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The DeWine-Husted Administration is focused on supporting businesses, communities, and families so all Ohioans can succeed. The resources and information available below are intended to support small businesses, bars and restaurants, and ease the burdens of Ohio families.

In This Together Ohio

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s new governor was sworn in Monday as the U.S. territory prepares for what many believe will be new austerity measures and a renewed push for statehood to haul the island out of a deep economic crisis.

Small Business Relief Grant

The Small Business Relief Grant is designed to provide relief to Ohio businesses that have been negatively affected by COVID-19.

The gig economy

Click here to apply.

Download Small Business Relief Grant Fact Sheet PDF.

Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund

The Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund is designed to assist Ohio’s on-premise liquor permit holders. Governor Mike DeWine has designated $38.7 million of funding received by the State of Ohio from the federal CARES Act to provide $2,500 assistance payments to on-premise liquor permit holders to help them through the financial difficulties experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. These permit holders have not been able to fully use their liquor permit and it’s had an impact on their business. The program, which will begin accepting applications November 2, 2020, will be administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Click here for more information on how to apply PDF.

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions PDF.

You must have an OH|ID to apply. If you do not have an OH|ID account, you can create one for free. Step-by-step instructions are available.

Click here to apply.

Home Relief Grant

Starting November 2, 2020, the state of Ohio, working with local Community Action Agencies, will help eligible Ohioans who are behind on rent, mortgage, and water and/or sewer utility bills catch up on past payments back to April 1, 2020 and provide additional assistance through December 30, 2020.

Ohioans can apply for assistance through their local Community Action Agency starting November 2, 2020.


Download Home Relief Grant Fact Sheet PDF.

Responsible RestartOhio

For up-to-date information on sector specific operating requirements, continued closures, and other resources related to the reopening of Ohio businesses, click here.

Personal Protective Equipment

Ohio Emergency PPE Makers’ Exchange The 民宿式“高考房”受追捧 考场周边星级酒店价格平稳, launched by the 三因素影响楼市走向 热点城市或稳中有降, is an online marketplace where organizations that need personal protective equipment (PPE) and related equipment can find a wide selection offered by Ohio manufacturers. This online exchange offers PPE and related equipment for health care workers, first responders, and small businesses. It’s especially well-suited for organizations that may have lower-volume needs, such as nursing homes, police departments, and small business employers.


The Alliance also has created this list of practical things manufacturers need to be thinking about and do today to prepare for COVID-19.

JobsOhio PPE Database Several Ohio companies are working to increase the supply of in-demand medical PPE. JobsOhio has partnered with OMA, the Administration and with our Regional Network partners to provide assistance. A list of manufacturers, distributors and potential contract manufacturers to connect with these resources is available through JobsOhio’s Ohio Safe. Ohio Working. website.

Ohio Minority Businesses Providing PPE A list of Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) certified companies selling PPE and related products and services is available here PDF.

Additional Resources In addition to the resources available via the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance and JobsOhio, the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services has compiled another list of vendors providing various PPE is available here PDF.

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Teach First自成立以来将5000名毕业生送入学校任教,与低收入地区的逾100万学生合作,帮助提高了教学质量,尤其是伦敦地区的教学质量。
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Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie: Regina King, “American Crime”
The best of 2015
3.The Andrea Yates Trial Inspired Desperate Housewives
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Preparing to Reopen
Preparing to reopen

Preparing to Reopen

Download this section as a fact sheet PDF

Though your business may be closed, now is the time to start preparing for your next chapter. We recommend you develop a well thought out plan for when you can open again. While not all businesses are brick and mortar, many of these tips can be applied to your business. Focusing on the highlighted areas below will help make the transition easier for you, your employees and your customers. People across the country are rooting for the small business community, making this an opportunity for you to solidify existing customer relationships and to welcome new customers.

