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‘America’s Got Talent’ winner Shin Lim finds a Strip home for his magical show

Shin Lim

The recent extension of Shin Lim's show Limitless at the Mirage comes as no surprise. The 28-year-old sleight of hand artist has consistently sold out Terry Fator Theatre since opening his engagement there over the summer. And considering that magic is having a moment in casino showrooms of various sizes, it makes sense that Lim—whose popularity exploded after he won twice on America's Got Talent—has found a home on the Strip.

"I couldn't ask for anything better," he tells the Weekly. "It's a dream come true for me not just as a magician but as an overall performer, to be in one spot and not have to travel. I'm very lucky to have this opportunity."

Another way to put it: Lim has been making his own luck. He's performing close-up magic and card tricks in a 1,256-seat theater at one of the most iconic properties on the Las Vegas Strip. If you haven't seen Limitless, the show's success might seem as mysterious as Lim's mind-boggling moves. It really is nothing like any other magic-based production in Vegas, mostly because Lim's precisely choreographed and thoughtfully soundtracked routines have a cinematic quality that distinguishes his performance. He doesn't rely on big illusions, but now that he'll be in the same room for a while—he's house-hunting in Vegas, too—Lim plans to add new elements to the show.

"We have some big changes for 2020, and we're going to try to evolve the show into something different," he says. "Right now the show has our core effects—the things I've done on AGT—but I want to do something different. I think 'experimental' is the best word to describe it."

Limitless also has a terrific secret weapon in Colin Cloud, a Scottish mentalist who isn't billed in the show's promotional materials but splits stage time with Lim and contrasts nicely with the headliner's style. The two entertainers have performed and toured together for years, but this marks the first time they have combined their individual acts in one show, and Cloud's comedic energy blends well with Lim's more serious and artistic presence.

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Lim doesn't claim to be a magician. He's trying to wow you, not necessarily to trick you. But there's no disputing that Limitless is on its way to becoming one of the most magical shows on the Strip.

SHIN LIM: LIMITLESS December 6-9 & 20-22, 7:30 p.m., $45-$250. Terry Fator Theatre, 702-792-7777.

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