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8 personal finance habits to get more out of life

Posted: 21 July 2020 5:30 pm

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Hacks to help you spend less time thinking about your money and more time enjoying it.

But most overseas islands are sold as freehold properties.
You're right to be paranoid. The company is always watching you, and there's a record of everything you do: every phone call, every text, every tweet and instant message. At most companies, they save that data forever.
As for China, lack or stopped development represents the biggest risk for this country. So it is essential that we maintain steady medium-high growth of our economy and that in itself is China’s contribution to global stability.

The government is keen to encourage lending to small and medium-sized borrowers, many of whom do not have credit histories. Analysts estimate the number of Chinese consumers who are financially active but without access to credit to be 500m.

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1. Put extra money into savings

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Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?
Whatever happened to ‘Never complain; never explain' – the unofficial motto of the House of Windsor?

Take it further: Check what interest rate your savings account offers before doing the transfer. Given how much rates have fluctuated in the past financial year, you could upgrade to an account with a better interest rate if you switch.

2. Buy things that last

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This will bring in some money and help you make connections, Frederickson says. It can also help you polish skills that you can lose while out of work: "being fast, multitasking, answering questions quickly and succinctly."
例如,佳士得给威尼斯艺术家弗朗西斯科·丰泰巴索(Francesco Fontebasso)在18世纪中叶创作的油画《井边的丽贝卡和埃利泽》(Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well)的最低估价为12万英镑。根据Artnet的数据,在1990年的拍卖会上,这幅令人愉快的洛可可装饰风格的油画是以28.6万英镑购得的。在12月8日的拍卖会上,它仅得到一个电话出价——11.5万英镑(不含佣金),约合17万美元。而投资者们可不认为在购买沃霍尔(Warhol)或巴斯奎特(Basquiat)的作品25年之后会损失约40%。如果一幅早期绘画大师的作品被搁置在交易商的画廊里,想转卖它就更加困难。

虽然汉德曾在英国石油公司(British Petroleum)担任过多年全球品牌、营销与创新高级副总裁,但她现在却在从事更加环保的事业。Project Frog的使命是希望通过易于建造的空间(通常几天或者几个月便可完成),彻底改造建筑行业。相比教育与医疗等行业的传统建筑,Project Frog的建筑可以节省约50%的能源。汉德的计划似乎已经奏效:公司今年的收入预计将增加一倍以上。

Take it further: If you don't want to pay the full price for something straight away, look into getting it on layby or with a payment plan. Most stores offer a couple of ways to pay. You could also use a credit card that offers interest-free days or instalment plans, such as the Skye Mastercard (which offers up to 110 days interest-free) or any HSBC credit card (which gives you access to interest-free payment plans with partnered stores).

If you do pay with plastic, be aware that interest-free days are usually only offered if you pay off your entire balance each month, while instalment plans could depend on a set of retail partners or your credit card brand.

3. Get rewarded for your spending

If you're spending money anyway, why not get something back for it? Lots of brands now have loyalty programs – including Coles, Woolworths and BP.

There are also credit cards that earn points for each $1 you spend on everyday purchases – and plenty of ways to get frequent flyer points without actually travelling. Not sure if points are your thing? Woolworths and Coles both offer cash off your shop (2,000 points = $10) and plenty of credit cards offer cashback rewards in the form of money back, account credits or gift cards. There are also stores and even bank accounts that run cashback promotions.

Take it further: If the idea of chasing rewards isn't your thing, at least get a loyalty card for your favourite café so you can enjoy a free coffee every now and then.

Two happy friends sitting on some steps, holding takeaway coffee cups.

4. Search for sales and offers

Big sales are seasonal, but there are smaller sales and offers that crop up all the time. If you know what you need to buy, it often pays to do a quick search for sales or coupon codes to see if you can save money.

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They came together in resurgent nationalism and xenophobia.

Tip: Check whether the brand your shopping with has a newsletter. Often there will be a bonus offer to encourage you to sign up – and you can always unsubscribe after you've used it if you want to.