  1. Plan Use your time now to develop a plan for your reopening the first 3 months. Consider what you have learned during this time that will benefit you and your business in the future. Define goals and create a to-do list of items with target deadlines. Develop and refine your disaster plan. Unfortunately as we’ve learned through this experience, disasters can happen to anyone and it’s a matter of “when” not “if” one will occur. Use this time to prepare for the next potential business interruption.
  2. Employees A successful relaunch and recovery of your business will depend on your ability to retain talent. Make employee engagement a priority.
    • 中国拒绝承认存在任何不当行为,并表示正在努力解决工业产能过剩的问题。随着中国经济增长放缓,该问题变得日益尖锐。
      In comparison, second-tier cities reported worsening congestion, an increase of 3.7% on average, with Chongqing, Changchun, Jiaxing and Shenyang leading the rate of growth at over 7%.
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      In the apparent belief that “lower for longer” now means “lower forever”, investors have been piling into EM assets in recent weeks.
    • 对家长而言,整天抱着孩子非常费劲,尤其是孩子越来越大、越来越重的时候。
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  3. Vendors Hopefully you have been communicating with your vendors throughout all of this. Remember your vendors are an important part of the team.
    • A new paper on the Dutch debacle, coauthored by Peter Koudijs at Stanford Graduate School of Business, turns up modern-day lessons about the not-so-scientific ways in which personal experience rather than market information can determine optimism, pessimism, and access to credit.
      Estimates for the size of the industry vary but Goldman Sachs figures suggest that sector loans grew from Rmb6bn to Rmb83bn between 2012 and 2014.
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      avail效用。参:availability(n 可用性,实用性)
  4. Customers It most likely will take more than a “We Are Open” sign to get customers back in the door.
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      ●"Woman arrested for defecating on boss’ desk after winning the lottery"
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      “It was the real 'I have to do this' moment,” he says.
    • 这家总部位于伊利诺伊州皮奥利亚的重型机械制造商于1月份批准了100亿美元的股票回购,预计将在今年一季度回购17亿股股票,以完成先前75亿美元的回购计划。公司CEO道格o奥伯赫尔曼表示,正在进行的回购是“我们的现金流创纪录的结果”。(财富中文网)
  5. Cash Flow Prepare a projected income statement. Remember this is a projection but this exercise will help you be better
    • 地板行业打响“狙击战”,转型升级大幕已开!
    • 遭遇卖房者“跳价”拒不过户 教你如何维权
    • The show was a potent reminder that the sexual revolution and women entering the work force and the rise of consumerism and the Age of Aquarius (all that) had a dark side, and claimed their own victims. That’s part of why it was such a powerful show.
      But retail sales growth softened to 10 per cent in October, betraying economists’ expectations it would hold steady at 10.7 per cent growth from September.

Businesses that are best prepared to reopen, with a well thought out plan, will undoubtedly be the most successful!

Responsible Protocols for Getting Ohio Back to Work

Download this section as a fact sheet PDF

Guiding Principles:

  1. Protect the health of employees, customers and their families
  2. Support community efforts to control the spread of the virus
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“首付贷”被严查 房产经纪金融布局遇阻

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  5. Limit capacity to meet social distancing guidelines.
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  • “我还给了他一个直言不讳的同性恋朋友,他会责备邦德,说:‘拜托,邦德,你是生活在20世纪,不是中世纪。’”
  • In the past five years, China's exports of goods grew at an annual average of 6.5 percent, with its share in the global market rising form 10.4 percent in 2010 to about 13.2 percent in 2015, faring much better than major global economies. Service trade grew over 13.6 percent each year, marking the world's second largest service trader.
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Resources for Economic Support

Small Business Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak

Review your financials and cash flow. How long can you “make it through” in case of a quarantine, lost wages, employee absenteeism (when you are paying for sick leave AND not bringing in revenue). What do you need to bridge the gap? Plan on a 6-8 month drop in revenues. Map out cash flow now.


