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贵州:新型建材助推新型山地特色城镇化 Stock Info: As on 2018-05-24 15:57:49



52 Week Range
Day's Range146.39 - 178.92
Value Traded (in ₹ Cr.) 46.07



Change %
52 Week Range
Day's Range146.39 - 178.92
Value Traded (in ₹ Cr.) 5.00

Stock Exchange

Category No. Of Shares Share %
ForeignPromoters 0.00 0.00%
IndianPromoters 1,277,520,203.00 64.01%
Mutual Funds/UTI 104,397,227.00 5.23%
FII 183,503,993.00 9.20%
Employee 0.00 0.00%
Public 205,744,145.00 10.31%
Government 0.00 0.00%
Others 213,306,773.00 10.69%

Key Statistics

Valuation Measures
Market Cap / Sales Ratio 78.08
Basic EPS (Rs.) 0.71
Cash EPS 1.42
BVPerShare Excl 23.41
Operating Revenue 1.58
PBDITPerShare 1.66
Dividend 0.80
NPPerShare 1.42
Current Ratio 0.89
Quick Ratio 0.89
PriceToBV 5.27
Earnings 0.01
PBDIT Margin 104.86
PBT Margin 88.30
NP Margin 89.58
Return On Assets 3.89
Retention Ratios 0.00
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total Income 314.89
Total Expenses 69.78
EBITDA 291.07
PBT 245.11
PAT 248.66
Net Income 248.66
Parameter Sep-17 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total Income 50.43
Total Expenses 9.19
EBITDA 41.22
PBT 13.40
PAT 13.03
Net Income 0.00
Total Assets
Total Assets
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total share capital 2,969.12
Net worth 6,537.13
Investments 5,644.17
Total Liability 6,377.76
Total debt -239.50
Net block 0.03
Total Assets 6,377.76
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total share capital 2,966.80
Net worth 5,187.34
Investments 5,571.01
Total Liability 5,954.86
Total debt 597.59
Net block 0.27
Total Assets 5,954.86
Company Curr Price Prev. Close Change% W's Low/High

5Paisa Capital Ltd.

362.2 373.15 -2.93

Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.

141.9 140.95 0.67

Aditya Birla Money Ltd.

60.8 62.2 -2.25

Alankit Ltd.

31.25 31.35 -0.32
“二次选房”成自住房标配 去化率高于商品房 30.3 30.1 0.66

Arman Financial Services Ltd.

376 367.35 2.35

ATN International Ltd.

0.2 0.2 0
Company Curr Price Prev. Close Change% W's Low/High

5Paisa Capital Ltd.

361.2 377.05 -4.2

A F Enterprises Ltd.

1.81 1.9 -4.74

Aagam Capital Ltd.

46.5 46.9 -0.85

AAR Commercial Company Ltd.

5 0 0

Aasheesh Securities Ltd.

0.73 0.76 -3.94

Abhinav Capital Services Ltd.

69.5 69.5 0

Abhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd.

1.44 1.44 0
Parameter Mar-17(in ₹ Cr.)
Cash from operating activities -126.13
Cash from investing activities -56.02
Cash from financing activities 144.09
Net change in cash -38.06

Stock Held By Mutual Fund Schemes

Corporate Details

About Management

2. LinkedIn. Brand love: 47% / Rank: 309
节目35 歌曲《美丽中国》,沙宝亮 徐千雅
It was the fastest growth rate among the top 10 countries on the EPO's patent-filing league table.
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Accelerating price growth for new housing in cities across China lost more steam in November amid a flurry of purchasing curbs in major cities, though price gains from a year earlier remained comfortably in double-digit territory.
“多年以来,我们看到中国增长势如破竹,而美国增长率却在下降,”保险商耆卫(Old Mutual)旗下资产管理公司Old Mutual Global Investors的亚洲股票业务主管乔希?克拉布(Josh Crabb)说,“但是,交易量下降得相当厉害,所以我们并不真的确定当前价格到底如何。看起来,香港市场的基本面展望非常严峻。”
Imports grew 3.1 per cent year-on-year in dollar terms to $168.6bn in December after growing a revised 4.7 per cent (previously 6.7 per cent) the previous month. That rate was roughly in line with a median forecast of 3 per cent growth.
Chinese mainland is home to two of the top three universities in Asia, according to research published last Thursday by the Times Higher Education (THE).
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Promoting social development to ensure and improve the wellbeing of our people
Bernard Baumohl 作为Economic Outlook Group的首席经济学家,表示他甚至更乐观的认为接下来的两年将会成为至少近十年以来形势最好的两年,他还称“有很多证据充分的表明了经济正在恢复的势头”。
“One guy hired a marching band to accompany his announcement.”
There are, for example, clear differences in the way the products are pitched to investors in the US and Asia. A high proportion — some estimate 90 per cent — of funds in Asia are commission-based. This disadvantages ETFs because they are openly traded on stock exchanges and are not structured to pay commissions to banks, brokerages or financial advisers that might recommend them, unlike the mutual fund industry in the region.
据中国保监会(Insurance Regulatory Commission)公布数字,上半年利润总额1055.86亿元人民币(合159亿美元),同比减少1241.99亿元人民币,下降54.05%。
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Major areas of work for 2017
The official non-manufacturing PMI came in at 54.3 in October, down from a recent peak of 55.4 a month prior. A key sub-index for the services sector likewise fell 0.9 points from its September peak to 53.5. Even the construction industry appeared worse off, with a sub-index for the sector dropping 2.6 points to 58.5.
“It was the real 'I have to do this' moment,” he says.
Along with having her artwork featured on Google's homepage, Zhang wins a $30,000 college scholarship. In addition, her school will receive a $50,000 Google for Education technology grant, and the company is donating $20,000 in her name to a charity dedicated to bringing clean water to schools in Bangladesh.
New residential property prices in China grew faster in October despite a slew of restrictions on purchases,
vt. 控制
Will Tesla produce more than 250,000 Model 3s
The official Facebook page for students admitted to join the Harvard Class of 2021 warns students that "Harvard College reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission under various conditions including if an admitted student engages in behavior that brings into question his or her honesty, maturity, or moral character".
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Sixty-one percent of Chinese college students who graduated in 2014 are satisfied with their current jobs, a survey has revealed.
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Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

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