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Health Module 1st Quarter

Categories Biology, Disease, Health, Hiv, Science

Essay, Pages 35 (8691 words)



Essay, Pages 35 (8691 words)

Gender and Human Sexuality


After years of filming its iconic fashion show in New York City, Victoria's Secret has travelled to London, Paris, Cannes and Los Angeles, and for 2017 the global lingerie giant is heading to Shanghai.
"I'm not really worried about it, honestly," Bryant said. "My shooting will be better."

Like air, blue skies treat everyone equally.

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建材家居业战略变革 实现业态转型升级

Han said on his social media that he only designed the original version of the mascot, which is the ink painting, but didn't participate in the 3D model design. "Of course we believe the ugly stuff has nothing to do with you," Web users said, responding to the respected artist.
节目2 歌曲《中国味道》,凤凰传奇

Are you ready?
You may first consider doing some activities that will brighten you up while expressing your knowledge about sexuality as an important component of one’s personality.

About now, new CEO Gorman is probably learning that the meager profits of a retail brokerage can't pay for all those monster Wall Street bonuses. Expect Gorman to decide that Morgan Stanley should be a lot more like trader Goldman Sachs, after all.

b. gender
c. sexuality
d. androgyny
2. Which of the following illustrates gender?
a. Miguel loves to cook.

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b. Marco does not cry in public.
c. Hazel has a positive body image.
d. Ahmed is attracted to Felicity.
3. What do you call the sets of activities that society considers as appropriate for men and women? a. gender role
b. gender identity
c. gender equality
d. gender sensitivity
4. Why is it important to understand human sexuality?
a. We will all be mature adults.
b. We have similar sexuality issues.
c. There is a specific age for developing one’s sexuality. d. It will help us build a better relationship with ourselves and others. 5. Which characterizes a good decision?
a. Easy to make
b. Makes your friends happy
c. One that your teacher told you to make
d. Arrived at after a thoughtful consideration of consequence/s

Only nine further schools participated in all four rankings. They are ranked between third place (IE Business School) and 38th (Politecnico di Milano School of Management).

1. Teaching is a job for women.
2. Men have no right to cry in public.
3. Both men and women can be police officers.
4. It is the responsibility of both parents to take care of their children. 5. Both the father and the mother should share in meeting the financial needs of the family.

第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”

How familiar are you with STIs HIV AIDS?
1. I have never heard of them or I have heard of them but don’t know what they are. 2. I have some idea what they are, but don’t know why or how they happen. 3. I have a clear idea what they are, but haven’t discussed them. 4. I can explain what they are and how do they occur what they do that may affect family life.

Have you made a personal health plan on how to protect yourself from risky sexual behaviour? 1. I have neither planned nor thought about it.
2. I have planned but not thought about it.
3. I have planned but not practiced it.
4. I have both planned and practiced it.


Have read it
Have heard it
Have seen a TV or movie production
Have written a report paper on it


Refusal Skill

Blood donation/transfusion

The survey of 11,500 workers by Chinese employment agency Zhaopin found that 50.9 per cent did not get an annual bonus at the end of 2016. Another 9.6 per cent were told their bonus had been delayed until after the new year holiday.
Data released by the UK National Health Service last year on patient admissions revealed an alarming rise in various nutritional and communicable diseases in the past decade.
4. China will continueefforts to build out C-9 (the top nine universities in China) in the form ofmore than $1 billion new investments in major campuses. Funds will becommitted to attract top faculty, build state-of-the-art facilities, andrecruit the very best students. China will lock into a global war forintelligence, education, and skill.
201212/212620.shtmlChina won the Robot World Cup Soccer 2013 against the Netherlands in a thrilling match that resulted in a 2-3 win for China.The Robot World Cup Soccer was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which defended its Robot World Cup title of last year.
Plante Moran

室内环境:这栋砖砌结构、灰泥粉饰并铺着瓷砖屋顶的两层楼房屋由Dorr & Dorr公司设计,于1916年完工,近15年内曾经翻修。该房屋采用了半牧场、半工匠艺术的设计风格,运用了简洁的线条、开敞式空间、典雅的木制品和彩色玻璃等设计。翻修工程由明尼阿波利斯市Sala建筑公司的约瑟夫·麦茨勒(Joseph Metzler)完成。
Coca-Cola said that the consumer slowdown in China had hit sales, and weaker demand was forcing it to drive down inventory.
Cliff Stevenson, an anti-dumping expert who publishes the report based on data filed with the WTO, said the surge in US cases was driven largely by the steel industry. The increase also represented the range of countries from China to Australia, the UK and the Netherlands against which US companies were willing to file anti-dumping complaints.
n. 运输、运输工具;(常用复数)强烈的情绪(狂喜或狂怒



In this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that I use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.
Peer review is an evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to those who produce the work, which helps validate research.
Brain death is a bit of an inconvenience if you're a fan of living, and if you're looking to replace yours with a spare, you're out of luck. Sure, maybe we'll one day be able to plant brains into skulls, but the brain's not just another organ. It contains all your thoughts and memories. They can plop a new brain in your head, but you'll still be gone, so the idea of making artificial brains may seem absurd.
Episodic memory is also known as long-term memory, and the researchers approached the study of exercise in a different manner than previous studies. Other studies examined the impact of aerobic exercise conducted over many months, but this study simply asked participants to lift weights a single time. During the test, half of the participants were asked to use a weight machine before recalling a series of images they were shown at the start of the test. The other half of the participants were also asked to recall the images but without having engaged in any strenuous activity before the recall session. In demonstrating the memory improvement for the participants who engaged in just a single session of weight lifting, the researchers were able to show that improving one's memory through exercise didn't take hours of dedication in the gym. The next time you have the opportunity to lift weights or someone tries to convince you to join the gym you might just want to take him or her up on the offer.


Write your targets on what you expect to learn after reading and
accomplishing this learning material.

Lesson 1
Gender and Human Sexuality


Management consultancies pride themselves on being expert advisers on “change” — from helping clients integrate after mergers, to keeping them at the cutting edge of new technology. Several of the world’s largest consultancies will have to make use of their own advice in 2018 as they prepare for leadership changes — the first in years — that will have significant ramifications for their workforce.

明年楼市持续盘整:行业集中度提高 龙头房企强者恒强



“Teach Firsters” are highly desirable for recruiters, says Claire Burton, head of corporate responsibility at the UK arm of Deloitte, the accountant and consultant, bec-ause they are good at working in teams and are strong leaders.
As the calendar flips to December it’s not too early to think about the inevitability of tanking. Who should do it, who should wait, and who shouldn’t ever consider it. Flanns and Zillz discuss.

Graffiti You!

However, we are sceptical that the strength of imports can be sustained given that the delayed impact of policy tightening and a cooling property market are set to weigh on Chinese demand for commodities in coming quarters.
One of the country's largest clinics, JK Plastic Surgery Center founded by Joo Kwon, recently opened a hotel to better serve customers, who spend an average of $17,675 during a single visit.
Simply bend one end of the product around yourself or the back of your seat and bend the other end into a secure position for your head. You can even use the hand to hold your device for movie time.

Sexuality can be best understood through the help
of the people around you.


