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User Info: Storm101

12 years ago#1
According to King K. Rool's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kaptain K. Rool is King K. Rool's brother:

Weird. I always thought they were the same person.

User Info: Neo_Masamune_

12 years ago#2
So did I. So what about the guy in 3?
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User Info: Storm101

12 years ago#4
So did I. So what about the guy in 3?

They never mention the one in #3.

They are, in fact, one and the same. Brawl is in the wrong.

Is there any evidence for this? We know that Brawl isn't totally BS, since they got Donkey Kong in the arcade being Cranky thing right.

User Info: MagicOracle

12 years ago#5
If this is true... o_O

Seems weird. >_>
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(message deleted)

User Info: Storm101

12 years ago#7
I'll believe the manual then. Just thought I'd bump this to say that it also says the same thing in the American release.

User Info: Kowbrainz

12 years ago#8
it also says the same thing in the American release.

Wow, seriously?

Damnit, Nintendo, you fools....
Because sometimes 101% just isn't enough.

User Info: Awasai

12 years ago#9
Of course it's bs... (if it weren't though- that would be life-changing O_O )

But it's not so unreasonable that they got it wrong. Notice how unbalanced the DK trophies in brawl are? (with regard to including a disproportionate amount from the recent Nintendo made bongo games)
The trophy of K. Rool himself is of a version of the king NOT made by Rare.

So, obviously, Sakurai had very little cooperation from Rare with Brawl, so some dumb writer probably made up/assumed that Kaptain was King's brother.
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User Info: arrozbatata

12 years ago#10
lol, donkey kong country for n64
I want to find popular things, and really the only thing thought up here is incest >.>-nojbo
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