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Lloyd Cafe Cadena's mother breaks silence on YouTuber's death; thanks Ivana Alawi 

by Rachelle Siazon
Oct 1, 2020
Lorita Cafe Cadena (left photo) on son Lloyd's death: "Mahirap man tanggapin, tanggapin na lang natin kasi alam kong mahal si Lloyd ng Panginoon kaya kinuha na siya."
PHOTO/S: Lloyd Cafe Cadena Instagram / Ivana Alawi Youtube

Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, nagsalita na ang ina ng Lloyd Cafe Cadena na si Lorita Cafe Cadena tungkol sa biglaang pagpanaw ng 26-year-old YouTuber.

市场“寒气”弥漫 涂料企业如何另寻出路?

起底黑中介骗财手段:想方设法逼走租客 不退押金

An increasing amount of clients are non-Koreans, from China, Japan, the Middle East and even Africa, and ministers believe medical tourism will help boost the Korean economy.

"Their political leanings are even affecting how they experience weather, which is pretty fascinating," said Cox.

The Globes are unique in celebrating both film and television. Perhaps more than ever before, those lines were blurred Sunday, capping a year in which TV was much celebrated as the more dynamic storytelling medium. The beloved and now concluded 'Breaking Bad' earned some of the night's loudest cheers for its first Globe wins: best drama TV series and best actor in a drama for Bryan Cranston.

This quote is the only one picked for the list that didn’t come originally from the Web, but rather from the real world. A government official evading a journalist’s persistent question about the annual total of car loans repaid in Tianjin simply said, “We can’t go into detail on this matter,” which apparently Netizens found really laughable.

Goldie Blox is a toy company on a mission to redefine the “pink aisle” in toy stores. Men dramatically outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers, with girls largely losing interest in these topics by age 8. Goldie Blox toys are designed to inspire future engineers by engaging girls in a way that draws on their strong verbal and storytelling skills — while still offering opportunities to build the skills that can later translate into an interest in engineering. And speaking of opportunity, how does a start-up toy company stand out against the big names that have been dominating the toy space since the beginning of time? In a savvy move, Goldie Blox recently released a video that went viral with their take on the Beastie Boys song “Girls.” Though the video was ultimately taken down, Goldie Blox did an excellent job raising awareness of the need to get more women and girls interested in STEM … and of the Goldie Blox toys.

江北一退房吸引24人报名 单价不到30000元/㎡


Barney Thompson is legal correspondent
Martin Wolf

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去字典里查一下“side-splitting humor”(令人捧腹大笑的幽默感)这个词,你可能会看到《嗨翻姐妹行》的预告片,这是2017年最搞笑的电影,没有争议。


Forbes said that much of the decline in Trump's net worth is due to softness in the midtown Manhattan real estate market.




"China is really in a tough position," Dr. Peters said. "Emissions have grown so much in the last 10 years or so that no matter how you look at China, it has an immense task."


Are you often irritable?

'But then what I do is I nudge him with a little reference to a newspaper article he happens to glance at which just reminds him that these things will give him cancer.

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经济效益提升 前7月四川建材企业实现利润124亿

With China now not only “fully integrated”, but perhaps starting to retreat from this position as it brings more of its supply chain onshore, unless Africa can succeed in following China’s path, he adds: “I think we are going back now to a situation where we don’t think there is any particular reason for trade to grow faster than GDP.”

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According to file-sharing news site TorrentFreak, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.9 million downloads per single episode. That number does not include online streaming and cyberlocker downloads, which would make the figure significantly higher. By contrast, "Game of Thrones" has an estimated 5.5 million TV viewers per single episode。

vt. 切成薄片,削

v. 商讨,向 ... 请教,查阅

What? Hasn't his firm made enough money off Bernanke's cheap money printing? So he's blaming 'lower growth on fiscal austerity, ' even as Bernanke keeps blowing up the Fed's balance-sheet bubble by trillions under the delusion he's America's savior because our dysfunctional Congress failed?

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Pushing ahead with the five priority tasks through reform

Si Lloyd ay may dalawang YouTube channels, na may 8.6 million subscribers.


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Lorita Cafe Cadena (left photo) on son Lloyd's death: "Mahirap man tanggapin, tanggapin na lang natin kasi alam kong mahal si Lloyd ng Panginoon kaya kinuha na siya."
PHOTO/S: Lloyd Cafe Cadena Instagram / Ivana Alawi Youtube
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