二套房首付比降幅超预期 一线城市望量价齐升

History will look back on 2012 as the year when China anointed its "fifth generation" of leaders and shifted to a slower growth trajectory, writes Yukon Huang. This transition will take place against a backdrop of daunting internal challenges — increasing social unrest, widening income disparities and both ecological and man-made disasters — and of escalating external tensions, stemming from America's "pivot" to Asia and simmering regional worries about China's economic rise.
你是有人脉,是的没错。但是你是在你的业界彻底地撒下关系网这样你说的话又传到你老板耳朵里了。这个世界太小了Andrea Kay说。他是一位职业顾客也是《如何获得下一份工作》这本书的作者。这样的事情经常发生。当你和新老人脉分享你的简历和其他跟找工作相关的材料时,明确地表明你这次找工作是秘密的Foss说。
23% of wealthy Chinese women work in real estate and 18% of them are involved in finance and investment, followed by manufacturing accounting for 14%.

Extrovert _____
Selfish ____
Confident _____
Aggressive ____
Shy _____
Attractive _____
Good listener ____
Approachable ____
Liked _____
Fun ____
Sincere ____
Irresponsible ____
Kind _____
Dependable ____
Other/s: ______________________

Extrovert _____
Selfish ____
Confident _____
Aggressive ____
Shy _____
Attractive _____
Good listener ____
Approachable ____
Liked _____
Fun ____
Sincere ____
Irresponsible ____
Kind _____
Dependable ____
Other/s: ______________________

Extrovert ______
Selfish ______
Confident ______
Aggressive ______
Shy ______
Attractive ______
Good listener ______
Approachable ______
Liked ______
Fun ______
Sincere ______
Irresponsible ______
Kind ______
Dependable ______
Other/s: ________________________

在弗丽达·詹尼尼(Frida Giannini)为古驰(Gucci)设计的很多时装秀上都可以看到这种理念,包括2014年秋冬的台布渐变色和A字皮裙;2013年春夏的粉色长款衬衫和褶饰女主人连衣裙;2009年春夏的披头士风格鲜艳裤套装和宽松束腰长裙。

Healthy sexuality encompasses the following characteristics:

Fill up the pieces with the words/phrases hat describe your personality. Afterwards, fix the puzzle.

What figure have you formed?
What picture do you see that comprise the individual’s personality? What do you think will happen if you lack any of these pieces?


Levelling Off

2018年千亿房企达30家创新高 行业集中度明显提升


Gender Assumptions

1. giving birth
2. making a living
3. fixing the broken faucet
4. doing household chores
5. helping the children with their homework


Mr Williams’ medium to long-term view is arguably more gloomy than that of Mr Baweja. He believes the 25-30 year period during which growth in global exports far exceeded that of global GDP, represented a “surge of globalisation that has come to an end”. In other words, the current slowdown in trade growth is structural, not cyclical.
Gitanjali Rao was selected from 10 finalists who had spent three months collaborating with scientists to develop their ideas.


Society Says
In your activity notebook, copy the table as shown below and write words or phrases that you associate with the words masculine and feminine.

Example: breadwinner

Example: babysitter

Tom Hanks has got a slightly more level head around his. He apparently keeps his best actor awards, one each for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, on the family trophy shelf alongside football (the English kind) trophies and a World’s Greatest Mom trophy left from a mother’s day past.
China is preparing to sign more bilateral or multilateral agreements with other countries, and will enhance information exchanges and joint investigation especially with Western countries such as the US, Canada and Australia on some major or individual cases, according to the CCDI.


Such highlighted talents also include cult director David Lynch of the United States and the versatile Taiwan filmmaker Sylvia Chang, whose representative works are on the recommended lineup.

Gisele, 37, came in second place, having earned $17.5 million, marking the first year she has not headed up the line-up since 2002.

苹果公司和中国移动之间的协议尘埃落定之后,有关苹果下一款重大产品发布的供应链传言又开始浮现。Digitimes报道称,据“上游供应链的消息”,苹果公司正酝酿在明年5月发布一款5英寸屏幕的iPhone 6“平板手机”,在明年10月发布一款大尺寸平板电脑。

Nothing Gold Can Stay
4. 欧佩克的下一步行动。说到去年的油价暴跌,石油输出国组织(OPEC)起了很大作用(或者说要承担很大责任)。虽然许多评论人士都说欧佩克保持原油产量不变无关紧要,然而,仅油价在该组织11月份会议过后出现暴跌这一事实便充分证明了该组织对油价走势的影响力。目前,欧佩克——更确切地说是沙特——仍在坚持己见,毫无下调生产配额的迹象。2015年这一情况是否会得以延续,仍有待观察。

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood right now, so it's no surprise that a lot of men find her to be irresistible.

Self-driving cars, selfie sticks, drones, touchscreen devices, e-cigarettes, jetpacks, and many other things seem like fairly modern inventions. Indeed, most of their "inventors" list them as newly invented and even go as far as seeking patents. But the fact is, many of these "inventions" have already been in existence for quite some time. They may have earlier lookalikes that ended up not going into production or that went into limited production due to one reason or another. Some also made it into full production but were recalled due to poor sales.


根据花旗居屋(Citi Habitats)提供的数据,在布鲁克林拟于明年投放市场的6527套新出租屋中,有1442套分布在贝德福德-斯图文森(Bedford-Stuyvesant)、布什维克(Bushwick)和克林顿山(Clinton Hill)。就在不久前,这些社区都还被视为不热门的地区。


Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPad 2 on stage during an Apple event in San Francisco, California in this March 2, 2011,
He did several makeup tests to get the look that would so dramatically change Mr. Carell. “We were literally creating a new human being,” Mr. Corso said.

今年27岁的黑人安娜(Ana Beatriz Ferreira)是里约的一名看车员,她说:“门票那么贵,当然只有白人才买得起,进去看球怎么可能轮到我?”
The Hidrate Spark 2 tracks your water intake by syncing with a mobile app and recording how many ounces of water you drink a day, which can also be tracked by remembering how many times you refilled your bottle labeled with the number of ounces on the side.


Making Good Decisions


China's mass entrepreneurship and innovation initiative has a strong vitality.
Face-value prices for the Brazil versus Chile match officially ranged from $200 to $25 for Brazilians, the cheapest tickets making up roughly 5 percent of those sold. They were only available for students, senior citizens or poor people who participate in a government welfare program.
Some of these people have instead reached for issues that feel close to their concerns: trade, crime, the war on drugs, controlling the borders, fear of Islamist terrorism. All are significant in their own right, and create very real fears for many people, but they have also become a means to have a public conversation about what society’s changes mean for white majorities.
"This is a hard one for people to understand how they're doing it, but it's an easy one for managers to pick up," Kay says. In many cases, you're disengaged, or as Kay describes it: "not being totally mentally present." Maybe you used to chime in a lot during meetings, and now you're quiet. Maybe you're not producing as much as you used to. Maybe you're not excited about a new project you've been asked to manage。

Wealthy Chinese bought at least seven overseas islands in 2014.
●"President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected"

The following guide questions may help you decide.
Is it safe?
Is it legal?
Is it healthful?
Does it show respect for me and others?
Does it follow norms and standards of society?



Follow the instructions below to help you complete the poem “I Am” and make it a poem about you. Write this in a whole sheet of paper. Post it in the display area of the classroom. I Am
Line 1:I am (write your name).

