You would think that living in the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen, we could all figure out how to have enough and be happy. However we live in a world polarized between the perceived “haves” and “have nots”. As many “Occupy” folks will point out, the vast amount of the wealth is controlled by a disproportionate 1% of the few, while “Occupy” detractors have pointed out that virtually anybody living in America makes up the 1% when you consider the population of the entire world.

The exchanges revealed there is little major difference between the two in term of their approach to security and foreign affairs. On Iran both vowed it will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Rommey said he would introduce more stringent sanctions; Obama said they were already as stringent as they could possibly be.
Although the average punctuality rate of the surveyed airports rose 7% year-on-year to 70.4% in 2016, the average delay time was 33 minutes.
A Chinese Poet’s Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity
Chinese imports fell 18.8 per cent in October from the same month a year earlier, a slight improvement from the 20.4 per cent year-on-year fall in September. Sharply lower prices of oil and other commodities also helped scythe the bill.
有时候,人们误以为这种冷静是缺乏紧迫感,而在瞬息万变的科技业,紧迫感至关重要。许多人对于Apple Watch今年还未上市感到失望。但分析师表示,苹果的风格就是一定要等到产品至臻完美,这常常会带来更强劲的长期业绩。三星(Samsung)的智能手表已推出第六代,但至今没有真正大火起来,其今年的智能手机销量也大幅下挫。

One of the economic sectors people focus on is unemployment; once again a measure whose importance or status depends on your perspective. But one unemployment factor never seen before is allowing us to rethink The American Dream from a different perspective: people leaving the workforce outright. And not just retirees, but young people who are starting their own little sustenance jobs and working for themselves, or living off of previously-accumulated wealth for years by conservation. Some of these folks work part time, and decide to spend the rest of the time with their family, or exploring the world around them instead of slaving away at the traditional 40 hour work week.

For previous generations, the only way that people would measure that “Are you better off?” question was by their personal wealth and material possessions. Now people are realizing that the wealth they were working to accumulate was at the expense of their life experience, their family life, their natural propensity as humans to explore, and many times, at the expense of their health. So many folks are deciding to go with less to get more out of life, and so even though the answer to the “Are you better off?” question economically is “no,” the answer to the general question is “yes!”

This is the sixth edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject, featuring a record-breaking 42 disciplines, making it the largest-ever ranking of the kind. The expert opinion of the world's top 76,798 academics and 44,426 employers informed the results, alongside the analysis of 28.5 million research papers and over 113 million citations sourced from the Scopus/Elsevier bibliometric database, said QS.
She has also performed on Jimmy Kimmel and The Ellen Show - not bad for someone who hasn't even hit adolescence.
4. Cook
6. 《火星救援》(The Martian)。在布满红色岩石的山坡与丘陵之间,雷利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)这部非常令人满意的太空西部片既源自一个历史悠久的类型,也源自他的殿堂级遗产。

"As a native of Shaanxi, I found Sun played the role well. She jumps and runs wildly, just like a typical young naughty Shaanxi girl," a netizen Xuelili said.

Henda Ayari created a storm when she denounced radical Islam. Now, inspired by the #MeToo campaign, she has accused an Oxford professor of rape.
With China now not only “fully integrated”, but perhaps starting to retreat from this position as it brings more of its supply chain onshore, unless Africa can succeed in following China’s path, he adds: “I think we are going back now to a situation where we don’t think there is any particular reason for trade to grow faster than GDP.”
HOW MUCH: $2,050,000
Its selection of Mr Trump neither accords with the votes cast in the election nor reflects judgment of the candidate’s merits, as desired by Alexander Hamilton.

China's Booming Cyberstar Economy Might Hit $8.7b in 2016
单词encourage 联想记忆:
2. American shale.By the end of 2014, the U.S. was producing more than 9 million barrels of oil per day, an 80 percent increase from 2007. That output went a long way to creating a glut of oil, which helped send oil prices to the dumps in 2014. Having collectively shot themselves in the foot, the big question is how affected U.S. drillers will be by sub-$60 WTI. Rig counts continue to fall, spending is being slashed, but output has so far been stable. Whether the industry can maintain output given today’s prices or production begins to fall will have an enormous impact on international supplies, and as a result, prices.

Usain Bolt was the most searched-for non-UK Olympian.

n. 理解力,智力