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★ Campfire Songs for Kids Compilation:
01. Jungle Boogie
02. Teeny Tiny
03. Weather
04. Animals Sound Fun
05. Train
06. Nodding, Nodding
07. Eentsy Weentsy Spider
08. The Lion
09. Move Like the Dinosaurs
10. Boom, Boom! Dino World
11. Ring Around The Roses
12. Five Little Monkeys
13. Rock Paper Scissors
14. Hide ’n Seek
15. Baby Animals
16. Tyrannosaurus-Rex
17. Dinosaur Parade
18. I’m a Chef Today
19. Food
20. Action
21. Where Is Daddy?
22. The Wheels on the Bus
23. Feelings
24. Night Animals

Nothing else matters, not even basic astronomy.
7.You Haven't Gotten a Raise in the Last Two Years

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