这段深入11岁女孩心灵与情感的旅程可能是皮克斯迄今最疯狂的冒险。这是一部非常有趣的工作场合情景喜剧,艾米·波勒(Amy Poehler)、菲利丝·史密斯(Phyllis Smith)和敏迪·卡灵(Mindy Kaling)等人带来了精彩感人的演出,这是一则关于心理发展的精巧语言,也是对于悲伤在我们的生活中所扮演的角色的一种感人而诚恳的辩护。
Benoit Battistelli, president of the EPO, said the increase in patent filings by Chinese companies reflects both their increasing expansion into Europe and the fact that China is becoming a globally innovative knowledge-based country.
But most overseas islands are sold as freehold properties.
Buyers and Sellers
10. Computer systems analyst


Dealing with People

v. 构成,把 ...
When you think of him, your heart would jump between fast and fast.
Best of luck in the year to come.愿你在未来的一年里,吉星高照。
5.Emma Watson

China’s handling of its state reserves of raw materials such as cotton and sugar will be a key factor shaping the direction of agricultural commodities in 2017, according to a major lender to agribusinesses.
单词avoid 联想记忆:


How Well Do I Know Myself

He had been stranded for five hours by the time help arrived.


Male versus Female

Why was I so confident that there would be no war in east Asia, either in the East China Sea or the South China Sea? The simple answer is that I know the Asian dynamic. While many Asian neighbours will make angry nationalist statements (and they have to do so to manage popular nationalist sentiments), they are also careful and pragmatic in their deeds.
Italy, one of the eurozone’s weaker economies, received the most investment of any EU nation from Chinese companies. That was largely down to a $7.9bn deal between Pirelli and ChemChina. France was the number two country, receiving $3.6bn of investment through a string of big deals in the tourism and infrastructure sectors.
The mega-retailer didn't have a whole lot to complain about in fiscal 2010. Profits were up and, thanks to its sales, the company once again climbed to the top of the Fortune 500. Same-store sales were about flat for the year, but compared with Target's 2.5% decline, flat is good. Most remarkable was Wal-Mart's image overhaul. It helped that former CEO Lee Scott beefed up health care coverage for employees, thought more about the environment and became a public presence. Certain critics will never be placated and fiscal first-quarter results weren't the greatest. But there's no denying Scott left new CEO Mike Duke a company in fighting form.
9. You've been avoiding your boss。



Despite the confusion, executive producer Ed Razek has commended the Chinese partners as “wonderful and enthusiastic hosts.”


中国千万富翁已超百万 每周新增1名亿万富豪


Role Play

Included will be messages about smoking causing cancer and women who give the charmer a run for his money as 'little twists' have been added to make the story suitable for the modern reader.
新职员有望获得一个体面的成绩单——2.1甚至更高。尽管学历证书很重要,但Teach First也希望培养谦逊、尊敬他人和同理心等个人品质。该项目的申请数量是可提供职位的7倍。

The survey discusses projections for going forward: "The cost of living is always changing and there are already indications of further changes that are set to take place during the coming year."

1. one who grew up in a very religious family
2. one who was raised by authoritative parents
3. one who has been strongly influenced by media
4. one who has good friends from the opposite sex
5. One who has been educated in an exclusive school

广州:金九月市场预热 新品可圈可点

Each group shall present the skit in two (2) minutes.
After the presentation, analyze the factors that shape the sexual attitudes of the various characters. Answer the following questions. Use them as your guides.
What are the factors that shape our sexual attitudes?
How do these factors positively or negatively affect our sexual attitudes? What can we do to maximize the negative effect of these factors on our sexual attitudes?

Rate yourselves accordingly using the rubrics below.
Work Attitude (cooperative with the group)
Always cooperative and focused on task during group work and presentation. Usually cooperative and focused on task during group work and presentation. Sometimes cooperative and focused on task during group work and presentation. Rarely cooperative and focused on task during group work and presentation. Presentation of


Dachis says: Zynga struggled to maintain its momentum and diversify its business in 2012. The difficult year was evident in reduced brand discussion and an increase in negativity from product shutdowns that leave the game company with a lot of work to do in 2013.
Did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age? 在您那个年代,您曾经担心过我们现在担心的事吗?
Tongzhou was designated as the site of a new administrative center for the municipal government to help relieve the current heavy pressure on public services in downtown Beijing, where the central government is located.
The advantages for schools seem clear: they enjoy the benefits of bright graduates who would otherwise have gone straight into consulting.

Actions are clearly established and effectively sustained.
Actions are clearly established and generally sustained.
Actions are established but may not be sustained.
Actions are vaguely established and may not be sustained.
Use of Non-Verbal
Cues (voice,
gestures, eye
contact )
Impressive variety of non-verbal cues is used in an exemplary way. Good variety of non-verbal cues is used in a competent way.
Satisfactory variety of non-verbal cues is used in an acceptable way. Limited variety of non-verbal cues is used in a developing way. Imagination,
Creativity, and

insight that
enhance role play
Demonstrate thoughtfulness that completely enhances role play. Choices
Demonstrate awareness that acceptably enhance role play.
Choices demonstrate little awareness and do little to enhance role play.

谢琳 伍德蕾

Education for human sexuality deals with the formation of
virtuous habits
right attitudes
integration of positive values




If you outsource any or all of your content writing, you need to make sure your content is original. Paste content into Copyscape’s analyzer tool, and you’ll instantly know whether the content is original.

On the flip side, why do so many JetBlue flights arrive late during the holidays (22 percent)? For one thing, it flies to and from some of the busiest airports in the country, including New York’s JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. And it encounters some of the same issues as Hawaiian does over the Pacific.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
这台叫做IP-BOX的设备可以破解运行iOS 7或者更老版本的iPhone,通常它需要6秒到17小时来破解iPhone的四位锁屏密码。英国《每日邮报》购买了这台设备,并在6小时内破解了苹果iPhone 5c的锁屏密码。该密码破解设备运行在iOS 9系统上的版本将会在本月晚些时候出现。
7. Big anti-corruptionprograms will be accelerated. We expect to see increased prosecutions,from approximately 140,000 per annum today to more than 200,000 in 2014. Thisaggressive push for integrity and accountability will set the country on astrong new course. Success will become much more about what you know ratherthan who you know.


Analyze Media Message


What is the commercial all about?
What messages were presented about being a man or a woman?
Is the information real and accurate? Why or why not?

尽管在2008 年9 月被任命为美国时代华纳集团旗下《型时代》杂志总编辑的阿里尔·福克斯曼是榜单新人,很少参加电视节目,但他的时尚总监哈尔·鲁本斯坦现在是美国“一生” 女性频道《幻彩魔刷:寻找下一个化妆大师》节目的评委。福克斯曼的刊物在广告页数上领先,据称在2009 年上半年总计超过1000 页。
最佳喜剧类编剧:阿兹?安萨里(Aziz Ansari)和艾伦?杨(Alan Yang),《无为大师》,“父亲母亲” (Master of None, "Parents")
Saif held the highest position among the five ranked Chinese schools, just ahead of Guanghua School of Management and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, 17th and 18th respectively.


