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American Girl- Grace Stirs Up Success - Trailer


Rossi, 31, spends his days calculating the future costs of the Pentagon's pension, health and education benefits, but says his job involves more than just crunching numbers for spreadsheets. He communicates with other government agencies and brainstorms with colleagues about financial models.
Funded partly by firms and companies, the charity places top graduates in schools serving low-income communities for at least two years, knowing full well that many of them will leave the profession at the end of this period.

Summly and Yahoo refused to comment on the deal’s terms.


Virginia Madsen Mrs. Thomas
Caitlin Carmichael Maddy
Olivia Rodrigo Grace Thomas
Hélène Cardona Various Voices (voice)
Lili Bordán Aunt Sophie
Karen Strassman Various Voices (voice)
Eloise Webb Sylvie
Joe Bastianich Himself
Karen Gagnon Parisian Vendor
Rafael Edholm Mr. Thomas
Notlim Taylor Ella
Luke Stratte-McClure Various Voices (voice)
Benjamin Lavoie Red Boy
Philip Waley Judge 2
Roxane Bret Colette
Fabrice Michel Uncle Bernard
Thierry Harcourt Jean Luc Pernaud
Tom Doherty Josh
Maxime Leigh-Wood Carter
Luca Fiorilli Paris Street Artist
Alexis Latham Judge Three
Krisztina Peremartoni Grandma
András Bálint Grandpa
Nicholas Waley Wildcat Player
Zoltán Friedenthal Taxi Driver
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