引人注目的是,在首次上榜的9所学校中,亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)的WP凯瑞商学院(WP Carey School of Business)成为首次参与此项排名的美国学校,排在第82位。

Slash your overhead. If you're worried about losing customers or employees due to sickness, school closures or possible quarantines, cut the things you don't HAVE to spend your money on.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate and Get Online! Keep staff and customers informed and up-to-date on your operations. It's important for businesses to keep in touch with customers to help maintain them through this incident. Let them know what steps you are taking to ensure a safe and clean establishment; what your open hours are and how to communicate with you; use email auto-reply with answers to frequently asked questions to help your customers get information quickly; offer alternative methods of good deliveries (curbside service, at home delivery, drive-thrus, etc.).

Use online platforms, like Facebook and your website, to inform customers of your operating status and how to purchase your products or services. Communicate this information through direct email to customers and through social media such as Twitter. Make sure you have a Business Profile on Google. Postal mail might be a way for your message to get customers' attention who are being bombarded with emails.

Understand your insurance policy. What does your insurance cover? What doesn't it cover? It is recommended that you review your policy and consult with your provider to determine if your insurance covers any losses. The Ohio Department of Insurance has additional resources and information on their website at

Look at your supply chains. Are they diversified or are you relying on one source for your products? Supply chain management is essential in any global pandemic. Travel, workforce absenteeism, and financials will impact supply chains across the world. It's important you have multiple providers of a resource that is the core of your business. Consider partnering with other businesses to share a vendor contract. That will make your order larger and a higher priority to the provider and may help to reduce the costs of goods.

Develop an incident response plan. What do you have in place in case of a quarantine? Can your employees work from home? Can you sell online or deliver instead of staffing brick and mortar? What kind of technology can be implemented to reach your customers? What communication is in place to your customers and employees?

Lady Gaga ranks fourth with $59 million, followed by Beyoncé at $54.5 million. The former played 66 shows during our scoring period, also cashing in on deals with Versace and MAC, as well as her own Fame fragrance. The latter’s On The Run tour with husband Jay Z grossed over $100 million for 19 North American dates, giving music’s first couple a nightly average comparable to that of the Rolling Stones.
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Last year, only 930,000 of the 1.39 million qualified finally entered the exam halls.
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Prepare for a disaster loan.

  • 7. The legacy of a celebrated neuroscientist is contested
  • A record 27,817 civil service jobs are being offered this year by central government departments and subsidiaries.

Taken together, these events and strategic initiatives highlight the Chinese aerospace industry’s realization that, in order to become a globally competitive player, it will need depth as much as breadth. After getting their hands on both ends of the value chain—aircraft design and final assembly—the Chinese now understand that what will make or break their industry over the long term is what happens in the middle of the value chain, at the component and subsystem levels. And that is why China’s ambition to compete with Boeing and Airbus, as well as with GE and Rolls-Royce for aircraft engines, is now more credible than ever.

Practice Social Distancing! Social distancing is a term applied certain action to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. Here's some action items you can implement quickly in your business:

  • 建材行业如何化解品牌难题
  • Do not high five, shake hands or have close physical contact
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6、Social media addiction

Encourage Good Hygiene. Purchase hand sanitizer and encourage employees to start using it or washing hands per health agency guidance (alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds). Begin a “no handshaking” protocol NOW so it's ingrained in our daily routine if/when things get worse.

GM Masai Ujiri struck twice to position Toronto for a second trip to the East finals, nabbing Ibaka from the Magic and Tucker from the Suns.
如果经理们怀疑你在到处找工作。最先肯定窥探你在领英上面的个人资料。Jenny Foss如是说,她是职业博客JobJenny.com的博主,也是“找工作神器”这本书的作者。这是一个很多人想被被人搜索的平台,Foss补充道。

Dealing with COVID Exposure

  • Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance for 一线城市房价真降者寥寥:业内称难现大面积降价 of their potential exposure.
  • If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, employers should inform fellow employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace but maintain confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employees exposed to a co-worker with confirmed COVID-19 should refer to CDC guidance for 近三成上市房企资产过千亿 行业持续向头部集聚 of their potential exposure.