Argentina, the host nation's big rivals, are in with a great chance too. Any team featuring Lionel Messi is going to be in with a shout, but when you add to that the likes of Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Ezequiel Lavezzi, then it's a team with one of the best sets of attacking options in the tournament. Likewise, Uruguay's attacking trio of Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Diegoi Forlan is about as potent as it can get, and is capable of scoring goals against any team in the world, although whethere the rest of their team is strong enough is open to debate.
None of these potential clouds appear to darken the sunny view from Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto. Tesla is sticking with its middle term goal of building 500,000 cars a year by 2020. Much will depend on the ability of the Model X to maintain the current momentum – and mystique. Tesla has steeply ramped up spending on capital expenditures and R&D to make sure the launch, already a year behind schedule, is a success.

As the socialite arrived at Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday party in August she alighted her sports car in such a cack-handed (cack-legged, I suppose) way that meant that more was glimpsed than intended.

Sport dominated the trending searches, with Euro 2012 and Olympic tickets showing the biggest rises in interest ahead of Houston and the Duchess of Cambridge.
Payouts also varied substantially between industries and cities. The average bonus at financial institutions was over Rmb17,200, while those in the education sector got less than half of that on average at less than Rmb7,500.


In your activity notebook, answer the following questions:
1. What is your stand on double standard of morality?
2. How can we possibly eliminate the double standard of morality?



My Abstinence Bag

最佳喜剧类导演:吉尔?苏洛威(Jill Soloway),《透明家庭》,“地上的人” (Transparent, "Man on the Land")
Most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar basic characteristics. Hundreds of online articles and published books claim to know the secret of success in business, but for the most part, they boil down to the same major points.

Bottoms Up is the revolutionary new way to serve beer. The Bottoms Up system saves time, eliminates waste and awes customers!


In your activity notebook, answer the following questions:
a.i.1. Do you believe that virginity is important for both boys and girls? Why? a.i.2. What are your attitudes and standards towards virginity? Compare it with the norms and standards set by society. Does it confirm? a.i.3. How do you value virginity?



What Do You Value?

Thor: Ragnarok
PRRI research director Daniel Cox said that some respondents - including 75 percent of non-white Protestants - believe extreme weather is both evidence of end times and the result of climate change.
Not until recently anyway. But scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College have at last managed to—at least with mice and monkeys. This produced artificial retinas, whose chips convert images into electronic signals and whose tiny projectors convert electronic signals into light.

Not Important
Very Important
1. To be respected by my parents.



4. To have lots of friends.

5. To do well in school.

6. To give and receive love.


8. To build healthy relationships with members of both sexes.

光热发电遭资本热炒 产业化尚存拦路虎


As well as dancing, she has her eye on singing and acting - she has already acted in the TV shows Drop Dead Diva and Austin & Ally.



Visualize & Learn!

东道主的对手阿根廷队在此次世界杯中也有很大的机会。一支以梅西为主的队伍都会在最后大放异彩,但是当你在队伍中增添类似塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)、冈萨罗·伊瓜因(Gonzalo Higuan)和埃泽奎尔·拉维奇(Ezequiel Lavezzi)这样的队员的话,那么它将是这届世界杯上最具有进攻打法的球队了。同理,乌拉圭的进攻三人组——路易斯·苏亚雷斯(Luis Suarez)、埃丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)以及迪亚戈·弗兰(Diegol Forlan)同样拥有同等的实力,能对世界上任何一支球队比赛时进球,不过,他们所在队伍中其他人的实力是否足够强还让人存疑。
“我们的人口和就业正处于历史高位,并在不断增长。这给租金和房价施加了很大压力,”纽约大学富曼房地产及城市政策中心(Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy of New York University)的主任马克·威利斯(Mark Willis)说,“现在没有理由认为这些趋势可能发生改变。”
Meanwhile, villages within the city's boundaries will be overhauled and low-end manufacturers and logistics companies removed.
2) I often talk to strangers 0 1 2 3 4
High and rising US rates may quickly become drivers of EM crises: such conditions may lead to higher borrowing costs in EMs, along with capital outflows and an unwillingness by the financial sector to take risks.

An investigation is continuing into how La La Land was wrongly named Best Picture rather than the triumphant Moonlight.
Classic cars:Prices plummet as an enormous supply of post-war classics, hidden away on an off-shore island, becomes available for the first time in 50 years. Collectors are especially eager to find Packards, Studebakers, Hudsons, Nashes, Kaisers, and Henry J’s. More’s the surprise because all of the cars are in running condition and are used as daily drivers.


Critical Thinking
Let us try to connect our lesson to current issues in our country.


Watch and Relax!
This is your opportunity to show your understanding of gender role in the media.

乌龙事件澄清之后,《爱乐之城》制片人乔丹?霍罗威茨重新拿回麦克风说 “《月光男孩》获得了最佳影片奖”,而且强调“这不是玩笑”。

The first view is that the price is inherently cyclical. What has come down must go back up again and the deeper the trough the higher the next mountain.


K W A Chart
In your activity notebook, copy the table as shown. List your top five (5) issues concerning sexuality regarding what you know, what you want to learn, and what you have learned. Give a brief explanation of your answer.

Sexuality Issue
What I Know
What I Learned
How I Will Apply
(the concept/skill learned)





Notably, the domain name for the top fake news story of the year is “” In a November interview with The Verge, Professor Nicole A. Cooke of the University of Illinois’ School of Information Sciences cited the slight modification of familiar domains as a particularly dangerous and common tactic for fake news sites. They make the source look reputable at first glance. The man who operates told The Washington Post that he believes his websites were a key factor in the election of Donald Trump.
Friends count too


国际机器人联合会主席Junji Tsuda在他的《全球工业机器人市场》报告中指出,在2017年,全球约有38.7万台工业机器人售出,同比增长31%,创造了500亿美元的收入,而中国则是这一强劲增长背后的关键驱动因素之一。

Do I periodically evaluate my sexual health?
Am I making good decisions?
Am I setting and meeting my goals?
Do I use refusal skills when I need to?
Am I communicating my feelings and expectations?
Do I compare and evaluate media messages as to the norms and standards of society

Think back on something that you have learned from this Learning Materials. Reflect on the following questions and then write your answers on the box. 1) What did you learn?

净利率下滑至10.17% 房地产利润率逼近制造业

3) Why did you choose to learn it?
4) What/Who helped you learn it?

5) What hindered your learning?
6) How did you know that you had learned it?

Family Health
Module 1

北京:黑中介坑租客 警方刑拘5人

Sexually Transmitted Infections
(with emphasis on HIV/AIDS )

Government Policies and
Republic Act No. 8504 and 7719



If you like your comedy with a side of heart-warming feels and poignant cultural commentary, please look no further than The Big Sick, about a comedian who falls in love with a heckler. Their backgrounds could not be more different, which is relatable to anyone in a mixed race relationship.
Best chances: Best film and best director. Surprisingly, Nolan has never received a directing nomination from the Academy.
n. 委员会,委托,委任,佣金,犯罪
可口可乐首席运营官詹姆斯?昆西(James Quincey)表示:“我们并未真的假设今年余下时期中国的形势会好转。”他表示,今年第二季度该公司在华果汁销售额降幅达到两位数,可口可乐饮料销售额降幅为个位数。
蒂莫西·哈顿(Timothy Hutton)的小金人对归属问题做出了最好的答复,哈顿曾在影片《凡夫俗子》中表现十分优异,并成为奥斯卡金像奖最年轻的最佳配角奖得主。在数年前的一次聚会中,他的姐姐突然从冰箱里拿出小金人,和啤酒一起随机放在某处,使宾客们能够碰巧在路上拿到它,从而提提神。显然,现在它还在那里。
Collins grew up in rural, apartheid-era South Africa in the 1970s. Her childhood inspired her to focus on empowering women living below the poverty line through grassroots efforts. The Wonderbag, which was inspired by watching her grandmother cook with cushions, uses heat retention technology to cook food for 8-12 hours without the need for additional fuel. Collins witnessed the benefits African women received from using Wonderbags, reducing the amount of time they spent collecting firewood. For every bag sold, another is donated to a household in Africa, and in the past four years, the Wonderbags have found themselves in 600,000 African homes. Collins has launched the Wonderbag in the U.S. on Amazon, and hopes to sell the products via other retailers by 2014.
We will continue to transform government function.

