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Doc Willie Ong may pabigas, bitamina sa mga purdoy

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Late last year, the World Health Organization declared that Zika virus was no longer a global emergency. But the disease’s effects on babies who may live for decades are only beginning to be understood. In northeastern Brazil, where links between the virus and birth defects like microcephaly were first detected, families struggle to give the best lives possible to stricken babies. Researchers hope to find clues about the virus’s effects on the fetus by studying pairs of twins in Brazil in which one was born with birth defects and the other was not.
n. 终极,根本,精华

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10月一二线城市房价涨幅回落 天津房产市场降温


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Form without content. Which is why devolving to such familiar forms seems like a safe bet, and why it really isn’t. It’s empty and disposable — which is in turn why the 1960s keep being identified as a “trend,” with the associated implication that at some point they will also be identified as “over.” Even though that “over” has yet to come.

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