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What Types of Financial Jobs Are In Healthcare?

Health Care Financial JobsIf you find the financial and healthcare sectors to be interesting and want to pursue a career in both fields, you may have found yourself wondering what types of financial jobs in healthcare exist. Below you will find an answer to this question and several others that pertain to vocational options that pertain to finance within the field of healthcare.


Financial Jobs in Healthcare – A Brief Overview

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Types of Financial Jobs in Healthcare

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1. Healthcare Finance Manager

A healthcare finance manager is an individual who is responsible for the daily operations of a clinic, physicians' group practice, hospital, public health agency, and managed care organization. To accomplish this objective, they can practice financial analysis and reporting, contract reviews, compensation evaluation, and budgeting. Additionally, they direct investment activities and put together strategic plans to optimize cash management. Generally, healthcare finance managers will obtain a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a related field such as finance, accounting, and/or business management. While some employers may be satisfied with a bachelor's degree, many will require that job candidates obtain a master's degree. In some cases, an employer may even require the CPA designation. According to the 卖房人拒迁户口 买家怎么办?, a healthcare finance manager can expect to earn about $109,740 each year.

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A medical records and health information technician is an individual who organizes and manages health information by ensuring its accuracy, security, accessibility, and quality (in both electronic and paper systems). To accomplish these objectives, medical records and health information technicians utilize several classification systems to categorize and code patient data for registries, reimbursements, and to maintain records of the patients' treatment history. Individuals who wish to become a medical records and health information technician will generally need to obtain a postsecondary certificate in order to work within their field. Additionally, they may be able to obtain a position by earning an associate's degree. The 新华社:鼓励组织企业到西部地区建设产业园区 reports that individuals who work within this sector typically earn about $34,160 annually.

3. Accountant

Accountants who work for healthcare companies will typically work in conjunction with the Director of Finance to manage the organization's daily fiscal operations. Some of the responsibilities of the accountant can include maintaining ledger accounts and assisting with the management of monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial closings. The 欧司朗豪掷30亿欧元开拓新增长前景 reports that accountants earn a median salary of $63,550.

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