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How the music business is faring amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch’s single “The Box” is 2020’s biggest streaming hit so far.
(Scott Dudelson / Getty Images)

Anyone paying attention to the music industry knows that the COVID-19 pandemic has 湖北提速公租房分配 38万套公租房八成入住, thanks to the postponement of tours by the likes of the Rolling Stones and Kenny Chesney and the cancellation of festivals including Coachella and Bonnaroo.


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  • As in recent years, hip-hop and R&B unquestionably dominate the streaming market, with nine of the 10 most-consumed artists (including Drake, the Weeknd and Lil Uzi Vert) coming from those genres. And the 10th? Billie Eilish, whose brand of moody, beat-based pop draws deeply from rap.
Billie Eilish performing live in 2019 at the Hollywood Bowl
Billie Eilish performs at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2019.
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  • Verzuz, the series of Instagram Live beat battles curated by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, has done much the same during the pandemic, with Erykah Badu and Jill Scott seeing a 217% increase in streams after their bout and Beenie Man and Bounty Killer enjoying a 216% boost after theirs.
  • Most popular vehicle
    SETTING: Stonington is on Little Narragansett Bay in southeastern Connecticut, about an hour by car from Hartford and Providence, R.I., and three hours from New York City. Once a busy harbor with a long maritime history, the town remains home to a commercial fishing fleet, several historic districts of Colonial and Federal houses and a healthy sailing community. There’s a small public beach at the tip of town and another, much larger one in Watch Hill, R.I., about a 20-minute drive away. This Greek Revival house, with the requisite Ionic columns and a fan window in its pediment, is in the center of town.
    On Nov. 24 and 25, Sotheby’s auctioned the collection of the fourth-generation Munich dealer Konrad Bernheimer, who owns the historic London gallery Colnaghi. Mr. Bernheimer, 65, has decided to scale down his operations. He is closing his Munich gallery, selling his grand Bavarian home, Marquartstein Castle, and is merging Colnaghi with a fellow London dealer, Coll & Cortes.
    According to government sources, property sales in Hong Kong fell almost 40 per cent in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2015 — both in terms of price and volume. An index from the Rating and Valuation Department released this month showed the commercial sector was a particular casualty, with prices falling 5.7 per cent in May compared with the same month last year.
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    No.35 娜塔丽·波特曼娜塔丽·波特曼(Natalie Portman ,1981年6月9日-),出生在以色列,美国好莱坞著名女演员之一。她曾获得过金球奖,并获得奥斯卡奖提名。美国哈佛
  • 教育水平的提高,反映了我国教育体制的发展。教育部部长袁贵仁今年3月表示,根据对中国教育现状的自主探究显示,去年我国的总体教育发展水平要比世界平均水平更好。
    There are no such circuit breakers in Hong Kong where the H-share index of mainland equities fell less than 4 per cent on unremarkable volumes. One might have expected more of a bloodletting. Mainland retail investors participate in both markets — a function both of Stock Connect and a leaky system — and if you can’t sell what you would like, you sell what you can. Foreign H-share investors too might be presumed sellers, having been the most bearish on China’s economy. Yet yesterday, even as Shanghai opened down a further 3 per cent (before rebounding), Hong Kong’s H shares remained resilient.
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Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny
Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny in February.
(Chris Walker / For The Times)

  • Among Latin pop artists, Bad Bunny claims four of the year’s five most-streamed albums with his pair of 2020 solo releases, “YHLQMDLG” and “Las Que No Iban a Salir”; his 2019 duo record with J Balvin, “Oasis”; and his 2018 debut, “X100PRE.” (The remaining album on the list? Balvin’s “Colores.”)
  • Rose McGowan accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape this time last year, sparking an avalanche of allegations in the entertainment industry and beyond.
    The United States ranks No. 7 overall. The country with the largest economy in the world is also considered the most powerful. It ranks No. 3 in Entrepreneurship and No. 3 in Cultural Influence, as well.
    His mother says he is a scapegoat. 'This company is in the process of attempting to sue a 14-year-old child,' she wrote in the letter which has been shared online.
  • Kenny Rogers’ death on March 20 drove his classic songs “The Gambler” and “Islands in the Stream” to the top of the following week’s sales chart. Other artists whose songs grew in popularity after their deaths include John Prine and Bill Withers, both of whose streams went up more than 1,000%.
  • In terms of the volume of exports from emerging markets, Mr Baweja would not rule out growth of around 4-5 per cent. But while this would represent a modest improvement on recent years, growth at this rate would still be “in the bottom quartile over the long-term distribution, even maybe the second decile”, given that median growth has been about 7 per cent a year over the past 25 years.
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  • A year after “Old Town Road,” half of 2020’s 20 most-streamed singles took off at least in part as a result of going viral on TikTok, according to Nielsen. Among the songs to find success on the video-sharing app that made Lil Nas X a star: “The Box,” Drake’s “Toosie Slide,” Doja Cat’s “Say So” and Trevor Daniel’s “Falling.”