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In this current period, when the USA is being run by a “stable genius”, in the President’s own repeated description of himself, Democratic hopes are being pinned on any candidate that can liberate the United States from the terrifying grip of a man who got elected in 2016 with the votes from the half of the electorate who clearly liked watching The Apprentice, where Trump was the big boss. Trump struck a chord with them with his promise to build a wall, put barriers up to immigration, protect the coal industry, repeal Obamacare (well, repeal Obama, really) and clean up the Washington swamp.

The State of the Union
This appeal to the fears of the (white) American electorate was extraordinarily effective, because the USA is a country with a lot of survival anxiety, and a very poor social safety net – an electorate the Democrats have foolishly abandoned over the years. Though immigrants and overseas production were Trump’s chosen scapegoats, this is not the reason voters in the Rust Belt are suffering. In fact there are twice as many immigrants in coastal states that vote Democrat than in the mid-West. The reason is the automation of low-skill jobs, and it is going to get worse, as even some service jobs will also slowly disappear as artificial intelligence replaces their functions. Whilst USA officially has about 5% unemployment, this is not the true figure because many people have given up looking for work and make do on disability support, welfare hand-outs and part time jobs. Added to this is the fact that for several decades, real incomes have been going down for working-class Americans, and many have jobs giving subsistence wages. People are furious. Donald Trump is their revenge.

The State of the President
Some Trump voters probably were attracted to the fact that he said things without a politically correct filter, women voters obviously didn’t mind him molesting women, and he seemed a refreshing alternative to pretty unattractive characters like Ted Cruz. And Hillary Clinton. But nothing good can come to a country when a narcissist is given the keys to power. In the end the country reconstitutes itself from the top down, as people in the Administration who disagree with the narcissist are weeded out, until the man is surrounded only by sycophants.

当人们还在讨论政府执法机构迫使苹果公司解锁iPhone手机来寻找证据的行为是否合法,伦敦的Fone Fun商店却开始出售一种能破解iPhone四位锁屏密码的设备,售价仅170美元。

“If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits I will totally destroy and obliterate the economy of Turkey”

Hidrate Spark 2会通过移动App跟踪你的水摄入量和记录你一天喝了多少盎司的水,还可以根据在有盎司数标识的水瓶里灌了几次水来跟踪你的饮水量。

A Lesson in Astrology
Trump’s horoscope tells the story. With Leo rising and the Sun in the 10th, he is the classic self-made man with a big ego. The conjunction with the North Node brings a dream-like quality and inflates the ego to supernatural proportions. The Sun in Gemini shows that communication is a key to his success, and the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus, shows his mastery of the media and the tweet. The eclipsed “blood” Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th house, reflects his projections on those immigrants streaming in from foreign lands, and the “carnage” in US cities. It is the Sun-Uranus in Gemini that gives his extraordinarily disjointed speech and repetitions. The Trump Tower is his edifice and the metaphor for his power, with its golden elevators a reflection of the Moon’s nodes that create channels from the heavens to the earth, and from the seat of power to the people.
Trump horoscope


The dispositor of the Sun, Mercury, is in Cancer in the 11th house, showing his ability to communicate with the populace, and the square to Neptune his congenital lying. Mars conjoining the Leo Ascendant shows his pugilistic attitude, bullying tendencies and need to belittle opponents, but also his charisma. Sun-Uranus trine Jupiter in the 2nd house indicates his amazing good fortune, whilst Neptune (square Mercury) shows his bankruptcies. He is a fighter, and he is lucky. As he says: I’ve always won, and I’m going to continue to win. And that’s the way it is.”

And, indeed, nobody should underestimate Trump’s capacity to win. His Sun-Uranus trine Jupiter is almost the definition of good luck. He is a man who has repeatedly used litigation to get what he wants, and this is why impeachment is not necessarily going to be successful. Astrological factors in 2020 seem to show that he will be fighting every step of the way, and that the fight is going to be virulent and dirty as retrograde Mars activates the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium in Capricorn three times in the latter part of the year. In 2020 autocrats the world over will be fighting for survival, and new political structures will take form when it is over.

