I am a non-native learner of English. This is the "yod-dropping" issue, when it comes to pronouncing words with letter ''T'', is it ok to pronounce some words British style and others American? Like:

I wanted(''wah-ned'', American) a better(''be-tza'', British) solution.

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    Is it "OK" - well, there is no language police that is going to come and take you to prison. The worst that might happen is that you will sound a little strange. But each of us has our own idiolect and our own peculiarities. – stangdon Apr 25 '18 at 2:16
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    By the way, the British pronunciation of better doesn't sound like "be-tza" to this US English speaker: there is no voiced sibilant there. I think you might be hearing the more emphasized t sound as a sibilant. – stangdon Apr 25 '18 at 2:23

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Because of that, I would pick a style & stick to it.
It's quite likely, depending on the strength of your trade-mark, that native speakers wouldn't notice the differences if you switched from one to the other anyway.

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Having said that, we don't know what your native accent/language is.
In hugely broad terms - if you're Northern European people will probably think you speak with an Americanised accent anyway. Southern European or really anywhere further afield, people will have far less certainty. If you're Asian or South East Asian, most un-travelled people won't be able to tell which you are aiming for most of the time.
People who have themselves travelled a lot will always have an easier time of it when communicating with another traveller, wherever they're from. It's just the way of the world.

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    Oops. Thank you for the edit @userr2684291 - I hadn't spotted my failure to escape the ` I'd used as fake glottal stops. – gone fishin' again. Apr 29 '18 at 16:18

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