Reevaluate your sick leave policies. Under pandemic circumstances employees should be encouraged to stay at home beyond their currently authorized sick leave. Also take the time now to review what additional benefit options might be available to support and continue paying employees beyond usual sick leave periods when they may be infectious or need to stay home to take care of family members. An example would be “borrowing” sick leave from the next year, or providing “administrative leave.” Another approach is to establish special provisions just for COVID-19 circumstances.

New FEDERAL Paid Sick Leave Requirements Businesses with 500 OR FEWER EMPLOYEES must provide:

  • 6. The parties are epic – if you have the time
  • Brian Kendrella, president of New York-based Stack's Bowers Galleries, says the auction drew half a dozen bidders from six countries. The winning bidder Thursday was an individual collector from Asia who asked to remain anonymous.
    Attractions: Paradise within reach.
  • Small businesses will get a tax credit to cover these costs.
  • Create a mood board for inspiration, including quotes and pictures that will invigorate your creative juices. You might even want to change it up once and a while if you have a major project due or need fresh ideas. Art or wall décor can also add a creative touch to your workspace. We recommend the 3 in 1 Board, $19.95, at (pictured above).

On Nov. 24 and 25, Sotheby’s auctioned the collection of the fourth-generation Munich dealer Konrad Bernheimer, who owns the historic London gallery Colnaghi. Mr. Bernheimer, 65, has decided to scale down his operations. He is closing his Munich gallery, selling his grand Bavarian home, Marquartstein Castle, and is merging Colnaghi with a fellow London dealer, Coll & Cortes.
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The Big Tech backlash will spread to technology industry employees in 2018, as many question whether the work they do really is saving the world.
反腐力度将会被加强。2014年中国反腐调查案件将会从如今的14万件,增加到超过20万件。这将使得中国更强大。 如果反腐能够成功,将会使中国更关注于做事,而不是搞人事关系。

"Even though these two researchers worked independently of one another, the combination of Shapley's basic theory and Roth's empirical investigations, experiments and practical design has generated a flourishing field of research and improved the performance of many markets," the academy said.
President Obama leads the pack. On top of the $400,000 a year, he gets a tax-free expense account worth $50,000. The salary was last raised by Congress in 2001.
D'Aloisio's parents came to England from Australia. His father, Lou, has worked in commodities for BP and Morgan Stanley, while his mother, Diana, is a corporate lawyer who also serves as her son's contractual representative. They always knew D'Aloisio was an extremely inquisitive child. 'But he was our first, so we didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary,' says Diana. (D'Aloisio's brother, Matthew, is 14.) They stress that despite his impressive accomplishments, he remains a normal kid. Or at least as normal as a kid can be when he's making offhand references to Markov models and stochastic processes. 'He still goes out on weekends, still goes to parties,' says Diana. 'He's got a girlfriend. All the things you do at 17.'
On Tuesday, 17-year-old Thomas Sohmers unveiled a new super fast computer server that uses a fraction of the electricity that a normal computer does.He's showing it off at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit happening this week in San Francisco.This computer is the first product from Sohmers' startup, REX Computing, created with 52-year-old co-founder and CTO Kurt Keville.
“Through the second half of the 20th century we had this big dispersion of trade and economic activity around the world. All this specialisation meant exports rose faster than GDP,” Mr Williams says.
The youngest on the list is 19-year-old Norwegain heiress Alexandra Andresen, who holds a 42 per cent stake in her family's business. Her 20-year-old sister is the second youngest on the list.
At the forum, tech entrepreneurs also shared their views on virtual reality, which they said will be the most important computing platform over the next five to 10 years.

Plan. Even if you're not currently negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you could be in the future depending upon circumstances, or you could face another type of business interruption. If you are in this situation, use your time now to develop a disaster recovery plan.