More than a thousand of these already developed into full-blown AIDS. Sexually-transmitted infection is preventable. The first step is to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. Next is to obtain accurate information about these diseases and recognize inaccurate information. Third is to enhance life skills. By knowing how to make decisions and
practice refusal skills you can never go wrong in safeguarding your health. OBJECTIVES:

At the end of this module you will learn to
1. Discuss the signs, symptoms and effects of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS) 2. Identify and analyze steps in the prevention and control of STIs 3. Realize why abstinence is the only sure way to avoid sexually transmitted infections particularly HIV/AIDS 4. Follow government policies in the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS (RA 8504 or Philippine AIDS prevention and control Act) 5. Explain other government efforts in ensuring a clean blood supply to prevent issues and problems related to sexuality. 6. Applies decision-making skills in managing sexuality related issues.

In contrast, the average unit price of emerging market exports has been falling in year-on-year terms pretty much since mid-2012, hitting a year-on-year decline of 16.4 per cent in February 2016.


Look up "side-splitting humor" in the dictionary and you should probably come across the trailer for Girls Trip, which is the funniest movie of 2017, no contest.

How familiar are you with STIs HIV/AIDS?
1. I have never heard of them or I have heard of them but don’t know what they are. 2. I have some idea what they are, but don’t know why or how they happen. 3. I have a clear idea what they are, but haven’t discussed them. 4. I can explain what they are and how they occur, what they do that may affect family life.

Have you made a personal health plan on how to protect yourself from risky sexual behaviour? 1. I have neither planned nor thought about it.
2. I have planned but not thought about it.
3. I have planned but not practiced it.
4. I have both planned and practiced it.

Warren Buffett reclaimed the No. 2 spot on the list for the first time since 2014, with a net worth of $75.6 billion, up from $60.8 billion in 2016.

Have read it
Have heard it
Have seen a TV or movie production
Have written a report paper on it


Refusal Skill

Blood donation/transfusion


You're the best present I ever received.你是我所收到的最好的礼物。
charm(n 吸引力;(女人的)魅力)

7-11 May

据Bryan Wang说,腾讯跟最近几年在海外特别是新兴市场销量越来越大的那些中国手机厂商达成了预装软件的协议,这给它提供了助力。

Three of former US president Barack Obama's tweets were among Twitter's list of 10 most retweeted this year, while none of current US President Donald Trump's tweets made the list.

美国公司高管的薪酬不断上升,收入差距越拉越大。在这种情况下,看到一位不光关心自身收入的CEO不禁让人眼前一亮。9月份,联想首席执行官杨元庆宣布,他将连续第二年和大约1万名联想员工分享他的奖金,数额至少为300万美元。他做出这个慷慨决定的原因是这家个人电脑制造商的年度销售额创下了历史新高。据彭博新闻(Bloomberg News)报道,参与“分成”的联想员工获得的奖金大约相当于中国普通城镇就业者一个月的收入。


二手房挂牌超高价暗藏猫腻 同一房报价差108万元

2013 Rank: 2
来自的日本的Kazutaka Kurihara和 Koji Tsukada被授予声学奖,以奖励他们发明的“沉默枪”——这是一种可以打断人说话的机器,其原理是让说话者听到自己稍有延迟的说话声音,这个装置可以治疗在特定演讲中容易结巴的人。
Four government agencies including the commerce ministry and the central bank said in December they would apply tighter scrutiny to "irrational" outbound deals including real estate, hotels, movie theatres, entertainment assets and sports clubs.
Entrepreneur Pat Crowley, the hydrologist who invented the Chapul cricket protein bar, used Bigcommerce to validate early interest in his products and build the momentum to negotiate deals with health food stores and supermarkets. The team recently recommitted toBigcommerce, despite a compelling opportunity to switch to the Shopify platform for far less money. “We don’t think we will outgrow them anytime soon,” he said.

2015全国木质家具产量前十榜单出炉 广东排名第一

What you will do!

Learning Goals and target



My response
What I want to know about the topic?

We will take solid steps to pursue a new type of urbanization.

Create a space that helps you make the most of your study time. Do you need absolute quiet or do you prefer to have loud music playing? Do you like working at the kitchen table in the midst of everything or do you a quiet room with the door shut? Know your own style and create the space you need.

So what:
Why is this important?

What does it mean to me?

中国炒房客买家席卷全球 未来10年或投7500亿美元


Now what:

别了,《广告狂人》(Mad Men)。别了,那些追踪每集情节(更重要的是,每集服装)的博客和粉丝网站。
Although Guo has not given any timetable for her retirement, her announcement at December's East Asian Games about a possible one-year hiatus is a clear enough signal. From all evidence, her relationship with Fok seems to have entered another stage. Unless they truly believe that the Chinese lunar calendar warns against a "widow's year" in 2010, we might well see Miss Guo become Mrs Fok.

曲美家居拟6000万元设立合资家居公司 持股60%

5. Emma Stone

Are you ready?

What is STIs?
Sexually-transmitted infection or STI, also known as sexually-transmitted disease (STD) is a communicable disease that is spread by a pathogen (disease-causing organism) from one person to another person through sexual contact.

单词affected 联想记忆:
(传说中的中心对称!!!!)不过Illuminati的对称文已经遗失,下面的对称文是Dan Brown在写《天使与魔鬼》的时候找朋友设计的。 就《天使与魔鬼》一书描述,尽管很多人怀疑该组织的真实性,但光照派的确存在,至今如此,并且已经渗入了当今各个领域,尤其是很多共济会成员都在其中。
vt. 转移,分心

If the timing of your job search allows, Foss recommends beefing up your LinkedIn profile gradually (and thus inconspicuously). Or better yet, work on it when you're not job searching。
今日,麦高恩在杂志Sunday Times Magazine上对性侵维权运动做出不雅评论,头一天布雷特·卡瓦诺法官刚在最高法院中宣誓就职,并于当天否认了性侵控告。
Essentially this reform will help the government to focus on performing its due role more effectively instead of overreaching itself, because that will only tie down our businesses, cut government’s efficiencies and even public credibility.

Comparing regions within specific categories of costs, the EIU notes that Asian cities are the most expensive for grocery shopping, with Seoul in South Korea the priciest for food. European cities are the most expensive in terms of recreation and entertainment.

