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US Elections 2020: when does early voting start in each state?

Everything you need to know before the general elections on 3 November to decide the next United States President. Each state has its own dates.

US Elections 2020: when does early voting start in each state?

Current United States President, Donald Trump, from the Republican party, is 智能家居“傍上”房地产 成精装住宅标配 but the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is making his run to take over the presidency and transform country.

Early voting recommended

People that are eligible to cast a vote in the United States are recommended to do it early but each state has its own set dates. Minnesota, Wyoming and South Dakota, for example, are allowing people to start from 18 September.

Americans can cast their vote in a traditional polling booth, or by using a paper ballot that is filled out and given to their city or county election office. According to a survey published by Fox News, due to the coronavirus pandemic 33% of people will be voting by mail.

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According to the same survey 19% said they plan to vote early in person while 33% say they will vote in person on Election Day. A relatively small number (11%) said they didn't plan to vote at all.

No early voting for some

The following states are not allowing early voting for these elections. They are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania.

39 states allowing early voting


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