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Réacteur, la lettre mensuelle de veille sur le SEO et les moteurs de recherche

Au sommaire ce mois-ci (Numéro 230 - Novembre 2020) :

Eleven James:


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We’ve all had them: bosses and managers who make our work lives terrible and couldn’t manage a stack of paper clips, let alone a team of employees. I’ve written about the traits that make for bad bosses before, and in that article, a thoughtful commenter came up with his own list of what makes a good boss。

The average entrepreneur uses dozens of cloud-based software and apps. Zapier connects your online life and helps you build new functionality. The best part about Zapier is that you don’t have to be an API wizard to use it.

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11月份北京公寓豪宅 成交量创新高


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Revue d’URL (Novembre 2020)

201202/172834.shtmlChinese entrepreneur Wang Xing stays in touch with a sister in California and an uncle in Australia through chat software that offers a glimpse of how China's Internet companies can compete globally.

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The only thing worse than being bad is being bad without a vision. Johnson never lacked vision as a player and he's off to a good start as an executive.

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Tencent has been helped by agreements to pre-install software with Chinese handset makers who sold increasing numbers of handsets abroad in recent years, particularly in emerging markets, according to Mr. Wang.