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For 4th day in a row, COVID-19 cases exceed 500 in Oregon

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The Oregon Health Authority announced 524 newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19 Sunday, marking a record fourth day in a row that cases have exceeded the 500 mark. Officials also reported two new deaths.

Sunday’s case count follows 575 cases on Thursday, a single day record of 600 cases on Friday and 555 cases on Saturday.


New cases were reported in these counties: Benton (1), Clackamas (35), Clatsop (3), Columbia (5), Coos (6), Curry (2), Deschutes (28), Douglas (8), Grant (2), Hood River (2), Jackson (36), Klamath (4), Lane (35), Lincoln (2), Linn (7), Malheur (8), Marion (132), Morrow (2), Multnomah (116), Polk (5), Umatilla (5), Union (1), Wallowa (1), Wasco (4), Washington (67), Yamhill (7).

Prevalence of infections: The daily positive test rate wasn’t available for Sunday because state officials don’t report that information on weekends. But the rate for the past week -- 7.9% -- has been higher than at any point during the pandemic in Oregon. The positive test rate reflects the percentage of people who were tested and yielded positive test results for the novel coronavirus. Public health experts say a higher positive test rate indicates a higher prevalence of the disease in the community.

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New fatalities: Officials reported Sunday that two people died on Saturday. Both had underlying conditions:

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Hospitalized patients: The state doesn’t report these numbers on weekends. But as of Friday, 165 people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 were hospitalized in Oregon. That was a decrease from the 175 who were hospitalized the previous day. Among Friday’s patients, 53 were in intensive care units and 25 were on ventilators.

Since it began: There have been 45,429 identified cases of COVID-19 in Oregon since the first person tested positive in February. Some health experts estimate the true number of cases could be 10 times that number. So far, 691 people have died in the state.

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