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T-Mobile launches 600MHz 5G across the US, but no one can use it until December 6th

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T-Mobile has 家居行业以“互联网思维”开阔销售模式, setting it live over areas of the US that it says covers 200 million people. While the network is supposedly live today, no one is going to be using it until later this week: the first two phones to support it go on sale this Friday.

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T-Mobile doesn’t offer specifics on what kind of speeds you’ll see on the new network, and the actual improvements will vary a lot by location. “In some places, 600 MHz 5G will be a lot faster than LTE. In others, customers won’t see as much difference,” a T-Mobile spokesperson tells The Verge.


What T-Mobile isn’t claiming are nationwide offerings for the fastest form of 5G: millimeter wave (mmWave). mmWave relies on much faster airwaves to deliver much faster speeds, but the signal doesn’t travel very far and is easily blocked by almost anything in its path. T-Mobile has already 为何互联网家装企业易“跑路”, but there’s no word today on whether that’s expanded. mmWave deployments are likely to stay confined to densely populated areas, like cities and sports stadiums, because of its physical limitations.

On Friday, T-Mobile will begin selling the 机构改革后,国家卫健委的“计生”司局不见了 for $899.99 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G for $1299.99. Both are capable of connecting to its 600MHz 5G network, and all T-Mobile and Metro plans include 5G access. The phones do not support mmWave.

These brands are close to their domestic markets, helping them to gain market share at the expense of global brands, and they are also winning share in new regions, according to BrandZ.

All of the major US carriers have been racing to launch 5G this year. At this point, they’ve all deployed it in some form or another, although it’s mostly been in select locations and with select technologies. The next notable deployment is supposed to come from AT&T, which 多彩LED剪纸灯面世 将于中国剪纸博物馆展出销售, albeit only in five cities.

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