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 for the 2020 Season with COVID -19 limitations
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Sleepy Hollow Bed & Breakfast in Gananoque, Ontario
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Nestled between Kingston and Brockville, Gananoque is the the Canadian Gateway to the Thousand Islands in the St Lawrence River.  Come discover Sleepy Hollow Bed & Breakfast. Built in 1905, Sleepy Hollow is a three-story mansion, complete with a turret and wraparound porch a perfect place to escape, relax, or arrange a special get an Elopement!

Your hosts, Don and Marion Matthews, began running Sleepy Hollow in 2001 and specialize in making your stay in our home a pleasant and memorable experience. Our home is enhanced with collections of vintage photographic memorabilia, toys, and dolls, antiques we have collected over the years to make it our home. We have restored this romantic home to its original splendour, but we have all the comforts and lots of free onsite parking.

Our home, Sleepy Hollow, boasts an extensive, elegant living room, a plentiful library, a formal dining room, a pool table on the second-floor landing, and central air conditioning for your enjoyment and comfort. Speaking of comfort, one of our rooms, Tara, has "SofTub" hot tubs in the winter, Camelot has a very comfortable soaker tub, and the Travancore room has a whirlpool tub! In a move to maintain the original building and still be safe and secure, a full sprinkler system and emergency lighting were added to Sleepy Hollow.

We guarantee that breakfast will be a highlight of your stay (after all, breakfast is half of what we do). Enjoy your choice from our delicious eight-item menu, complimented by fresh fruit, fresh baked breads, excellent coffee, and teas, including herbal teas - click here to find out more about the menu!

Click here for our suggested Itinerary while staying with us (we can keep you busy for 3 days easily). 

Tara Bedroom


He Fan, economist at Caixin, said:“This shows that the macro economy has moved further toward stable growth and the economic structure is improving. Future fiscal and monetary policies must be coordinated and large-scale stimulus should be avoided as much as possible.”
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This has happened elsewhere.

Sleepy Hollow Bed and Breakfast in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada


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Omlette at Sleepy Hollow Bed and Breakfast in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada


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Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you.
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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates for Sleepy Hollow Bed & Breakfast
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Choose a room (for any date) you would like the recipients to stay in, using your contact information and credit card number (the booking process is secure), and at the end of the booking information, in the "Additional Information" area mention that it is a Gift Certificate give us names and phone number of the folks you are sending. 
We will assign the reservation you just made to your guests and email you the gift certificate. Just that simple. (We won't contact them we will leave that to you).

To Redeem:

"Check Availability" and book the room. At the end add your Certificate number in the Extra Information box.

ALL of Canada is "on Sale"!
after the border reopens.....

For all Americans, Canada is having a "20% off sale". That means our $160 CDN room is about $128 US on this side of the border (click at the top of this page (Check availability Make a reservation tab) and select US$ on the tab that says "CAD$" at the very top next to "Guest Rooms & Suites"  tab to see approximate prices in US$ when the exchange to Canadian dollars is calculated). The current exchange rates mean that your American dollar has more buying power in Canada. Check today's exchange rate from the central bank, click HERE.

Thinking of moving from the US to Canada?  Come for a visit and have a look at what there is to offer.  We can help you look around at the wonderful parts of Eastern Ontario  that attracted us to this part of the country.  The convenience of living just 3 hours from Toronto or Montreal and just a little over an hour from Ottawa make Gananoque a great place to live.  Just come for a visit and ask us.  

A Little About Our B&B and our Spectacular Region of Eastern Ontario

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