Let’s Review
1. What is a sexually transmitted infection?
2. What is abstinence, and why is abstinence the only certain way to prevent STIs? Knowing About STIs
Teens are the age group most likely to get STIs that is why it is important for teens to learn about STIs Study the table below and identify sexually transmitted infections. Make a summary and identify the major ways on how to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

全国一季度个人房贷增1万亿 或是房价暴涨推手

Genital herpes

(causative agent)

洗牌加速 产销分离或可助陶企取暖过冬


Herpes Simplex-2 Virus

Neisseria gonorrhoea bacterium

Treponema Pallidum bacterium
Long term effects
Immune systems failure, severe illness leading to death,8-10 years to see signs of infection, infection of infants leading to death In women, pelvic inflammation with abdominal pain, fever, menstrual bleeding, ectopic pregnancy In men, enlarged lymph glands of the groin, infection of the testicles. Infection during birth can cause blindness or illness in newborn If left untreated, it may cause cervical cancer in women and cause deformities in unborn babies Sterility, liver disease, testicular disease, infection of heart lining, eye infections for newborn leading to blindness If left untreated, mental illness, heart and kidney damage, and death may result Prevention measures

Abstinence from sexual intercourse and from use of intravenous drugs Abstinence from sexual intercourse
Abstinence from sexual intercourse and from use of intravenous drugs Abstinence from sexual intercourse and from use of intravenous drugs Abstinence from sexual intercourse and from se of intravenous drugs What are HIV and AIDS?

adj. 优雅的,精美的,俊美的
Unlike most boy-band dudes going solo, he never sounds like he's sweating to get taken seriously – he never loses touch with the exuberance and swagger he brought to One Direction in the first place. So get used to this man – you'll be hearing a lot more from him.
Helu came in fourth in Forbes' 2016 list of 1,810 billionaires, behind Gates, Zara's Amancio Ortega and business mogul Warren Buffett, respectively.
Length of program: 19 months

Two United States cities have seen significant increases in costs, with Los Angeles rising 19 places to enter the top 10.
adj. 人口统计学的

Activity 1. Deal or no deal
Let us deal with how HIV AIDS can be transmitted from one person to another. The following chart lists ways of acquiring HIV. If the manner is false, put an X on the No Column meaning no deal, but if the manner is an actual way of acquiring HIV put an X in the Yes Column meaning we need to deal it.

Ways of Acquiring HIV

1. Breastfeeding .

2. Handshaking


2018年上半年武汉楼市整体保持平稳 新房成交量同比降24%

5.Selling blood in blood banks

日媒:中国网贷资金流入楼市 成房价暴涨推手之一

7.Hugging someone with HIV


玛戈特·瓦尔斯特伦(Margot Wallstrom)

四川大学招揽“熊猫人才” 最高给出300万元科研经费

地产股早盘大跌! 政治局会议表态:坚决遏制房价上涨

12. Mosquito bites



寒意逼人 家居业被迫“寒冬”提价

红木市场冷清 业内称红木家具价格已经触底

Han emphasized that the risk of infection still remains because college students, who are sexually active, might have unprotected sex because they are susceptible to external influences.
"The Hunger Games" star ranks first on the 2012 edition of's "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" list. The poll, which collected more than 2.4 million votes, asked the website's readers to choose their favorite female celebrities based on their looks, personality, talent and other desirable characteristics.
n. 公开;宽阔;率真
On Her Majesty's Secret Service gets an honorable mention on our list of James Bond Theme songs.
Global warming and a powerful El weather event combined to make 2015 the planet’s hottest year since modern records began in the 1800s, according to scientists, who warned this year could be even warmer.

I learned that HIV can be transmitted by ___________
I learned that HIV cannot be transmitted by_________________ 1

新飞股权网拍成交 康佳4.55亿元竞得

Five development concept of innovation, harmonization, green, openness and sharing
Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
The December budget deal was hardly the kind of confidence-boosting agreement Washington has been debating for years. But at least it hit the pause button on the serial brinkmanship that threatened to derail the recovery each of the past three years.

Mode of Transmission
Ways to prevent and control

Sexual Contact
(Infected Body Fluids, Blood . Semen).
Injecting drug and sharing infected needles



Activity 3 Good Reasons for Abstinence
How will you define abstinence? Have you experience giving up one thing in your life in one-week period? Try this with a partner or classmate. Choose one or two from the activityies. 1. You will refrain from any of the following activity- watching television, not eating a particular food, or not playing a particular game or sport for the entire one-week period. 2. During that time, you will keep a diary of your feelings and attitudes about being “abstinent.”

3. After a week is up, you and some of your classmates will meet in small groups and share your feelings and discoveries.
Answer the following questions in your small group.:

a. How hard was it to abstain for the entire week?
b. Did it get more or less difficult as the week went by? Explain. c. Did
friends or family members try to tempt you during the time period? d. How did you handle the pressure?
Abstinence is _____________________________________________. Now what is sexual abstinence? How can sexual abstinence keep a person from getting pregnant and protect them from STIs HIV AIDS? Some people choose abstinence for other reasons as well.

For both, opponents are enemies rather than fellow citizens who think differently.
上周六,土耳其外交部长被禁止入境荷兰参加为埃尔多安宪法改革争取支持的拉票活动,两国间这场外交风波由此开始。全副武装的荷兰警方还在土耳其另一位部长法蒂玛?贝图?萨扬?卡亚(Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya)前往鹿特丹的集会途中将其拦下,并护送至荷德边境。

The web portal, which has put mobile technology at the heart of a plan to turn around its struggling fortunes, has turned to British teenager Nick D’Aloisio and Summly, which automatically summarises news stories for the small screen.
Such highlighted talents also include cult director David Lynch of the United States and the versatile Taiwan filmmaker Sylvia Chang, whose representative works are on the recommended lineup.
Crucially, they note, instability and conflict around the world could continue to drive inflation and affect the costs of living within certain cities.

Activity 4

Reason for choosing abstinence
Your name______
(Your thoughts concerning this reason)


Peter and Joanna



建材市场涂料产品鱼龙混杂 品牌涂料靠不住


Complete response with detailed explanation
Good Response
With clear explanation
Explanation is not clear
Misses key points

Shows complete understanding of the question
Shows substantial understanding
Response shows some understanding
Response shoes lack of understanding

Sensible opinions
Complete response with bright opinion
Meets the sensible opinion
Hardly makes sensible opinion
Does not meet sensible opinions

Total points

Government Policies in the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and other STIs Republic Act No. 8504 also known as Philippine AIDS Law
Government efforts in ensuring a clean blood supply to prevent issues and Problems related to sexuality (RA

北上广深楼市回暖加速 二手房业主为涨价不惜毁约

Let’s Appreciate
What is the government doing to protect the health of the Family in terms of STIs HIV AIDS? How are you protected in case of blood donation and blood transfusion?

Here’s more….
Have you donated blood? Or received blood transfusion?
How does it feel? There is a law that covers the proper ways to give and receive blood services.

Activity 1 Let’s Think Critically

第二步 重复标志性动作
'She does wear wigs and crowns and fancy dresses but I don't give her spray tans or cake her in makeup - I'll wait until she's about five for that.'
Total program cost: $168,000
I am so excited to be hosting the Oscars for the second time. You know what they say - the third time's the charm.
But that may be overly pessimistic, says Mr Talbot. “Things in Asia do have a habit of moving faster than we think,” he says.