8. Your appendix might not be a useless evolutionary byproduct after all. Unlike your wisdom teeth, your appendix might actually be serving an important biological function - and one that our species isn't ready to give up just yet.
He then proceeded to ram the violin through the canvas.
President Obama leads the pack. On top of the $400,000 a year, he gets a tax-free expense account worth $50,000. The salary was last raised by Congress in 2001.
"The online Internet anti-corruption bid mostly relies on text, photos and videos and it is easy to be superficial if corrupt officials are only exposed this way."
n. 发行物,期刊号,争论点
The average price for new residential buildings rose 12.3 per cent in October year on year, according to a weighted average from Reuters based on data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

In the past two decades, several campus poisoning incidents have sparked mass debates and concerns about students' psychological development and support.
学者们对比特币的兴趣似乎也是前所未有的高涨。有190本关于比特币的白皮书在2014年发表,就在2013年,还只有55本。业余和专业作者们也纷纷为比特币著书立传:亚马逊列出了437本2014年出版的关于或涉及“比特币”的书籍,相比之下,2013年该数字为143本。【这是基于主题搜索的结果,因而其中包括《Bitcoin Bimbo 3:卧底警察科幻色情作品》(Bitcoin Bimbo 3: Undercover Cop Science Fiction Erotica)这种不大相干的结果】今年,体育迷们应该都注意到了首届比特币圣彼得堡碗比赛,这是北卡罗莱纳州立大学与中佛罗里达大学间的高校橄榄球季后赛。ESPN电视台迅速将BitPay以比特币形式支付的50万美元特许权费兑成了美元。
In 2007, Apple released the first iPhone: a full touchscreen phone, complete with its own virtual keypad. To many, Apple had done something new, something never seen before. They had made the first touchscreen phone. But this was incorrect: Apple did not make the first touchscreen phone, nor was the touchscreen a new invention.
(G.I. Joe: Retaliation)以及两部小规模电影,加起来在全球的票房收入总计13亿美元。
Season\'s greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year!
adj. 终极的,根本
Next year, the mayor’s affordable housing plan, which calls for building or preserving 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade, will begin to take shape. It hinges on a policy that requires developers to build affordable housing in exchange for being allowed to construct taller and denser buildings in neighborhoods rezoned by the city. Developers and housing advocates alike are waiting to see what it will look like once the administration adds muscle and flesh to the bones of the proposal.
Lopez Short is the name of the game, judging from the red carpet looks of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Both divas went for thigh-high dresses to show off their gams4, with strategically cut out neck and shoulder detail, but where Beyoncé opted to stand out in fire engine red, J. Lo went for soft and satiny earth tones.
3. 《间谍之桥》(Bridge of Spies)。几年前,史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)进入了殿堂级导演的行列,从安德鲁·萨里斯(Andrew Sarris)所谓的“美国电影”中借鉴了最崇高的形式——这部影片中他仍然保持水准。

Planet transits 2020


史蒂夫?乔布斯(Steve Jobs)去世后的三年中,维权投资者对苹果发起了攻击,一些人对没有乔布斯的苹果是否还能成功也失去了信心,但现年54岁的库克一直沉着应对。今年,他走出了前任的影子,以自己的一套价值观和议程给苹果公司打上了印记:他引进了新鲜人才,改变了苹果管理巨额现金的方式,扩大了苹果与外部的合作,更加关注社会问题。
adj. 有毒的
Give Me Space
8. 精彩出演)的艺术觉醒与性觉醒,欲望令她长大成人。

Fighting Dirty
The graph shows how Mars goes on from Capricorn and into Aries, where it performs a pirouette moving retrograde at 28 Aries two months before the election and direct again at 15 Aries 10 days after the election. What is particularly damaging about this Mars transit is that it makes square aspects three times to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, exacerbating the attacks on whatever Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer means. This probably refers to his financial empire from which more secrets spill out – the tax returns for example – and perhaps also his assaults on women will receive renewed attention. But one thing is certain: Trump will be fighting like a cornered tiger and this is a very dangerous period for America. Trump’s casual asides about civil war may become very real at this time, or, alternatively, a foreign policy “adventure” may seem attractive to him to distract voters and awaken patriotic support for the president.

