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A Secretária Municipal de Saúde de Uberaba (SMS-URA), através da Vigilância Sanitária Municipal, interditou o Sanatório Espírita da cidade do Triângulo Mineiro (Serviço Integrado de Saúde Dona Maria Modesto Cravo) devido a uma série de irregularidades.  Por meio de nota, a SMS-URA divulgou que o Sanatório reportou, através de e-mail, possível quadro de surto da COVID-19 com requisição de suspensão imediata das internações. “A própria instituição solicitou a imediata suspensão das internações hospitalares alegando falta de condições sanitárias para atendimento de novas internações”, diz a nota. O local, que conta com 11 pacientes, continua aberto, mas impossibilitado de receber novas internações.

O Sanatório Espírita de Uberaba foi inaugurado em 1933 © Sanatório Espírita de Uberaba/Reprodução O Sanatório Espírita de Uberaba foi inaugurado em 1933

Audrey Zhang, a fifth-grader from Levittown, N.Y., is the winner of this year's Doodle 4 Google competition, rising to the top of some 100,000 entries on the theme of "draw one thing to make the world a better place."
Anti-dumping cases were much easier to bring in the US than in the EU where companies first had to pass a public interest test.
The report notes that China's game developers have been considering subscription models since earlier this year. Among the top 10 games, four are subscription-based titles and two were commercially launched this year, including Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd.'s (SNDA) major new title, AION. The says that a shift to the subscription model would be more likely to create a sense of equity and fairness in the games, because the top players would be those who spend the most time playing, instead of those who spend the most.
We will continue to transform government function.
今年2月的时候,玛蒂与希雅和克里斯汀?韦格(Kristen Wiig)一起担任2015格莱美音乐颁奖典礼(Grammy Awards)的表演嘉宾。当时金?卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)和坎耶?韦斯特(Kanye West)坐在前排观看了这个表演。
In the foreseeable future, China will see the boom of enterprises in tertiary industry. Related majors, including law, journalism and communication, and management, are expected to play a bigger role, according to the report.
Large technology companies were criticised throughout 2017 for becoming too powerful, using their size to dominate markets and not paying enough attention to how the tools they create can be used for ill.
Li Jianmin, from the local Public Security Bureau, told Xinhua news agency, quoted by the South China Morning Post: 'The entire processing facility had a fishy and foul smell. You just couldn't stand it after one or two minutes.'
“If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy,” he wrote in Bloomberg Businessweek in October.
Nothing else matters, not even basic astronomy.

Sanatório não tem cobertura médica 24h A Secretária de Saúde de Uberaba informou que houve ocorrências ainda mais graves envolvendo o Sanatório Espírita, como abertura de investigação por parte do Ministério Público Estadual de possível óbito por desassistência; manifestação do próprio Hospital de que não poderia, reiteradas vezes, receber pacientes para novas internações todos os dias da semana, uma vez que não possuía médicos presenciais em todos os horários; relatório do Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU) dando conta de que fez vários atendimentos dentro do hospital psiquiátrico em situações clínicas graves, sendo pelo menos uma dessas sem a presença de médico do hospital no local. Além da falta de médicos, a Secretária de Saúde de Uberaba também identificou no local ausência de registros de evolução multiprofissional em prontuários, diariamente (alguns semanais e outros feitos à lápis); falta de equipamentos para suporte e manutenção da vida em casos graves de parada cardíaca, por exemplo; presença de animais no interior das alas de internações e demais áreas hospitalares; ausência de medicamentos para suporte imediato à vida, ausência de protocolos efetivos e plano terapêutico implementado interdisciplinares; total inexistência de controle de infecção hospitalar e inexistência de proposições efetivas para segurança dos pacientes, no sentido de impedimento de quedas e agressões (algumas registradas, inclusive, com necessidade de transferência de pacientes, em situação grave para outras instituições). Diante da série de problemas, a SMS-URA, propôs ao hospital um plano de trabalho em que providencie sanar os mais graves apontamentos para que seja feito repasse financeiro próprios para uso no enfrentamento da COVID-19, como foi sugerido pelo Ministério Público de Minas Gerais.  “Como também ressaltado pelo próprio Ministério Público, há necessidade de apresentação de plano operacional por parte do próprio hospital, mediante as condicionantes apresentadas pela SMS, de acordo com os apontamentos da VISA Municipal, da Diretoria de Atenção Psicossocial, do Complexo Regulador Municipal e demais órgãos técnicos envolvidos”, informou nota da SMS-URA.

2016年新增人民币贷款12.65万亿 同增9257亿元

Investors in emerging markets need no reminder of the importance for EM assets of the US Federal Reserve — or do they?

Americans are celebrating Columbus Day Monday.Columbus Day is a federal holiday observed on the second Monday in October, marking the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. Columbus, an Italian explorer sailing under the Spanish flag, led four expeditions to the New World, but never accomplished his original goal -- to find a western ocean route to Asia. Instead, Columbus ushered in a new era in world history by opening up the Americas to exploration.

Nevertheless, as New Yorkers grow accustomed to a sharing economy, buildings might ultimately have to embrace it.

9. 《奎迪》(Creed),导演:瑞恩·库格勒(Ryan Coogler)。
25 July
However Mr Kwon warned that young people should be cautious when seeking such operations.
Further, 32 out of the 50 new selected female billionaires started their businesses from scratch.
Peer review is an evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to those who produce the work, which helps validate research.

CONTACT: Kathy Michalove, Seaboard Properties, (860) 535-8364;
3. Feng Shui
美联储政策中任何意外举动的潜在影响,在2013年的“缩减恐慌”(taper tantrum)中表露无遗,当时,仅是美联储可能很快缩减其超宽松货币政策力度的暗示就足以引发一波全球恐慌。
"While most Chinese brands remain unknown to the outside world, within China they are establishing themselves with ever more sophisticated campaigns," said Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report chairman and chief researcher.

This year they looked at the use of negative strategies such as anger or stonewalling responses to conflict, and found that these predicted health-related changes over time in specific ways.
The drama and the original game have a large fan base and enjoy great popularity in China, and even elsewhere in Asia.
adj. 现代风格的,流行的,潇洒的

Blake Griffin's high school appearance isn't that far off from how he looks today. Just add some hair and some size to his biceps, and you've got Blake Griffin today.

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A study cited in an article from Harvard University suggests your diet could have a significant impact on your memory as you age. Scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital published a study within the "Annals of Neurology" that suggested women who ate high levels of saturated fat in foods like red meat and butter didn't perform as well on memory tests than women who regularly consumed less saturated fat. Researchers haven't yet discovered the connection between saturated fat and memory, but they hypothesize it could have something to do with a person's genes. Scientists and doctors have long recommended that patients work to control their cholesterol levels as they age to protect the memory during the aging process.

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