开发商称九成房企将会倒下 三类企业很危险

尽管金融行业整体趋势向上,但相较于男性,女老板执掌的企业筹得的资金历来处于落后状态。例如,2013年上半年,寻求融资的企业中,老板是女性的企业仅占16%,而其中又仅有24%的女性接受了天使资金。Plum Alley是一家为女性创业者提供在线商务服务的平台,最近该公司推出了一个专注于帮助女性创新者推进到下一个事业阶段的众筹平台。作为呈现爆炸式增长趋势的众筹领域(预计明年规模将达到39.8亿美元)中的首个此类平台,我们应该能看到Plum Alley在未来一年中在女性创业领域扮演重要角色。
The prices are tough for ordinary Brazilians to afford. The minimum wage in the country is $330 a month, just about what Ferreira said she earns.
6.Gal Gadot

Activity 3 Tracing the Link

The drug, the blood, the alcohol connections to STI HIV AIDS


Read the article below

China’s outbound non-financial investment fell 40.9 per cent during the ten months through October, according to official figures, reflecting the enduring impact of strict capital controls.
'I think South Korea has a very rigorous and narrow definition of beauty because we’re an ethnically homogenous society and everyone looks pretty much the same. It is also related to low self-esteem.
‘Homeland’ This Showtime espionage thriller seemed destined for irrelevance after Brody (Damian Lewis) was finally killed at the end of Season 3. Season 4 has so far turned out to be remarkably vital and exhilarating without him, this time by pitting Carrie (Claire Danes) against a beautiful, deceitful Pakistani intelligence officer, Tasneem, (Nimrat Kaur).
Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?
In this Jan. 15, 2008, file photo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new MacBook Air after giving the keynote address at the Apple MacWorld Conference in San Francisco
Sometimes Anna’s hair, which is lighter than Ms. Chastain’s natural color, is pulled back, creating layers and a bit of playfulness, but still maintaining authority.
6.Put people first

But Choupette isn't only a kept kitty, for she made more than £2.3million in one year alone after appearing in just two ad campaigns — one for Japenese beauty product Shu Uemura, and for German car company Vauxhall.
普华永道表示:“我们目前正在调查如何能发生这样的事,并对发生此事深感遗憾。被提名人、电影艺术与科学学院(the Academy)、美国广播公司(ABC)、以及吉米?基梅尔对这一情况处置得体,我们表示感谢。”

1. How can drinking alcohol leads to STI HIV ?
_____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 2. What are the dangers of using shared needles in tattooing, or shared syringe in injecting drugs? ______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

3. Have you donated blood? Or received blood transfusion?
How does it feel?
There is a law that covers the proper ways to give and receive blood services. It is RA 7719 or the Blood Services act of 1994. What is Blood Services Act of 1994 (RA 7719 )?
______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Why is it important that blood donors be qualified to donate blood? Can you relate this law to STI and HIV/AIDS protection and prevention? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Day Eight


5. 弗莱德·赫什三人组(Fred Hersch Trio),《漂浮》(Floating), Palmetto。赫什目前的钢琴三人组由约翰·艾伯特(John Hébert)担任贝斯,埃里克·麦克菲森(Eric McPherson)担任鼓手,他们有着精确的优雅。这张专辑的结构如同一场夜间俱乐部演出,包括若干重新编配的标准曲,以及几首强劲而充满情感的原创曲,有着强大的表现力。
埃尔多安表示,德国总理安格拉?默克尔(Angela Merkel)“与荷兰没有什么不同”,并敦促移居海外的土耳其人不要在即将到来的欧洲选举中投票支持“现任政府和种族主义者”。要在今年9月成功竞选连任,默克尔面临一场硬仗。
For all of the acceptance speech kerfuffle when Gwyneth Paltrow won best actress for her role as Viola de Lesseps in John Madden’s 1998 film Shakespeare in Love, the Hollywood star has since said she keeps the award tucked away – “the thing freaks me out”.
Length of program: 13 to 15 months
The fruit is placed into the mold when it's young and undeveloped.

Activity 1 Interactive Video

"Well, I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America," the former secretary of state replied. "And 50 percent of America is women, right?"
Thank you,

Activity 2: Investigative Reporting HIV/AIDS
Visit your school clinic or barangay health center.
Interview a health personnel about HIV/AIDS using the following guide questions: What is HIV? What is AIDS?
What are the signs and symptoms of Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) How can HIV/AIDS be spread from one person to another person? What are the effects of HIV/AIDS to our body?

How can HIV and AIDS be prevented?
Report the information that you have gathered in class. Compare this with what you already learned in class.

Activity 3 I Believe

Will emerging market GDP growth pass 5 per cent
In early December, authorities announced that market circuit breakers would be introduced become effective from January 1 in an effort to limit the volatility seen during the savage, summer sell-off from June. The circuit breakers would see trading in shares, options and futures halted for 15 minutes if they fell by more than 5 per cent. On their first day of use, that first threshold was breached just after the return from the lunchbreak, prompting a 15-minute halt.
China is now home to over 80,000 trade markets and total retail sales of consumer goods would reach 30 trillion yuan this year with consumption contributing to about 60 percent of total GDP growth, Gao said.
Hilcorp Energy:能源公司的个性化奖励

Activity 4 Just Say NO!
How to say no and remain friendly to someone you like?


它还体现在萝塞拉·亚尔迪尼(Rossella Jardini)为莫斯奇诺(Moschino)设计的2009年春夏系列的蝴蝶结和宽松裙子上以及以玛丽·匡特(Mary Quant)为灵感的2013年春季系列中。
今年银幕上的发型和化妆各式各样,大胆新颖,从《魔法黑森林》(Into the Woods)中女巫卷曲、蓬乱的蓝色调鬃毛,到《激乐人心》(Get On Up)中詹姆斯·布朗(James Brown)微微发亮、精心塑造的大背头。有时,秃头也能发挥作用,比如《法老与众神》(Exodus: Gods and Kings)中拉美西斯的秃头、重眼影造型。
Investors are divided as to whether the anticipated rate increase by the US Federal Reserve tomorrow has already played out, or will intensify stress for indebted companies and economies.
WHAT: A house with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and two half-bathrooms
2008年,詹纳作为顾问与印度达拉维一家呼叫中心的员工进行了交流。达拉维是南亚最大的贫民窟。那名工人说有数以百万计的无业村民具备有与他一样的能力。詹纳说:“我想:‘有没有可能利用外包为数十亿人每个人带来几美元,而不是为少数富人带去数十亿美元?’” 于是,她成立了撒马源公司(Samasource),用这个高科技平台帮助贫困的女性和年轻人获得谷歌(Google)、商务社交媒体公司LinkedIn和微软(Microsoft)等公司的数字项目。到目前为止,这个非盈利机构已经帮助16,000人脱离了贫困。近期,它还在美国成立了一个国内项目SamaUSA,主要面向居住在旧金山的低收入学生。

The U.S. is set to add nearly 3 million jobs in 2014 — the biggest increase since 1999. The burst in job creation, expected to continue in 2015, is sure to fuel consumer spending. So, too, will a plunge in gasoline prices that's given households extra cash to spare on other goods and services. See: Americans saved $14 billion as gasoline prices declined in 2014.

第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”

Technique of saying NO

The Response

Whats Your Response?
Maintain eye contact and say NO firmly
Person A: Do you want to smoke cigarette

Person B: NO,( firmly)

新闻分析:多角度精准发力 缓解小微企业融资难题


Person A: Do you
want to be my drinking buddy?

