Benefits of Healthcare Information Technology


With so many advances in technology, it isn’t surprising that healthcare IT has revolutionized the healthcare industry. 告别零和游戏 互联网助力家装行业步入共赢时代 supports the maintenance and management of health information in electronic formats, enabling doctors and healthcare professionals to have immediate access to their patients’ medical information.

Technology has given a boost to the field of health informatics, which is a combination of healthcare, information technology and business. Several top universities now offer dedicated healthcare IT certification. Among these schools, the Online Masters of Health Informatics Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) did a comprehensive study of how information technology is influencing the healthcare industry. Some of the points from the study are highlighted below.

The Shift to Healthcare IT

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What Do Health Informatics Professionals Do?

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Primary Areas of Healthcare Informatics

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Benefits of Healthcare Informatics to Healthcare Professionals

  • Financial Benefits: It is estimated that about 50% of healthcare finances are wasted due to inefficient processes. Studies have shown that the financial benefits of implementing healthcare IT for electronic records of large hospitals in the US has been between $37M and $59M in a period of five years.
  • Lower Cases of Malpractice Claims: A study of 189 Massachusetts medical practices indicated that the number of malpractice claims dropped from 49 to 2 after starting the use of electronic health records.
  • Faster Lab Results: Over 75% of laboratory clinicians claimed that using electronic health records allowed them to receive lab results faster than through the conventional method.
  • Faster Turnaround: Facilities using healthcare IT systems are able to fully audit patient records in 1.4 hours as compared to 3.9 hours through paper auditing systems.
  • Time Savings: Over 82% healthcare professionals reported that electronic prescriptions save time and reduce efforts.


Benefits of Healthcare IT for Patients

  • Ease of Access: Revolutionizing healthcare IT has enabled patients to have direct access to their personal health records. This helps patients in being informed and involved in their healthcare. Additionally, healthcare informatics systems help patients manage their own care better.
  • More Preferable than Paper Logs: Type 1 diabetes patients are required to maintain a log of their glucose and insulin levels. 34% of these patients find it more preferable to use electronics logs in place of paper logs, and over 60% found it more interactive and fun to use.


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