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By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Oct 13, 2017 @ 5:30 pm
Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images

Jessica Alba wants you to get up, move around, and get healthy. She’s starring in ATTN:’s latest weekly Facebook Watch video series called Health Hacks with Jessica Alba, where the actress walks viewers through various, simple ways to live healthier.

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“I love that they (ATTN: co-founders Matthew Segal and Jarrett Moreno) have their finger on the pulse when it comes to pop culture and speaking to millennials in a way that’s relevant and easy to digest,” Alba said when InStyle caught up with her over the phone to talk all things health. “I sort of live this. So that's why I think Matthew and Jarrett came to me because I'm always looking for little hacks that could accumulatively make my life better.”

So far, Alba’s covered topics ranging from how to cure a hangover to pregnancy health and nutrition (view below)—an apropos topic for the soon-to-be mom of three.


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You could say the series is a success. Her latest video on how to prepare the perfect work lunch, which launched just a few hours ago, already has more 6,000 views at last count—well on its way to garnering millions of views like her most popular segment on portion sizes in America.

We asked Alba for her top three health hacks to incorporate into our daily lives. Read on below for her advice, and catch the whole series on Facebook Watch, here.

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1. Wash Your Hands

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2. Take the Stairs


3. Drink Water