One Direction Preferences II

Miss All American by 5SOS~ Song Preference

In honor of the 5SOS album being released in America, which I was SUPER excited about btw, I'm going to do a song preference based on this song. If your not American, sorry, but for those of you that do or can at least pretend for a second, enjoy!!!
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PS: I also might write this in more a blurb format, so give me some feedback in the comments on whether you liked it or not :)
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I love that accent you
have when you say hello

So I feel like you'd be at a bar or something with some friends celebrating and along come this cute group of guys and you can't keep you eyes off the one with curly hair, who is also wearing a weird hat probably but you think it's kinda cute. So I feel like you'd be stealing glances at each other all night from across the room and your friends would tease you and say something like 'Oh my God Y/N just go talk to him', but you'd blush and shake your head or say that you didn't know what they were talking about. So eventually, your friends would go out to dance and you would stay, trying to work up the courage to talk to the curly haired boy and before you knew it he would be walking over to you and you would start to panic like 'OMG what do I say' or something inside your head and before you knew it he'd be over where you are. He'd say 'hello' and you'd say it back and he'd laugh and say something like 'I love your accent. The way you say hello is really funny' and you would just laugh  because you way he spoke was funny too and he'd sit and buy you a drink and before the night was over, you'd have his number and would have fallen for his charm and his accent, and he felt the same way.

You relocated from
New York a month ago

You and Liam would have been dating for a while. And soon, it would get to the point when you both didn't know if phone calls and Skype was going to work 24/7. Knowing this, Liam would nervously ask you to move to London with him, scared because NYC to London was a BIG step for you and your relationship. But you loved Liam and were willing to give it a shot. So you'd move halfway across the world with Liam and after you got settled, you'd love London. The vibe of the place totally defined you and you made great friends with the boys and their girlfriends. And you were happy and even though Liam's tour schedule was time consuming, when he got home you could cuddle on the couch and he could actually hug you and hold your hand and he would love that, just knowing that your with him, not only mentally but physically too.

That minivan you always
drive really gets me going

OMG Louis. So when One Direction's reign on the world is 'over' and the boys want to settle down and have families and just be 'normal' or as normal as they can be anyways, you and Louis would get married and you know he would want to have kids. And he would be the Soccer Coach Dad everybody liked and you would be the Soccer Mom in charge of team snacks and getting your kids and anybody else who needed a ride to practice or games so I feel like you would have a minivan (Don't fight me on this OK, OK). And you would always complain about it-the huge car full of kids with mud stains from their cleats but Louis would laugh and walk over to you and whisper something like 'It's OK babe. You driving it get me going' and kiss your cheek or pat your but and you'd just laugh as he ran back over to the kids because no matter what, Louis' always going to be this flirty little ball of happiness and craziness that he was in 2010.

No one understand the chemistry
we have and it came out of nowhere

If Zayn wasn't with Perrie, I can see him with a girl being the complete opposite of him. Like, she'd be loud, and good girl overall, and happy all the time (and for the sake of the song) she'd be American. I'd feel like they'd just meet and things would instantly click. Like, it'd be the perfect evidence to support 'opposites attract' It would take everyone a little time to get used to it. She'd be all sweet to the fans, no smoking, and no tattoos, well maybe a few but still. And so, everyone would always be like 'How does that even work?' but it did. Zayn loved you and you would love him and it would just work. No one had to understand it, because the relationship was in-between you two, and that's all that mattered.

Don't be shy Miss All American
and I'll show you why you're
not gonna walk away

Honestly, if one of them was going to date an American, I think it'd be Niall Am I right ladies? Yes. Anyways, so you'd be American and you'd move to Niall's apartment in London about a year into your relationship because you loved Niall and thought maybe he's 'The One' so you were gonna take a shot. The only problem being you were really shy and nervous about the whole thing. So you'd get settled and know you couldn't turn back now. But you'd be really unhappy because you missed you family and friends and everyone over here (except for the boys and the GFs) gave you the stink eye- from people on the street to the fans. Niall sensed something was up but thought it would go away in a week or so and, not wanting to make you upset, he didn't push the matter. But one day when Niall came home, you'd be on the couch crying and he'd rush over to you, asking what's wrong, an he'd be hella nervous because he's never had a serious GF since the band started and you'd tell him what's wrong and he's just hold you while you cried for a while, feeling like this was his fault. When you stopped crying, he'd kiss you and tell you that he loved you more than anything and he's sorry and how he'd show you why you couldn't walk away and for the first time, you felt like you were the most important thing in anyone's life, which made you happy and warm inside. So you'd just snuggle into his chest and tell him the your not going anywhere and you'd both fall asleep like that, while he ran his hands through your hair and OMG I want a Niall!

*Soccer/Futball/Football or whatever you call the game in your region of the world

**So this was written differently than the others so sorry and I hope that's OK

***Sorry this is so long I got carried away because Niall is da fav