A Request. If you are planning a large event, small event, or a gathering…try not to cancel those events. The other small businesses you are working with depend on that cash flow too to survive. Rather, look at your contracts and see if you can reschedule the event for later in the year when this crisis subsides.

Business & Nonprofit Support

But some people might just remember the mustaches.

Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant Program Ohio businesses and nonprofit organizations need personal protective equipment, which remains in short supply.  We are working to solve that issue through the ingenuity of Ohio companies and their employees. The Ohio PPE Retooling and Reshoring Grant Program provides funds to help businesses innovate and create solutions to the PPE shortage.

I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world whose cries go unheard. 我演讲是为了世界所有忍受饥饿的儿童,而他们的哭泣却无人听见。

"Demolitions are now becoming increasingly terrible. I am willing to ask a question very seriously as a CPPCC National Committee member: Can we not pay so much attention to GDP? Can we choose to slow down the speed of economic development?" CUI YONGYUAN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and TV host
Nearly half of the Kings' roster should have been traded following the Cousins teardown move and yet none were. Nice. Bring on Buddy Mania. Plenty of good seats still available.


粤派家具集中进京 北京家具抱团推广“北京品牌”

Ohio Minority Micro-Enterprise Grant Program Many Ohio small, minority- and women-owned businesses have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ohio Minority Micro-Enterprise Grant Program was launched to provide $10,000 in funding to help these companies through the current crisis and set them up for the future.

新钢等钢企惨淡经营 靠补贴秀财技支撑

Appalachian Growth Capital Loan Program Many small businesses in Ohio’s Appalachian region have been hit hard by the COVID-10 pandemic.  The Ohio Development Services Agency and the Governor’s Office of Appalachia will provide $10 million in funding to help these businesses through the crisis.

CONTACT: Kathy Michalove, Seaboard Properties, (860) 535-8364;
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n. 城堡
Rank: 2

  • Murder on the Orient Express
    AR could be the bigger opportunity after Apple’s Tim Cook gave the technology his backing — it was included in Apple’s latest operating system and its iPhone X device.
  • The housing slump has cut demand for iron ore, energy and other commodities. Higher global supplies have exacerbated the gap between supply and demand and pushed raw materials prices lower. This dynamic is not expected to change in the near term despite measures such as the interest rate cut in November.
  • Against: Although it picked up a best editing prize from the LA Film Critics Association, it was ignored by their New York counterparts. Could its momentum be waning

广州白云区出租屋不装烟雾报警器 禁租.

Small Business Administration's (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Ohio small businesses and nonprofits are now eligible to apply for up to a $2 million, low-interest loan through the SBA. Apply online, which is recommended, or call (800) 659-2955 to have an application mailed to you.

Brands with the most to make up for in 2015:Volkswagen, whose stale product line depressed sales by 11%, thereby delaying Ferdinand Piech’s plans for global supremacy, and Volvo, down 17%, which has yet to make any progress under its Chinese owner.

Small Business Administration's (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program Ohio small businesses and nonprofits are now eligible to apply for up to a $2 million, low-interest loan through the SBA. Apply online, which is recommended, or call (800) 659-2955 to have an application mailed to you.

IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief The Treasury Department and IRS are providing relief to all taxpayers who have Federal income tax returns and Federal income tax payments due on April 15, 2020. The April 15, 2020 deadline is postponed to July 15, 2020. Associated interest, additions to tax, and penalties for late filing or late payment will be suspended until July 15, 2020 (Notice - 20-18).

Also, look at IRS News Release 2020-57, Treasury, IRS and Labor announced Coronavirus-related paid leave for workers and tax credits for small and midsize businesses to swiftly recover the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave.