How to shop smarter online during a pandemic


In addition to WeChat's core private and group messaging functions, users can also find new contacts by using the application's Drift Bottle function, where a user records a message and sends it out to see in a virtual bottle for a stranger to pick up and respond. Its Look Around function, similar to some mobile dating applications, allows users to browse the profiles of other users who are in close proximity. It also has a function called Moments that allows users to share photo albums publicly with groups of contacts, much like photo-sharing application Instagram.
9. CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere passes 400 parts per million

Read more…

5. Use an app to save time (and money)

There are so many apps and tools that make it easy to set and track your money goals. For instance, bank apps like those from CommBank, Up and Xinja offer colourful charts, graphs and breakdowns that show you where all your money is going.

There are also apps that let you see all your accounts in one place and offer insights or tips on how to build your wealth – including the Finder App, Pocketbook and the government's TrackMySPEND app. There is a Finder guide that has details on 调查:六成网友期盼政府为农民工购房提供优惠 (with minimum effort).

Take it further: Setting a date each month to look at the details in your chosen app will help you see your progress and make any changes along the way.

6. Pay your bills on time

《余秀华:从普通农妇到著名诗人》(A Chinese Poet’s Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity)
Do you tend to hide your feelings from others?

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
The result doesn't look much like a nose—it's a bottle filled with liquid nutrient that cultivates bacteria. But give the “nose” a blood sample and let it sniff for a few days, and the bottle's dots will change color to indicate what bacteria, if any, it identifies.

Take it further: If you have a credit card, you'll usually be able to take advantage of interest-free days on purchases if you pay off the required statement balance each month.

7. Start small with investing

It can be daunting to begin investing, but you actually don't need a lot of money to get started. Consistency is a key part of any investment strategy, whether it's shares, bonds or even property.

The first step could be as simple as putting $100 a month into an online share trading account, investment app or a savings account (after doing your research to compare different options). Or you could invest a set percentage of your income every payday, such as 10-20%.

Take it further: Remember that investing can take time to pay off. You may not see huge gains straight away, but this approach means you can learn more about investing as you gradually build your wealth.

8. Check on refunds

So many plans have been cancelled in 2020. If you've paid for something that you can't get any more because of the pandemic, you're probably entitled to a refund or at least a credit for the payment. Finder has covered details on how to get your money back for different types of cancellations and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has 房租异常上涨意味着房价拐点临近. TL;DR – if you have paid for something and haven't got what you expected, you're usually entitled to compensation or another remedy.

More recently, however, General Motors made a self-driving car in 1958 that adjusted its steering wheel based on the alternating currents given off by a wire placed inside the road. While the vehicle did actually drive itself, it does not qualify as the first autonomous vehicle because it depended on wires placed inside the ground. The world's first autonomous vehicle was made by S. Tsugawa and several of his colleagues at Japan's Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. However, German engineer Ernst Dickinson is regarded as the pioneer of the autonomous car. In 1987, he developed the VaMoRs which was capable of traveling more than 90 kilometers per hour (55 mph) for about 20 kilometers (12 mi). Seven years later, he made the VaMP, which could recognize road signs, know its own position in a lane, detect other vehicles, and even decide when to change lanes. And a year after that, he and his team made another autonomous vehicle which traveled from Germany to Denmark. The vehicle had a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour (111 mph) and was controlled by a human for about 5 percent of the journey.
这款智能产品的使用可以追溯到1800年,但在2016年它才变得“智能”。 Meet Peggy,这种洗衣挂钩能够“帮助你减轻负担”,它会在洗衣机洗好衣服的时候提醒你,并告诉你天气是否适宜晾晒衣服。该装置连接到您的手机,它会在天气变化或是需要转移晾衣服的地方时发消息提醒你。

Take it further: If you think you're being treated unfairly, submit a complaint to the ACCC or contact your bank to see if you can request a chargeback for the transaction.

While 2020 might not be going exactly how you planned and so much of it is out of your control, these habits show that you can still take control of your finances.

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