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Resources for Documentary Heritage Professionals


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Mobilizing the documentary heritage community amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Documentary heritage is an important resource for providing quality information and a historical perspective on how global health emergencies have been addressed in the past. UNESCO, through the Memory of the World (MoW) Programme, stands ready to support all Member States and memory institutions in their efforts to preserve and ensure public access to official records related to COVID-19. As part of this, we feature initiatives that harness the scientific, educational and artistic potential of documentary heritage to address the pandemic.

Turning the threat of COVID-19 into an opportunity for greater support to documentary heritage

Ethiopian poster illustrating the activities of the Smallpox Eradication Programme, 1970s. © WHO

UNESCO together with its partners has issued a statement, "Turning the threat of COVID-19 into an opportunity for greater support to documentary heritage" urging for greater support to documentary heritage during the COVID-19 crisis. It lays out four key areas of action for Member States, memory institutions as well as the greater public to ensure the effective use of documentary heritage in addressing the pandemic.

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Memory institutions worldwide are responding to COVID-19

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Li Xiaojin, a professor at Civil Aviation University of China's Economics and Management College, said that rapidly increasing numbers of flights and limited airspace for civil aviation are the major reasons for delays.

Effective preservation practices and resources


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  • 股市印花税收入暴增 房地产投资企稳
  • 其实,它体现在所有品牌上,它们把六七十年代的服装搬到当季店铺里,包括阿尔伯特·菲尔蒂(Alberta Ferretti)、璞琪(Pucci)和艾绰(Etro)。
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    'Cutie and the Boxer' was hardly noticed by the movie-going public, but a list of fine films isn't a rundown of box-office triumphs. The reach of Zachary Heinzerling's debut feature-length documentary is equaled by its grasp. On the surface it's about nothing more-or less-than a troubled marriage that has somehow managed to last 40 years. Beneath the surface, then startlingly out in the open, is a history of rivalry (both husband and wife are artists), enmity, reluctant devotion and, most startling of all, enduring love.
  • 佛山进行水污染整治 陶瓷行业名列其中
  • 最近,无人驾驶汽车的新闻屡见报端,它也叫做自动驾驶汽车。谷歌的自动驾驶汽车是此行业的领头羊,已行驶48万千米(30万英里),仅发生过两次交通事故,还都是人为因素造成的。事实上,无人驾驶汽车并不是新奇事物,早在达·芬奇发明以弹簧发条作驱动带内置预设程序的马车时,自动驾驶的概念便名噪一时。
  • 这是信仰的时代,也是怀疑的时代……
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  • 周日也就是张天羽的作品被谷歌展示的前一天,她接受纽约长岛报纸《新闻日》的采访,表示自己对获奖感到兴奋,但不会熬夜等自己的作品上线。
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  • Museums in Japan  - Japan Museums collect daily items to log pandemic history
  • The American Library Association - Handling Library Materials and Collections During a Pandemic
  • In response to Corona virus outbreak, the 假期房企未大规模推盘 楼市回暖销量未现井喷 made available online and for free, more than 400'000 documents, including manuscripts, old photos etc. 
  • The Art Newspaper - Museums are chronicling the coronavirus pandemic for future generations: The New-York Historical Society and others are soliciting donations of objects and ephemera to document the "unprecedented times in which we are now living".
  • Public Source is building a collaborative archive of life during COVID-19: Ongoing project showcasing the many narratives that are currently happening around the world observing and recording the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leveraging Technology

Learning from Past Pandemics (media)

Blog: In Living Memory: Making the Most of Documentary Heritage in COVID-19 Decision-making

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在MBA榜单上,伦敦商学院、INSEAD和西班牙企业商学院(IE Business School)毕业生的薪酬相差无几,只有几美元的差距。INSEAD的毕业生薪资最高,为15.5015万美元。
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