 20 sec
A4 Kettlebell Swing 4 25 60 sec
B1 Chin Up ** 4 15 20 sec
B2 Stability Ball Hamstring Curl 4 15 20 sec
B3 Single Arm DB Overhead Press 4 15/s 20 sec
B4 Bike Sprint  4 90 seconds 60 sec
FIN Rowing Machine 1 1000 meters

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SATURDAY: Intervals

5 minute warm ups

10, 2-minute intervals [60 seconds ‘work’, 60 seconds ‘recovery’ as described above]

5 minutes cool down


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Program Introduction

This exact moment is a critical time for your physique. Sure, your abs may have suffered a little damage when you overdid it on the cornbread stuffing and pecan pie at Thanksgiving. But, on the other hand, you have yet to pack on the extra pounds from all the holiday parties, office baked goods and drinks with your buddies that always come around at Christmastime.

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We will maintain ethical conduct and moral integrity at all times.
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The Method Behind The Metabolic Madness

When it comes to a fat loss program there are two critical factors. The first is to utilize demanding exercises that increase the heart rate. Therefore, you won’t find any seated biceps curls or hip abduction machines in the this program. Second is to keep the rest periods relatively short and to actually adhere to them. In other words, you can’t allow yourself to get distracted by the hot girl in the tight yoga pants banging out a set in the squat rack or the latest weather bulletin on your cell phone and extend your rest periods. Keep an eye on the clock at all times. You are going to be performing circuits which alternate between upper and lower body movements (again, to drive up the metabolic demand) while keeping the reps fairly high. This means that, if you’ve been training for strength or even mass, the weight selection will have to be a bit lighter than usual to accommodate.

Incorporating Intervals

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