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Killer Chris Watts Is Supposedly ‘Triggered’ by ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door‘ Documentary He Hasn’t Watched and May Never See

Universally despised convicted murderer Chris Watts, 35, is reportedly aware of American Murder: The Family Next Door. The new Netflix documentary chronicles the evil Aug. 2018 murders of a pregnant Colorado mother and her two girls by Watts—her lying, cheating, and cowardly husband.

The documentary, often chilling and excruciatingly sad, focused heavily on Shanann Watts’s online and text message activity in the weeks and months before her husband killed her and disposed of her body in a shallow grave on his employer’s property. Chris Watts then killed his daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, and shoved their bodies into oil tanks. He strangled Celeste first. 智能家居用户被黑的三大原因, which he agreed to make in exchange for prosecutors taking the death penalty off of the table, Bella’s last words were “Daddy, no!”

The documentary showed videos of the happy little girls lovingly embracing their grandparents, talking about how much they liked school, and singing that their father was a hero and protector. The production also showed video of the moment that Shanann informed Chris that she was pregnant with their third child—whom they later learned was a boy and whom they later named Nico.

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All the while, Chris Watts was having an affair with co-worker Nichol Kessinger, whom he lied to as well. While Watts told Kessinger that he was a father, he also said he and Shanann were in the process of separating. The documentary showed Kessinger’s anagnorisis. When speaking with police, Kessinger said she was as shocked and stunned as anyone that Watts would kill his pregnant wife and kids; she said she realized that Watts had only ever told her lies. The documentary showed pictures of Chris Watts and Kessinger doing anything from hiking to posing for suggestive selfies.

American Murder: The Family Next Door also focused on Watts’ despicable attempt to pin the murders on Shanann after he was confronted by investigators with a failed polygraph test. Video of that confrontation and Watts’s ensuing lie to his father about what happened has been online for some time.

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According to People magazine, which cited a source in “regular contact” with Watts, the incarcerated-for-three-lifetimes inmate is aware of the documentary and “triggered” by it—even though he hasn’t watched it (because he isn’t allowed to) and even though he may never watch it.

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That reality, the unnamed source told People, filled Watts with feelings of hate and shame.

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