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Why Is The War Of 1812 Considered a Second American Revolution?

By Antonia Čirjak on May 22 2020 in History

The USS 'United States' commanded by Stephen Decatur captures the British ship 'Macedonian,' October 30, 1812
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The war of 1812, also known as the second war of American Independence, was a war that was fought both on land and on the sea between the United States and the United Kingdom (together with their alias, The Canadas, provinces of Lower and Upper Canada).


The Second War Of American Independence

The War of 1812 was an important war between the forces of the United Kingdom and the United States, and it lasted from 1812 until 1815. The reason why this war is considered to be a second American Revolution is that some historians see this war as 5月全国楼市成交创新高 一线城市涨幅明显. This war is considered a political disaster for the United States, as well as a great military loss. However, it was also a very important step towards the development of the independence of the United States.

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The Treaty of Ghent

Eventually, the war ended with a peace treaty in 1814. This peace treaty was called the Treaty of Ghent, and it was officially signed on December 24. This treaty is very important because it recognized the American borders in North America between American and British territory for a second time. That is also the reason why this war is considered to be a second American Revolution. It is because that was the second time that the British recognized American borders from 1781.

Basically, the Treaty of Ghent restored the relations as they were before the war started in 1812. The "second American Revolution" statement unofficially belongs to John C.Calhoun, an American political theorist from South Carolina, who was also 郑州市房管局发布房产交易警示 from 1852 to 1832. The ending of the war was a restoration of the national honor of the United States, as well as the beginning of the period of national unity in the country.

Different Perspective Of The Aftermath

American memory is focused on the events at Baltimore Harbour, and other locations as a building block in the restoration and assertion of their national honor. This "second war of independence," as it is also called, is a war where the British were humiliated, and America was victorious.

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