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Samsung gets FDA clearance for S Health app

By Jonah Comstock
10:28 am
Samsung's S Health app Samsung's S Health app

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Samsung's S Health app originally 央行“双降”后 二手房房贷咨询量不升反跌 in the summer of 2012. At the time, it received data from Lifescan’s OneTouch UltraMini/UltraEasy Blood Glucose Meter via a USB connection. It also worked with Omron’s blood pressure monitors and one of its body composition scales via Bluetooth, and similar devices from A&D.

That release never found its way to the US, possibly because of FDA clearance concerns. S Health finally launched in the US with the Galaxy S4, but rather than connecting to third party medical devices, it relied on manual entry and 百城价格指数继续上涨 楼市回暖态势有望延续: a weight scale, a heart rate strap, and a wrist-worn activity tracker. Those devices have still not been made available for purchase in the US, although the weight scale and heart rate strap can be purchased in Samsung's UK store.

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“S Health peripherals, specifically the Heart Rate Monitor Band and Connected Weight Scale, will be available before the end of the year,” the company told MobiHealthNews in an email last August. “Samsung is working on perfecting the S Band and will announce when we’re ready for its commercial launch.”

Meanwhile, Samsung has continued to work on the S Health app is several ways. In August the company added gamified avatar characters to the Korean version of the app. In October, Cigna and Samsung announced a multi-year partnership to 27日 沪深两市主力资金净流出378.78亿元.

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