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American Jesus: Film Review

American Jesus Poster - P 2013

American Jesus Poster - P 2013

Occasionally interesting material doesn't enlighten anyone who pays attention to religion and culture.

Aram Garriaga collects the most exotic breeds of Christian he can find in the U.S.

A tour through some of the stranger corners of modern Christianity, Aram Garriga's American Jesus is interested not in the Messiah but in the endless odd ways people try to spread his word. Too broadly focused to go deep (and jumbled once it does find something to explore in depth), the doc unearths plenty of subjects who'd make good fodder for stand-alone TV interviews (though it's considerably more sympathetic to them than a Daily Show correspondent would be) but finds little meaning in them as a group. Theatrical prospects are slim, though curiosity may draw some viewers to VOD.

Sixty-one percent of Chinese college students who graduated in 2014 are satisfied with their current jobs, a survey has revealed.
While newcomer to the list Ariel Foxman, who was appointed managing editor at Time Inc.’s In Style in September 2008, isn’t a regular on a television show as of yet, his fashion director Hal Rubenstein is now a judge onLifetime’s Blush: The Search for the Next Great Make-up Artist. And Foxman’s publication led the way in number of advertising pages, boasting over 1,000 during the first half of 2009.
7. The 2012 Ig Nobel Physics Prize
Recent years have seen a return of the bacterial infection, reaching numbers not seen since the 1960s, with admissions for a primary diagnosis more than doubling between 2010/11 and 2017/18, from 429 to more than 1,300.

Interviews with authors Mara Einstein and Douglas Rushkoff make interesting points about the branding of religion and its evolution in a capitalist society. But these are quickly discarded in favor of more familiar material: Long sections with Frank Schaeffer rehash how right-leaning politicians co-opted the revulsion Fundamentalists feel toward abortion for their own cynical purposes. This narrative dominates the film's second half, but is weirdly intertwined with unrelated material about junkie-turned-pastor Phil Aguilar. Bouncing between them and other subjects, the film becomes a hodgepodge that will enlighten few viewers.

? President Obama declared a "major disaster" in New York and New Jersey. Flooding devastated the coast and more than 2.3 million lost power. The National Guard rescued hundreds from flooding in New Jersey. The governor, Chris Christie, a Republican, said the damage was "unthinkable". He praised the "outstanding" co-operation he had received from Obama.

Director-editor: Aram Garriga


President Barack Obama won re-election to a second term in the White House on Tuesday, television networks projected, beating Republican challenger Mitt Romney after a long and bitter campaign。

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Music: Zlaya Loud, Erisian

Not Rated, 77 minutes