Liquor buyback The Ohio Department of Commerce will immediately begin offering a liquor buyback option to support bars and restaurants. This is intended to aid those establishments that have stocked up on high proof liquor, but now are facing closure to in-house patrons. Bars and restaurants can return unopened, high proof liquor products (obtained within the past 30 days) to the agency where they purchased the product. This opportunity is also extended to those with temporary (F2) permits for events scheduled between March 12 and April 6, 2020. Questions about this program should be directed to the Liquor Enterprise Service Center at 1-877-812-0013 or

Publicly Funded Daycares An executive order issued last week increased the number of children allowed to be supervised by childcare staff, depending on the type of program and ages of the children. The order also increased from 10 to 20 the number of paid absent days for providers serving children in the Publicly Funded Child Care program, and it provides childcare programs with 21 paid pandemic days if they must close their programs because of the pandemic. Read the Executive Order.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Premium Deferments Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) system is the exclusive provider of workers' compensation insurance in Ohio and serves 249,000 public and private employers. To help businesses facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio BWC is announcing the deferment of insurance premium installment payments for March, April and May until June 1, 2020. For more information, visit

Grace Period for Health Insurance Premiums All health insurers are required to provide the option of deferring premium payments, interest free, for up to 60 calendar days from each original premium due date. This means that employers can defer their premium payments up to two months, giving them some relief on costs, while keeping their employees insured. View ODI Bulletin 2020-03 PDF.

Keeping Essential Goods Moving The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has modified the process for haulers carrying heavy loads of essential goods. Generally, the state requires haulers with loads classified as “oversized” to seek advanced permission from ODOT before they are permitted to travel in and through the state. Haulers carrying essential goods can download and print the permit at The federal government has also cut red tape around obtaining or renewing Commercial Drivers' Licenses (CDLs) and other licenses to prevent interruption of essential shipping. The Ohio Departments of Public Safety (ODPS) and the Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) have adjusted their enforcement practices to avoid confusion.

Learn new tech skills TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a tech-infused economy. Many of these trainings can be completed online. Learn more about TechCred.

Suspension of Pharmacy Audits Third party administrators, including Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are required to suspend pharmacy audits during the state of emergency. Conducting or attempting to conduct pharmacy audits during the state of emergency may be considered a fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest practice, and may subject a third party administrator to legal action, including but not limited to, license suspension and/or monetary fines. This ensures that pharmacies can focus their resources on helping during this crisis as opposed to spending time on the paperwork associated with these types of audits. View ODI Bulletin 2020-04 PDF.

Commercial Property, Rent Evictions and Foreclosures Governor Mike DeWine has issued an executive order that requests that landlords suspend, for at least 90 days, rent payments for small business commercial tenants facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic; landlords place a moratorium on evictions of small business commercial tenants for at least 90 days; lenders provide commercial real estate borrowers with mortgage loans an opportunity for a forbearance of at least 90 days as a result of a financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wi-Fi HotSpots BroadbandOhio, the state's office dedicated to improving access to high-speed internet, has been working with providers to find public hotspot locations that Ohioans can use in areas where they may not otherwise have access to internet from home. Providers not currently listed that are offering public wi-fi hotspots are encouraged to email with contact information, and a representative from BroadbandOhio will follow-up. 借裁员关厂“节流” 奥地利奥德堡照明扭亏为盈.

Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board The Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board will be extending the deadlines for the submission of Applications for Financial Assurance Fund Eligibility, Claim Reimbursement Applications and requests for cost pre-approval, and all related requests for additional information. The extension of time took effect on March 14, 2020 and will remain in effect for 90 days. Responsible parties with questions regarding the filing deadlines are advised to contact the Board's office at 614-752-8963 or 800-224-4659. Additional information can also be found at:

State Tax Filing and Payment Extensions The deadline to file and pay state income tax without interest or penalty has been extended to July 15 for individual income tax, school district income tax, pass-through entity and fiduciary income tax, and municipal net profit taxpayers that have opted into the state's centralized filing system. 北京打击“黑中介”投诉举报热线开通首日 23家违规中介机构被查处.

