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John Travolta Plane Obsession

John Travolta Plane and Private Airport Extravaganza

Oh, the fabulous life of John Travolta. He has been in many of our favorite films and has even had some of the best gaffes recently at the Oscars. Adele Dazeem anyone? I am just not ready to let it go yet. It was too good.

What plane does John Travolta own?

But Travolta is also somewhat known for his passion and obsession with aviation. He’s not the only celebrity with a private jet, either. Let’s take a closer look at John Travolta, the aviator.

John Travolta Plane

Is John Travolta a pilot?

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Travolta was 22 in 1976 and at that time the movies Carrie and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble were what paid for his original pilot training. He was also rising to fame as Vinnie Barbarino in the sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter. The next year in 1977, he would go on to make Saturday Night Fever and the rest is history.

By the way, have you seen The Boy in the Plastic Bubble? You really should put that on your list of movies to see before you die. It is the best in all the wrong ways.

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What plane does John Travolta own?

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Fun fact about Travolta’s 707, which he named Jett Clipper Ella after his children, is that it was once owned by Frank Sinatra. This makes the plan historically relevant and because of that – let’s face it, the upkeep of a plane like that would take a lot of time and money – Travolta has decided to donate his 707 to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, which is part of the Australian Aviation Museum in Illawarra, Australia, just outside of Sydney.

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How much does John Travolta’s plane cost?

Travolta has actually been very smart about the way he buys his planes, particularly the Boeing 707. The plane was originally rented for him while he was promoting the film, Get Shorty. He fell in love with it and wanted to buy it from Quantas, who owned it at the time, however it was way too expensive for him.

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Where does John Travolta live?

Our man has several homes but his main home where he spends most of his time with his family is in Ocala, Florida, which, incidentally, is right outside Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater happens to be where Scientology is headquartered and the town is basically filled with Scientology and more Scientology. Makes sense given he is Scientology’s main man…behind Tom Cruise, of course.

Businesses can benefit in other ways too. Craig Rollason, business analysis manager at National Grid, says he has improved his coaching skills by mentoring a Teach Firster.

Where does John Travolta live?

Travolta’s home is actually in an airport. Greystone Airport is a 550-acre community that allows private residences in a section called Jumbolair Aviation Estates. It attracts people like Travolta who like to fly in and out from their own homes. They allow runways to branch off into each residence. The community also has a bed and breakfast where pilots can stay when they’re flying through the area and a private control tower. It’s a fascinating way to live.

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Want to see more photos of his home, interior and all? 帝王洁具20亿并购过会 新三板欧神诺“下嫁”上市公司

What is John Travolta’s net worth?

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With the prices of most commodities having recovered somewhat since February 2016, the year-on-year fall in unit prices has slowed to around 5 per cent.
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