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Getting Vitamin D from Food

by Berkeley Wellness  

Few foods naturally contain significant amounts of vitamin D. Oily fish, cod liver oil, egg yolks, and some types of mushrooms are among the few natural sources.

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Natural sources Vitamin D (IU)*
Trout, rainbow, cooked, 3 oz 645
Salmon, sockeye, cooked, 3 oz** 450
Tuna, light, canned, in oil, 3 oz 230
Sardines, Atlantic, canned, in oil, 3 oz 165
Flounder/sole, cooked, 3 oz 130
Tuna, white, canned, in water, 3 oz 70
Egg, 1 large 45
Beef liver, 3 oz 40
Mushrooms, shiitake, fresh, 3 oz 25
Fortified foods
Mushrooms, enhanced, 3 oz*** 400
Milk, 8 oz 100
Orange juice or yogurt, 8 oz 100
Total cereal, ¾ cup 100
Infant formula, 8 oz 100
Raisin bran cereal, 1 cup 40