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Garlic – Allium sativum

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Garlic Quick Facts
Name: Garlic
Scientific Name: Allium sativum
Origin Central Asia
Colors Whitish-purplish
Shapes Globose to ovoid; Diameter: 6 cm (several cloves)
Taste Strong, pungent
Calories 13 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin B6 (8.54%)
Manganese (6.52%)
Vitamin C (3.11%)
Copper (3.00%)
Selenium (2.36%)
Health benefits Treat urinary tract infections, Antioxidant activity, Eliminate contaminants, Prevent buildup of plaque, Reduce blood pressure
(Allium sativum) also known as Wild Garlic or Field Garlic is a vegetable and most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium L.  A perennial plant, native to Central Asia but is widely grown as an annual plant. Garlic is in the family Liliaceae, to which also belong leek, shallot, onion, rakkyo and chive.

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Nutritional Value

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Health Benefits of Garlic

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  1. Treat urinary tract infections

The extract of Garlic could be effective to treat the urinary tract infections that are related to pathogenic bacteria. The researchers reported that the extracts of garlic have good effect against the multidrug resistant strains. Garlic is used to treat the various diseases since ancient times. The microorganisms such as protozoa, fungi, bacteria and virus are perceptive to garlic preparations. Garlic possess the antimicrobial factors such as Allicin and sulphur compounds. (1)

  1. Antioxidant activity

Allicin is the organic compound which acts as an antioxidant against various health ailments.  Vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 helps to prevent the damage caused by free radicals. (2)

  1. Eliminate contaminants

Diallyl sulfide and ajoene are the two compounds that reduce the chances of contamination in the production of infant powder. It is effective for the mothers who can’t breastfeed. The dose of these compounds effectively kills C.sakazakii in the manufacturing process of food. It has the ability to prohibit the pathogen. C.sakazakii can affect the baby’s blood stream and results to the life threatening conditions. (3)

  1. Prevent buildup of plaque

Garlic can reverse the buildup of plaque in the arteries and prevent the development of heart disease. It could slow down the process of atherosclerosis. The daily intake of garlic extract can slow down the accumulation of plaque by 80% and lessen soft plaque. The study shows that the garlic extract reduced the soft plaque in the arteries having metabolic syndrome. (4)

  1. Reduce blood pressure

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  1. Prevent food borne illness

The compounds found in Garlic have the ability to reduce the bacteria that are found in the food. The bacterium known as Campylobacter is the cause for health ailments such as cramping, diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain. The bacteria are also responsible Guillain-Barre syndrome which is a paralyzing disorder. The compounds found in Garlic is much effective than the antibiotics to counteract Campylobacter bacterium which is the cause for intestinal illness. (5)

  1. Heart health

Garlic was used for medicinal purposes during ancient times. The consumption of garlic helps to lower the cholesterol levels and blood pressure that lowers the risk of heart disease.  It also promote the immune system and counteracts cancer. Raw garlic is much effective than sprouted garlic. The compounds which are found in green plants prevent it against pathogens. The garlic extracts protects the cells from being damage. Sprouting improves the potential of garlic antioxidants. (6)

  1. Fights bacteria

Garlic possesses a substance which effectively counteracts the bacterial strains. The potent chemical compound found in garlic counteracts the resistant bacteria by paralyzing its communication system. It prevents from the toxin rhamnolipid secretion that can destroy white blood cells which are vital for immune defense system. (7)

  1. Helps fibrosis patients

Garlic prevents the lung infections in the people with cystic fibrosis. Allicin forbid the bacteria growth if garlic is taken at high dose. It also eliminates the pathogens. Allicin deactivates the Bcc bacteria and interrupts the biological process within the pathogen cells which helps to destroy them. (8)

Traditional uses     

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  • Garlic, fenugreek and onion are used in Persian folklore medicine to treat diabetes.
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  • People who are allergic to garlic are also sensitive to onions, chives, garden lilies, leeks, ginger, shallots, and bananas.
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How to Eat   

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  • Raw garlic might be pickled.
  • The garlic cooked or fried are used in stir-fries with seafood, meat, eggs, soups, noodles, and stews, curries, pastas, pizzas and sauces.
  • 2014年是中国建材业的重大分水岭
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Garlic – Allium sativum Facts