Bernie Sanders
Trump is of course only one side of the equation. On the other side there appear to be three main candidates for the Democratic nomination: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. These, like Trump are rather old people – they will be in their seventies – and Sanders in particular looks vulnerable because of a recent heart attack.

Bernie Sanders horoscope


Crazy Bernie (as Trump has called him) has the Sun at 15 Virgo square Jupiter at 19.50 Gemini, which shows a knowledgeable debater who masters the smallest details. Unfortunately the current Neptune transit activates this square well up to the election, which means his high hopes will most likely dissipate. The Moon in Aries conjoins Mars – a clear indication of his fiery independence and passion. The opposition to Venus (which like Mars is strong in its own sign) shows a purity of intention and desire for justice, which is strengthened by a great trine to Jupiter in Gemini. This is a guy whose mastery of rhetoric is as broad as Trump’s is limited. Finally, the trine of Saturn-Uranus to Neptune-Mercury shows his revolutionary engagement in socialist ideals. (Saturn-Neptune aspects are associated with left-wing political idealism).

英国国家电网(National Grid)的教育和技能主管托尼?莫洛尼(Tony Moloney)表示,参与该项目是国家电网旨在鼓励学校学生学习STEM科目(科学,技术、工程和数学)以及熟悉本领域工作的总体计划的一部分。
vigor(n 精力;活力)
The commerce ministry data showing plummeting real estate investment follows an overall 53 per cent rise last year to a record $33bn, according to separate data from JLL, a global realtor.
The Canadian city of Vancouver remains the most expensive location in North America, ranked 21st in the index.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden has been the front runner for most of 2019, and as a result he has been the focus of a heavily financed smear campaign which is currently exploding in Trump’s face, leading directly to impeachment proceedings. Referred to by Trump as Sleepy Joe, he is by no means a political weakling, which is evidenced by his stellium of four planets in Scorpio, including Mars, which is square Pluto. This last aspect could be one reason that there have been complaints of overfamiliarity towards woman – Mars square Pluto tends to invade other people’s space, and there are sexual overtones to it. Ask Harvey Weinstein, who has exactly the same aspect.

Joe Biden horoscope

小米22元底线已被打破 智能家居创业公司兴起

4. Am I eating healthy? The types of foods we eat can greatly affect how we feel both physically and emotionally. Eating too much junk food can lead to crankiness and a relatively low energy level, whereas eating healthy foods can lead to better moods and a more positive energy level.
TWO Americans were awarded the Nobel economics prize yesterday for studies on the matchmaking taking place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.
Rankings for Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain fell dramatically because of the impact of the eurozone crisis, while Egypt, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia registered large falls in the wake of recent political and civil turmoil.

Elizabeth Warren
Warren earned herself the nickname of Pocahontas from Trump, because of her claim to American Indian heritage. She does actually have 1/64th indigenous blood as she rather clumsily illustrated through an embarrassingly staged revelation of a DNA test, which only served to irritate leaders of the Cherokee nation. Trump is really going to have fun with this. As he recently said:
“I did the Pocahontas thing. I hit her really hard, and it looked like she was down and out… But don’t worry, we will revive it. It can be revived. It will be revived..
(Trump likes to say things at least three times… it’s the Gemini in him)

