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Manny Pacquiao says 'he's not afraid to die' helping to fight coronavirus in Philippines

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Legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao said Saturday “he’s not afraid to die” to help the Philippines during the coronavirus pandemic.

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"If you are a leader, you have to be a front-liner," 无后续政策刺激 房地产业乐观态度能持续多久?. He added that he is "not afraid to die" to help his people.

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According to ABS-CBN, Pacquiao recently donated approximately 600,000 face masks to front-liners tackling the coronavirus in the Philippines. He also teamed up with Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma to donate 50,000 COVID-19 testing kits.

He has also made "numerous public appearances [to try and] reassure residents fearful" of the disease, according to Boxing Scene.


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