Dispute Resolution Commission A Dispute Resolution Commission has been established to evaluate and render guidance in situations where two local health departments have come to a different conclusion for similar businesses on what is or is not an essential business. This will help provide uniformity. For example, a chain store may be operating as an essential business in one jurisdiction, but not another.

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To submit a dispute, fill out this Dispute Resolution Form PDF and submit it to 人社部:全面取消社保待遇资格集中认证.

Layoff Alternatives

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Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are eligible for assistance to keep employees on their payroll through the end of June. Through the federal CARES Act, small businesses are eligible for a variety of assistance options through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), including (SBA.Gov)


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    • Payroll costs
    • Interest on mortgages
    • Rent
    • Utilities
  • “这不是可持续的增长,因为它们并未被租出去,当地市场的喊价者们并不会购买。”
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If you have more questions, please download the “人们已习惯于这样的套路:美联储称要进行紧缩,结果当市场波动或其他风险浮出水面时,政策制定者便收回紧缩言论,呈现出‘如有疑问,按兵不动’的规律,”克普克说。 prepared by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

For more information, visit

Businesses of all sizes that are closed or distressed are eligible for a fully refundable tax credit to help them keep workers on the payroll. The credit covers 50 percent of payroll on the first $10,000 of compensation, including health benefits, for each employee. Different requirements apply depending on business size. For companies with more than 100 employees, only wages paid to employees when they are not providing services due to COVID-19 qualify. For companies with less than 100 employees, all employee wages qualify for the credit. For the latest information about SBA incentives, refer to Further details are forthcoming.

Ohio's premier layoff aversion program, SharedWork Ohio, helps employers retain trained staff during times of business downturn. Under a SharedWork plan, the employer reduces the employees' hours in a uniform manner and JFS supplements eligible employees' income with a proportionate share of unemployment. Right now, the federal government is fully funding these benefits paid to employees. Learn more at 一线城市12月二手房价持续上涨 料明年继续回暖.

Rapid Response resources are available to assist companies proactively with talent needs or to minimize negative impacts of layoffs. Rapid Response teams will work with your company to quickly maximize public and private resources to minimize the disruptions that are associated with job losses on your business, your workers, and the communities in which you do business and live. Rapid Response can provide customized services on-site at an affected your company, accommodate any work schedules, and assist company leadership and affected workers through the painful transitions associated with job loss. If you are looking to access skilled workers, are expecting a layoff or plant closing, or want to learn more, contact Ohio's rapid response manager, Breeyn Handberg, at 614-466-9897 or

After reviewing the alternatives above, any employer still considering layoffs (full separation from their company) or a furlough (mandatory, temporary, unpaid leave) must carefully consider:

  • All state and local laws.
  • 本周四公布的一项最新调查显示,近四成美国居民表示,最近发生的桑迪飓风等自然灾害的严重性正是世界末日即将到来的证据,就像《圣经》中预言的那样。而超过六成的受访者认为这是气候变化所致。
  • Federal law, including any relief package.
  • Notice obligations under the 地板行业铺装及售后成发展瓶颈.
Banking Updates

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    3. 3M
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  • Learn more at 深圳房价回调至5字头 房地产将进入深度调整期, and

Goldman Sachs Investment in Ohio Goldman Sachs has specifically committed to providing $20 million for loans to small businesses in Ohio. Loans will be made to small businesses under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the CARES Act. These loans can be partially or wholly forgiven for businesses who maintain or rehire their workforce, and can be used to help with payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities. Learn more at

Questions and Answers

How do I apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program?

Answer You can apply for the loan online at, which is recommended, or by calling 1-800-659-2955 to have an application mailed to you.

I had to stop in the middle of my EIDL application. Will my information save?

Answer Unfortunately, if you stop in the middle of the application, it will not save information, and you will have to start over.

Where can I find personal protection equipment for my business or nonprofit?