For starters, breaches like that of Bitstamp and the much larger (valued at about $400 million at the time) 2011 hack of the exchange Mt. Gox are often misconstrued as security issues with the currency itself. But they are only signs of flaws in those particular exchanges and not a sign of an issue with the underlying technology. And it is the underlying technology behind bitcoin that most excites. As we wrote in the “Shape the Future” package of our January 2015 issue, most of the vocal enthusiasts so bullish on bitcoin—from big-name entrepreneurs like Marc Andreessen to the developers and miners who spend their days refreshing the bitcoin Reddit page—are more interested in the applications that can be built on bitcoin’s “block chain,” the currency’s foundational backbone, than they are in bitcoin as a monetary system. The block chain allows the secure exchange of any form of value between two entities.
She argues, however, that the problems with lower liquidity of ETFs in Asia are a symptom of a fund distribution system that fails to incentivise ETF sales by intermediaries. “I don't think there is a quick fix, but you would see a pick-up if Asia moves to a fee-based model,” she says.
Andrew Bargery, campus and schools engagement leader at PwC, says Teach First graduates stand out: “They have already worked in a professional envir-onment and have professional maturity and are good at building relationships.”
Statistics showed that Tibet had around 590,000 rural poor by the end of 2015.
Earlier on Tuesday Mr Rutte had issued a call for calm in the dispute with Turkey.
值得注意的是,本年度传播假消息之首的网站域名当属“” 在十一月的一次Verge的采访中,伊利诺伊州大学信息科学学院的Nicole A. Cooke教授引用了一个假新闻网站上的消息,这个假新闻网站使用的是危险和普遍的策略,即域名和真网站看上去只有微小的区别。他们让消息源从第一眼看上去具备真实性。管理的人告诉华盛顿邮报,他相信他的网站在特朗普大选期间充当了一个重要的因素。
Some industries will likely pick up faster than others. Industries such as construction and manufacturing will probably begin to hire sooner. Retail, tourism, and hospitality, which depend entirely on consumer spending, will probably be among the last to recover.

Attention, travel lovers. You may not have made any travel plans yet, but the choices for next year’s best destinations are already out. Recently, the well-known travel guide publisher Lonely Planet issued its Best in Travel 2014 selection. Here, we pick a few countries from its top 10 list to give you a taste.


"Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. ('MGM') today announced that the secured lenders voting in the Company's solicitation process have overwhelmingly approved its proposed plan of reorganization ('Plan'). MGM will now move expeditiously to implement that Plan, which will dramatically reduce its debt load and put the Company in a strong position to execute its business strategy. MGM is appreciative of the lenders' support."
9. Mila Kunis - $11 million
The public prosecutor has decided to release several individuals and will proceed with the prosecution of at least five others.
4. Will China's one-child policy change in 2010?
I'm pleased to see manufacturing jobs returning to the U.S., but I don't expect the manufacturing industry to have the galvanic effect on the economy that many hope for. Why? Because automation will sharply erode the number of jobs any factory requires. The disappearance of blue-collar and entry-level jobs is already a problem, and that problem will grow.

“FKA细枝”(FKA twigs),《两星期》(Two Weeks),Young Turks
Most of the cellphones sold in 2016 are smart phones installed with the Android system and 4G ready, according to the report.
● “一艾滋病女子故意传播艾滋病给586名男子,计划在2017年之前传染2000人以上”
You'd probably never think that a belt could be integrated with artificial intelligence, yet Belty managed to do it and make it seem stylish. The Beltyautomatically makes you think, "why do I need this?" Then your second thought will probably be, "what if it's hacked and they make it so tight I can't breathe?" The first question is rational; the second one is far-fetched — but if it makes you think twice about buying this product, that's not a bad thing.

Many technicians think that during the course of this century computerized robots might compete and win against humans.
Amy Poehler made out with Bono, Tina Fey mocked George Clooney's taste in women and Matt Damon emerged, bizarrely, as the night's recurring gag.

One-Term President
A few years back I wrote an article saying that if Hillary Clinton was elected in 2016, she would be a one-term president. The same arguments applied to any president elected that year, and, as it turned out to everyone’s surprise, this was Donald Trump. The reason for this is that there is a massive buildup of planetary transits in Capricorn prior to 2021, which shows the rise of autocracy. But then suddenly everything changes as planets move into Aquarius just after the 2020 election, and it seems unlikely that the president can survive this transition. These Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions take place every 20 years and coincide with every 5th election, and the elections of 2000, 1980 and 1960 were all elections when new presidents were elected.

