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Finance Guru Speaks: This article will guide you on how to block your SBI Credit Card due to Fraud and later reissue a new Credit Card.

How To Block and Reissue SBI Credit Card

As the usage of Credit Cards has increased, the risks of fraud have also gone up. We tend to store our Card details on various websites for some Subscription or one-time Payment activities. This leads to Suspicious transactions without our knowledge.

Once any Suspicious transaction is generated, the Credit Card company normally stops or put a hold on that transaction and requests the Card Owner to cross-check the authenticity. If the Suspicious transaction is not authorized by the Card Owner, the Credit Card gets blocked for Safety purpose and a new Card gets issued to avoid such mischievous frauds in the future.

This article will help you in sharing the steps to block your SBI Credit Card due to some suspicious transactions and reissue a new Credit Card for your safety.

Steps to Block and Reissue your SBI Credit Card:-

1. Once a Suspicious Transaction has happened, you will receive an SMS or Email from SBI. Contents of which are:-
How To Block and Reissue SBI Credit Card
2. Login to SBI Credit Card Website or Mobile App using your Username and Password. For this article, we will use SBI Credit Card Mobile App to perform the required steps.

3. As soon as you open the Mobile App, you will be shown the below screen. Make sure to check your Card details, Reason as Suspicious transaction, your correct Address. Click on SUBMIT button:-
How To Block and Reissue SBI Credit Card
4. You will get the confirmation Service Request No. once you submit the request. 

Now, click on REQUEST FOR A NEW CARD button to reissue a new Card:-
How To Block and Reissue SBI Credit Card

Congratulations! You have successfully blocked your SBI Credit Card and reissued a new one.
How To Block and Reissue SBI Credit Card

Images Courtesy: SBI Credit Card Mobile App

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