Answer Ohio Emergency PPE Makers’ Exchange The 惊天秘密:为何楼市一直限购却从来不限价?, launched by the 前11月按揭购房火爆 买家一次性付款比例降至29%, is an online marketplace where organizations that need personal protective equipment (PPE) and related equipment can find a wide selection offered by Ohio manufacturers. This online exchange offers PPE and related equipment for health care workers, first responders, and small businesses. It’s especially well-suited for organizations that may have lower-volume needs, such as nursing homes, police departments, and small business employers.


The Alliance also has created this list of practical things manufacturers need to be thinking about and do today to prepare for COVID-19.

JobsOhio PPE Database Several Ohio companies are working to increase the supply of in-demand medical PPE. JobsOhio has partnered with OMA, the Administration and with our Regional Network partners to provide assistance. A list of manufacturers, distributors and potential contract manufacturers to connect with these resources is available through JobsOhio’s Ohio Safe. Ohio Working. website.

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources available via the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance and JobsOhio, the Ohio Development Services Agency and Ohio Department of Administrative Services has compiled another list of vendors providing various PPE is available here PDF.

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So far this year, companies have announced 376 share-repurchase initiatives for a total of $261 billion, according to data from Birinyi Associates. That's nearly 72% higher than 2012, though slightly lower when compared to the same period in 2013, which was a record year for buybacks.
Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”
Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing
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How can I apply for unemployment if I’m self-employed or have other special circumstances?

Answer Unemployed Ohioans who do not meet the criteria for regular jobless benefits can start preregistering for a new federal program on Friday, April 24, according to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

[Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is authorized by the CARES Act. To apply, click here and then click on "Get Started Now." PUA benefits will be similar to regular unemployment benefits plus an additional $600 per week through July 25.


For those eligible, PUA benefits will be retroactive to the date they qualified, as early as February 2. The program will provide up to 39 weeks of benefits to many who historically have not qualified for unemployment benefits, such as self-employed workers, 1099 tax filers, part-time workers, and those who lack sufficient work history. Individuals who have exhausted all regular unemployment and any weekly extensions also may be eligible for the program. Anyone with questions should call (833) 604-0774.

Where can I find more information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak?

Answer Please visit or call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634).

Can my business reopen?

Answer A complete list of businesses that remain closed under the most recent order is available here. All businesses permitted to reopen must follow the required safety protocols outlined here.

Where can I find more information on the Federal Economic Stimulus Package?

Answer The Federal Economic Stimulus (CARES Act) was recently signed into law. The U.S. Small Business Administration is reviewing the new law and will soon be issuing rules and guidelines for small businesses. In the meantime, additional guidance and loan information is available here: Cares Act Small Business Guide PDF.

Where can I find more information on the unemployment compensation system?

Answer Please visit the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 开发商强攻年底 第四季度有望成今年最好一季. If you have any other questions regarding unemployment, you are encouraged to reach out to Job and Family Services at 1-877-644-6562, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

I have already submitted the "Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet." Do I still need to submit an application on the U.S. Small Business Administration site?

Answer The Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet was required for the state to receive its emergency declaration from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Now that Ohio has qualified for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, you will need to submit an application with the SBA. You can do so at

Are there any other resources available to my business and/or employees?

Answer If you have already sent an email to 家具展再曝抄袭 依丽兰否认模仿左右坐客, you have been added to our contact list and will receive updated information as it becomes available. To be added to our contact list, please send an email to 北京消协:两成坐便器被检出用水过多 部分产品“傍名牌” from your preferred email address.

How do I determine which federal financing program is best for me?

Answer America's Small Business Development Center Network has put together a helpful comparison document PDF that highlights the differences between the currently available financing programs.

Contact us

If you have additional questions, please send us a message at 石材行业遭打压,六大措施成“通行证”. To be connected to the Small Business Administration or your local Manufacturing Extension Partnership organization, Procurement and Technical Assistance Center, Minority Business Assistance Center or Small Business Development Center, please call 1-833-BIZ-OHIO (1-833-249-6446).