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Name Garlic
Scientific Name Allium sativum
Native Central Asia
Common/English Name American Field Garlic, British Field Garlic, American Wild Garlic, Field Garlic, Garlic, British Wild Garlic, Poor Mans Treacle, Nectar Of The Gods, Sand Leek, Rocambole, Wild Garlic, Stinking Rose
Name in Other Languages Albanian: Hudhra;
Arabic:, Fom;
Aramaic: Tum;
Armenian: Sxtor;
Austria: Knoblauch;
Azeri: Sarimsaq;
Basque: Barahatz;
Belarusian: Časnok;
Belgium: Knofl ook;
Brazil (Portuguese): Alho-Comum;
Breton: Kignen;
Bulgarian: Chesun;
Burmese: Chyet Thon Phew;
Chinese: Suan;
Coptic: Skorton;
Croatian: Bijeli Luk;
Czech: Česnek Kuchyňský Pravý;
Danish: Slangehvidløg;
Dutch: Knofl ook;
Estonian: Küüslauk;
Esperanto: Ajlo;
Finnish: Valkosipuli;
French: Ail Blanc;
Frisian: Knyfl ok;
Georgian: Niori;
German: Knoblauch;
Gaelic: Gairgean;
Greek: Skordo;
Hausa: Tafarnuwa;
Hebrew: Shum;
Hungarian: Fokhagyma;
Icelandic: Hvítlaukur;
Assamese: Rosun,
Bengali: Rasun,
Bodo:, Chambram Gufur,
Dhivehi: Lonumedhu,
Dogri: Thom,
Gujarati: Lassun,
Hindi: Lasan,
Kannada: Bellulli,
Khasi: Rynsun,
Maithili:  Lasun,
Malayalam: Poondu,
Manipuri: Chanam,
Marathi: Lasun,
Mizo: Purunvar,
Oriya: Rasuna,
Punjabi: Lasun,
Sanskrit: Ugragandha,
Tamil: Poondu,
Telugu: Tellapya,
Tulu: Bellulli,
Urdu: Lahasan;
Madurese: Bhabang Poté,
Malay: Bawang Putih,
Sundanese: Bawang Bodas
Irish: Gairleog;
Italian: Aglio;
Japanese: Nin-Niku;
Kashmiri: Romahan;
Kazakh: Sarimsaq;
Khmer: Khtüm Sââ;
Korean: Ma Nul;
Laotian: Pak Thiam;
Latvian: Ķiploki;
Lithuanian: Česnakas;
Macedonian: Luk;
Malaysia: Bawang Putih;
Maltese: Tewm;
Mongolian: Sarmis;
Nepali: Lasun;
Nepalbhasa: Labha;
Norwegian: Kvitlauk;
Papiamento: Konofl ó;
Papua New Guinea: Galik;
Persian: Sir;
Bisaya: Ahus,
Tagalog: Bawang,
Polish: Czosnek,
Portuguese: Alho Comum
Provençal: Aiet,
Romanian: Usturoi
Russian: Esnok;
Serbian: Češnjak;
Slovašcina: Luk-Česen;
Slovencina: Cesnak Kuchynský;
Spanish: Ajo;
Sri Lanka (Sinhalese): Lashunaa;
Swahili: Kitunguu Saumu;
Swedish: Vitlök;
Swiss: Ail;
Tajik: Sir;
Thai: Hom-Tiam;
Tibetan: Sgog Skya;
Tigrinya: Shegurti Tseda;
Turkish (Adi): Sarımsağı;
Turkmen: Sarymsy;
Twi: Gyene Kankan;
Ukrainian: Chasnyk Horodni;
Uzbek: Sarimsoq;
Vietnamese: Tỏi;
Welsh: Garlleg;
Yiddish: Knobl
Plant Growth Habit Erect annual herb, bulbous
Soil Well-drained
Plant Size 30–60 cm
Leaf Linear-lanceolate, flat, grey-green
Flower Hermaphrodite,  green-white or pinkish
Cloves shape & size Globose to ovoid; Diameter: 6 cm (several cloves)
Cloves color Whitish-purplish
Cloves peel Papery
Flavor/aroma Pungent, spicy
Cloves taste Strong, pungent
  • Australian White
  • Glenlarge
  • Italian White
  • Monaro Purple
  • 2016年越南LED照明市场规模将达3.48亿美元
Major Nutritions (Raw) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.111 mg (8.54%)
Manganese, Mn 0.15 mg (6.52%)
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 2.8 mg (3.11%)
Copper, Cu 0.027 mg (3.00%)
Selenium, Se 1.3 µg (2.36%)
Carbohydrate 2.98 g (2.29%)
Phosphorus, P 14 mg (2.00%)
Iron, Fe 0.15 mg (1.88%)
Calcium, Ca 16 mg (1.60%)
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 0.018 mg (1.50%)
Health Benefits
  • Treat urinary tract infections
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Eliminate contaminants
  • Prevent buildup of plaque
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Prevent food borne illness
  • Heart health
  • Fights bacteria
  • Helps fibrosis patients
Calories in 3 cloves (9 gm) Raw 13 Kcal.
Other Facts
  • 智联招聘最近的一份调查报告显示,在参与调查的2016届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择创业的比例为仅仅只有3.1%,而2015年的比例是6.3%。
  • Renters
  • 教人买房成新职业 广州90后每小时收费可达800元
  • “压力山大”的行情下 家居建材行业如何“未雨绸缪”?
  • Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi Corp, agreed, describing the win as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
  • 发改委:放宽落户不等于放松楼市调控 防止房价大起大落




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