When you think of him, your heart would jump between fast and fast.
Length of program: 22 months
Marlohe will shoot the Malick film concurrently with the ongoing press tour for Skyfall.
斯坦福大学的Zhenan Baohas 研发出了一种具备超弹性、超耐性和超敏感的材料,能够作为未来发展人工皮肤的基础。以前,人们也研究过生化皮肤,但是Baohas的材料比以前研发出来的更具敏感性。它带有有机转换物质和一层弹性材料,保证它在不被破坏情况下的延展性。另外,这种材料带有一系列的太阳能电池元件,可以自动充电。
"Sure, there are only whites in the stadium. It comes down to money," said Ana Beatriz Ferreira, a 27-year-old parking attendant in Rio de Janeiro, who is black. "Nobody I know could find affordable tickets."
Of course, the recovery of the job market has been, and probably will remain, incremental. Job growth needs to be much stronger to actually make a big dent in unemployment, which remains high at 7.9%, though down from 10% three years ago.[qh]
Stand: Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent called for immigration reform
根据路透社(Reuters)基于中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)计算得到的加权平均值,10月份中国新建住宅平均价格同比上涨12.3%,

The Election Chart
There are a few important comments to be made about election day. The Sun is always in Scorpio in US elections, but for the first time since 1936, the election takes place with the Sun opposing Uranus. Actually in 1936, Roosevelt was re-elected in the midst of the Depression, but it is quite likely that the 2020 opposition shows extreme upsets for the country’s leader. Bearing in mind that the Capricorn stellium very closely opposes Trump’s Saturn-Venus, he is likely to be unpopular, and heavy judgments are likely to fall against him. At the election, there is a Moon Node return for Trump, and the December eclipse falls right in his Moon, which again may eclipse his popularity.

2020 US Election

US Election. November  3rd 2020. 7.00 Washington AS 14.58 SC

Separate temperature measurements taken from satellites do not show 2014 as a record year, although it is close. Several scientists said the satellite readings reflected temperatures in the atmosphere, not at the earth’s surface, so it was not surprising that they would differ slightly from the ground and ocean-surface measurements that showed record warmth.
Indeed, everyone from Jennifer Garner, to January Jones and Kylie Jenner have been photographed as they pick out their most spook-worthy pumpkins in time to send October out with a thrill.
Girls Trip
据中国保监会(Insurance Regulatory Commission)公布数字,上半年利润总额1055.86亿元人民币(合159亿美元),同比减少1241.99亿元人民币,下降54.05%。
Lawrence Yun, the trade group's chief economist, expects the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to hit 5.5% at year-end, up from 4.5% late last year and 3.5% in the first half of 2013. That's a sharp runup in a short period of time, one that could harm affordability and spook even more buyers.
When she consults managers, Kay says many of them suspect something is fishy when their employees stop talking to them as often, whether it's to give an update, ask for an opinion or just say hello. As Kay puts it: "You're not doing the things you normally would have to keep the relationship going."

While regulators in the US fret that the pace of growth in the exchange traded fund market may be too explosive, their counterparts in Asia along with asset managers and distributors sweat over what more can be done to raise investor interest.
'I think South Korea has a very rigorous and narrow definition of beauty because we’re an ethnically homogenous society and everyone looks pretty much the same. It is also related to low self-esteem.
“The auction market is extremely selective,” said Henry Pettifer, the head of old master paintings at Christie’s, whose sale total had been dented by a 15th-century Flemish Madonna and child by Hans Memling that the auction house had sold privately for more than 3.5 million and had withdrawn from the sale. “The availability of fresh material is limited,” he added, alluding to how few museum-quality works are in private hands.
I'm only a child yet I know if all the money spent on war was spent on ending poverty and finding environmental answers, what a wonderful place this earth would be! 我只是一个小孩,然而我知道,要是把花在战争上的钱,用在找寻环境问题答案上来,或用在结束贫穷并找到解决的方案上来,这个星球将是个多么美好的地方啊!
Her device uses carbon nanotubes to detect the presence of lead. Thousands of US water systems are reportedly contaminated by lead.

*喜剧类最佳客串女演员:蒂娜?菲(Tina Fey)和艾米?波勒(Amy Poehler),《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)
Grains have fallen about 3 per cent.

南京:GDP增速全省第一 新房价格没上涨