Ergdata (Concept2)
If you’re a Concept2 user, this is a great app to help track your workouts. It connects directly to your Concept2 logbook, so you can upload your workout easily when you finish. It’s compatible with the PM3, PM4 and PM5 monitors from Concept2. It will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth for the PM5 monitor, but you’ll need to buy the cable to connect to the PM3 or PM4 monitors. Free download and use.  IOS and Android compatible. 租房的金融创新 是天使还是魔鬼

This app will connect to your Concept2 rowing machine and track your workout. It gives visual feedback and shows your progress. It can connect wirelessly to the PM5 monitor, or you can purchase an ‘ergstick’ to connect easily to the PM3 or PM4 monitors. It’s a nice solution to avoid using a cable connection. Free to download, with in-app paid upgrades. IOS and Android compatible.

If you’re looking for a low-tech app compatible with all types of rowing machines, this is your solution. You have to manually enter the data, but it will track your workouts and show you progress over time. And, you don’t have to worry about connecting it to your monitor. 0.99 $ to download, IOS compatible. 净水市场成家电业高增长独苗 将掀起洗牌大潮

A new app on the scene, RowVigor offers video workouts both on and off the rowing machine. The instructors in the video give technique and training tips. You can pair the app with a Concept2 PM5 monitor and it will track your progress, or follow the video workout on any indoor rowing machine. Free to download. IOS and Android compatible.

RP3 Rowing App
If you’re an RP3 user, the app options are more limited. RP3 has developed their own app that is currently only compatible with android. It connects with the RP3 machine to provide real-time insights into your workout. It records and displays your force curve, speed, stroke rate and more. Connection via cable required. 北京今年将实现GDP增长6.5%左右目标

If you’re a Garmin-user, you can connect your Concept2 PM5 machine to your Garmin device with this device-specific app. It will allow you to display your rowing data on your Garmin device. Nearly four in 10 US residents say the severity of recent natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy is evidence the world is coming to an end, as predicted by the Bible, while more than six in 10 blame it on climate change, according to a poll released on Thursday.

This IOS app will link to your Concept2 rowing machine. It allows you to choose a workout and will then programme the monitor for you. At the end, it will save your data and give you an analysis of your performance. It also connects to your Strava account. Wireless connection to PM5 monitor, cable connection to PM3 and PM4 monitors. Free to download, login required, in-app paid upgrades. IOS compatible. Android coming soon.