拥抱互联网+ 传统陶瓷企业“智”造升级

人民日报:除了5000元的个税起征点 你更应关注这三个改变




Change the subject

Try suggesting something better to do with your time,
Person B: Let’s smoke.
Person A: I think it would be better if we eat instead.

________________________________________________________________-______ Match verbal with
non-verbal communication

Shake your head and say NO !


The June announcement of collaboration between Google and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to create a new line of Google Glass underscored Silicon Valley’s current strategy to enlist the fashion elite to sanction wearables as de rigueur.


Activity 5

The Suicide Squad is scheduled for an August 5th 2016 release.

1. A friend inviting you to drink alcohol after school
2. Ramon told you to cut classes so you can attend a birthday party. 3. Carmen invited you to try smoking.

Activity 6. Check it out:
1. Find out what government agencies are responsible for educating the public about HIV/ AIDS in our country. List them in your notebook and write their specific task/s. 2. How does the government protect the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS? 3. What services are available for people living with HIV/AIDS? How can they avail of these services? 4. What will be your behavior toward a person with HIV/AIDS? What will you tell her/him? SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT



Activity 1
Let us apply what have you learn. Design a poster that tells teenager on how to avoid STIs and HIV/AIDs using Abstinence and Refusal Skill.

Activity 2 Applying Health Knowledge
1. Design a booklet or a health journal entitled “STI and HIV/ AIDS ALERT” that summarizes the major points presented in the lesson. 2. What steps should public health agencies take to further control the spread of STI and HIV/AIDS? 3. As a teenager, how will you avoid being infected by this disease? 4. You will need parental involvement. Ask your parent or another adult at home how they learned about blood donation, STIs and AIDS/HIV. Ask them about the accuracy of the information. Seek advice from your parents on how you can prevent being infected by HIV/ AIDS 5. Community Involvement. Find out what kind of services are available to help people who have
HIV/AIDs in your community. Look also in your community measures they are doing in relation to Blood donations. Prepare a report to share your findings with your classmates

Activity 3 Thinking Critically
1. Application. Develop a law of your own that you think would be effective in the prevention and control of STIs HIV/AIDS. Explain your thinking. 2. Application. The only known way to prevent a kind of STI is to abstain from sexual contact. What strategies can you suggest that would be effective in telling this concept to teens who are already sexually active?

郑州一楼盘延期交房9个月 开发商称全都怪天气

Activity 4 Critical thinking

The North has already warned that Park will "pay for his crimes in blood" if copies of the film make it across the border.

1. Write all your answers in your health journal.
2. Post your decisions in the form of sticker messages on the bulletin board or in any display board

3. Suggest activities for you and your class to decide.
a. You may want to present a theater presentation on how you will prevent and Protect yourself from contacting STIs and HIV/AIDS b. Organize a Parent’s forum on STI and HIV/AIDS. Invite your teachers, and parents to this information campaign. c. Start a students’ advocacy campaign on how teenagers can be protected from HIV AIDS Independent Study

Activity 5
Check yourself. Reflect and Understand
After you complete the guided practice review and answer the questions below to review what you have learned 1. In your own words, can you give the difference between HIV and AIDS. 2. What are the four ways that HIV can be passed from one person to another person? 3. If you become HIV positive,
what will you do to prevent AIDS? And what will you do to live longer? 4. AIDS is not curable but it is preventable. What are the best methods of prevention? 5. Name two ways teenagers can do to reduce the risk of HIV infection. 6. How can using alcohol and illegal drugs increase a person’s risk of having HIV infection?

Use the chart below in answering the items
Think back on something that you learned on this Learning Materials. Reflect on the following questions and then write your answers on the box. 1) What did you learn?

政策暖风频吹为去库存 不等于鼓励楼市再生虚火

3) Why did you choose to learn it?
4) What/Who helped you learn it?

5) What hindered your learning?
6) How did you know that you had learned it?

Supplemental Readings
The Government must promote education and information campaigns. Schools and non-formal education programs must include HIV/ AIDS education. The DOH must conduct public health education campaigns.

2016年的年度色彩与以往不同,它是两种颜色的组合:粉水晶(Rose Quartz,一种矿物粉色)和宁静蓝天(Serenity,一种淡蓝色)。在该公司的网站上,这两种颜色浑然融为一体,看不清它们的界线。
宾夕法尼亚州圣约瑟夫大学(Saint Joseph’s University)的Haub商学院(Haub School of Business)是唯一一所首次上榜的学院,排在第98位。
What’s in a shade? If you are Pantone, the “color authority” and the dominant color trend forecaster, and you get to choose a “color of the year” every year, potentially a lot. It could include determining fashion’s direction (these are the hues that inform the fabrics that get bought by designers that get made into your clothes), influencing interiors, and even affecting how food appears. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so much political and philosophical import attached to a color decision as I have for the 2016 “Color of the Year.”

It is against the law to give false or intentionally misleading information

Article 2
The Government will develop and promote safe medical practices All blood, organs, and tissue for donation will be tested. If it tests positive, it will be disposed of safely, and not used. The DOH will provide guidelines on safe surgery and medical procedures. Article 3

Mr Li said the economy’s strength came as a result of the government shunning strong stimulus policies and its push for supply-side reforms.
Buyers and Sellers

The DOH will make adequate and affordable HIV testing available in all of the barangays in the Philippines. Article 4
The Government will ensure adequate health and support services for people with HIV. Hospitals will provide adequate care for persons with HIV.
LGUs must provide community-based prevention and care efforts. Livelihood efforts will be made available for people with HIV. The DOH is to do STD prevention and control efforts.
The DOH is to make sure that health insurance is available to people with HIV.

Article 5
The Government will monitor HIV/AIDS
The Government will establish an AIDSWATCH council.
Reporting procedures will be developed to track HIV rates, while respecting client confidentiality. Contract tracing is permitted provided confidentiality is not breached.

Article 6
Confidentiality will be protected on HIV status.
All healthcare workers and anyone handling health records will strictly preserve patient confidentiality on HIV status, and the identity of people with HIV. HIV status can be shared by health officials in three circumstances; officials of the AIDSWATCH council, health workers who are
involved in treatment and need to know for their own safety, and a judge if under subpoena for an official court case. HIV results may be given to the person tested, an official of the AIDSWATCH council, and a parent or guardian. It cannot be given to anyone else. Legal penalties can be provided for breaching confidentiality. People with HIV must inform spouses and sex partners as soon as reasonably possible.

Article 7
Discrimination against people with HIV is illegal.
Employers cannot discriminate in hiring, firing, promoting, or assigning based on actual or suspected HIV status. Schools are not allowed to refuse admission, punish students, or deny participation in activities based on real or perceived HIV status. A person with HIV has the legal right to travel, live, and lodge with the same freedom as any other citizen. Quarantines and other restrictions are illegal. A person with HIV has every legal right to seek public office. Credit services cannot be denied based on HIV status. Insurance cannot be refused based on HIV status, provided the person does not lie about their HIV status. Hospitals can health services cannot refuse treatment or discriminate based on HIV status. Decent burials cannot be denied based on HIV status.

Legal penalties for discrimination will be enforced.
Article 8
The government will establish a Philippine National AIDS Council This council will be responsible for implementing the act and conducting all national AIDS performances.

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